Golden Trails: The New Western Rush

  • Tons of locations to explore
  • Awesome cast of characters
  • Saddle up for fun!
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  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 1.2 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 6.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 253

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Saddle up for fun and become a sheriff in Golden Trails: The New Western Rush. Use your Hidden Object talents to find the culprits behind a bank robbery, and bring them to justice. Play innovative minigames as you explore intriguing storylines and meet unique characters. Immerse yourself in the amazing atmosphere of the legendary Wild West, and catch the crooks in Golden Trails: The New Western Rush.


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Genre : Hidden Object

Spot hidden objects and solve puzzles and mysteries in lush, eye-catching scenes.

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Golden Trails: The New Western Rush
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Game Description:

Saddle up for fun and become a sheriff in Golden Trails: The New Western Rush. Find the culprits behind a bank robbery!

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Golden Trails: The New Western Rush game play Golden Trails: The New Western Rush game play

Challenging but fun

I love HOGs and have really been enjoying this one. The graphics are very good. I like the fact that there is a picture of what you must find instead of words. In some instances, you must check out another scene before you can finish a previous one. Not everything is easy to find, so you have to do a bit of thinking outside the box to find things. The mini-games aren't difficult, and I appreciate that. I am getting tired of mini-games that are more challenging than the game themselves. You can earn extra points by shooting outlaws and finding sheriff badges. The sheriff badges also unlock a secret mission. This is not a dark and spooky game as so many are. It is bright and cheerful, if investigating a bank robbery is cheerful. I can't say there is anything I really disliked about the game. To be honest, I was smiling throughout the entire game play, something I haven't done since playing Gardenscapes. If you really like HOGs, then this is the game for you.

Fun game with excellent graphics

Very fun game, highly recommend it!


Great variety of mini games. I like the fact that there are pictures of the hidden objects, not just a word list.

Golden Trails The New Western Rush

Excellent game BF, Love everything about the game sounds Graphics.. I would Recommend this game..Keep more coming..

Great Game!

This is a fun, easy going game. You will find hidden objects and some of those objects are used to find others. In addition, there are sheriff badges to find and stolen objects to recover. These items are used to win trophies. The graphics are colorful and some of the hidden objects are hard to spot, but you have many chances to gain hints. You gain hints by shooting outlaws which pop up here and there on the screen. The music is fun and a bit addicting.

Great old western who dunnit

A great old western who dunnit with an over worked sheriff sent on holidays to a quiet little town only to find he has landed head long into a bank robbery and is obligated to find the culprits. Great game with loads of bonuses for not using hints, consecutive correct hits, finding 10 or more items in a minute etc. Extra hints can be earned by shooting randomly appearing bandits and extra bonus for shooting every five. The graphics are crystal clear and well defined and colourful and the dialogue with some voice overs and some reading making it an interesting, authentic and realistic adventure. The mini games, although much of a muchness were good and not that time consuming and relatively simple. The hidden objects were very clear and some more hidden than others. A number of them needed extra work to find and others needen to be found at another location but all were a pleasure to look for in the clear and colourful surroundings. A great game coupled with hidden objects, puzzles and glorious life-like western surroubdings. Go buy it I did.

I really liked this game!

I liked the story line and the graphics were excellent. I thought the H.O. scenes were a bit more challenging than usual. The whole game was a fun change from the norm! I just thought it was too short.

Lots of Fun

Great Game. Lots of game play. After you finish the regular game, you have a secret mission and then free play. You also get to shoot the outlaws that occasionally pop in and pop out of a scene. Lots of hidden object scenes - and lots of fun!

Pure fun

I especially enjoyed shooting the random bandits that show up and finding the tin can in each scene, two additional elements besides the usual seek and find. Overall, this game kept my attention and interest, striving to get complete. This is one that you can replay and not be bored. Truly a lot of fun for a straight HOG.

Unique & Addictive Game Play For HO Fans

BASED ON COMPLETED GAME This is the first game of a SERIES I consider to be BY FAR the BEST HOG only games. The GRAPHICS are GREAT, with the side panels of widescreen wood instead of the usual boring black, filling the screen without messing up the aspect ratio. I particularly LOVED the VOICEOVER of the main character. Other characters do not have VO. The STORY is DIFFERENT and fun. You are the NEW SHERIFF in a SMALL TOWN in the ?Wild West? era, reluctantly sent there ?for a rest?, and you arrive just in time to investigate a bank robbery. Soon, it becomes clear that NOTHING is what it SEEMS. You CONDUCT your investigations by a talk to SUSPECTS, followed by a good look around. This is your HO GAMEPLAY. While there, you find PICTURED ITEMS, some of which are INTERACTIVE, others are for your INVENTORY, to use in later scenes. There are also all the EXTRAS to keep in mind. You then complete a simple PUZZLE, one unique to these games, and SHOOT some BANDITS, before moving to the next episode. Your sheriff SUMMARIZES the EVIDENCE at the end of each episode, and controls the places where you go next, so there is no wandering off on your own. (Sorry, adventurers, these games just weren?t made for you) Every so often, you will need to show your marksmanship abilities and SHOOT BANDITS who pop in unannounced. This is a SE, but you would be forgiven for not realising it. Look at the list of extras included in this game! Extras: ? 200+ COLLECTIBLE sheriff?s badges ? 20 ?stolen items? (they sparkle when your cursor hovers over them ? SOMETIMES) ? 45 REPLAYABLE HOS with separate trophies ? 80 Trophies & Awards ? Secret Mission (a BONUS CHAPTER epilogue available after completion of main game) Great fun, and great value too.

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