Gourmania 3: Zoo Zoom

  • Unique gameplay
  • Wonderful excitement
  • Launch exotic restaurants!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 1.6 GHz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 139

Review for game Gourmania 3: Zoo Zoom

Help Victoria patch things up with her estranged father by launching a chain of exotic restaurants in Gourmania 3: Zoo Zoom! Find the ingredients for spicy fajitas at Tres Amigos, or prepare a mouthwatering Greek Salad at Aesop's Tables! From pouring hot java at Bean Me Up to serving ice-cold treats at Beaches and Cream, there's never a dull moment as you work quickly to please your customers and increase your profits!

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Genre : Hidden Object

Spot hidden objects and solve puzzles and mysteries in lush, eye-catching scenes.

Date release

June 22, 2011

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1014 points

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Charming Hidden Object/Time-Management Game!
November 22, 2011

This is a really charming game! There is a virtual-business aspect to it in that you're trying to build and run restaurants, make money, however, it's enough removed from reality that it's fun rather than a business grind. Hidden object portion of game is fun and needed in order to prepare orders, and the garden and animal portion is fun, too. Don't worry - no exotic animal meats; it's exotic animals as an attraction to draw customers and make enjoyable for children.

Good things come in threes
March 22, 2012

The third in the series is as enjoyable as the first two. This is a good combination of time management and hidden objects. This time you get to design a zoo as you manage a selection of restaurants with different cuisines.

January 27, 2012

I enjoyed playing this game a lot. Would like more like it.

Great Combo Game
July 21, 2012

I actually purchased this game many months ago and somehow forgot to play it. I found it last night and omg, I love it. I love the way they've taken a HO game and incorporated it with a TM game. I usually do not like TM games because I'm not good with that type of game as I can never seem to move fast enough. However, in relaxed mode, this one does not make me feel pressured like so many others and that is a definite "plus" in my book. I highly recommend it. It's a lot of fun and I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Great Game!
January 14, 2012

I do not usually write reviews but I love this game and wish that there were more like it. It is nice because you get to design your own zoo and the levels can be a challenge. I would recommend this game to anyone who liked Gardenscape or the Farm one. Lots of fun!

I love it
June 2, 2013

This is becoming one of my favorites of all 40 games I own from BF - you have three tasks - create restaurants, build a zoo and small mini games. Graphics and music area great and since there is no timer (which I usually hate) it is very relaxing and a lot of fun. I highly recommend it.

I love this game....Lots of fun & VERY addictive!!!
January 12, 2014

I didn't care for the first Goumania games but this one I love. You gradually build a zoo.....you fix the pens, feed them and interact with them. But the addictive part is playing the restaurant HO parts. I love it that they go back to the same restaurants and you can see if you can remember where things were to build your cash. Also you get to build new and different restaurants through the game....it's LOADS of fun and, as I said before, it's very addictive. You keep wanting go make more money to buy more things for your zoo and buy more animals, pens, booths, etc. It's a great game and I highly recommend it.

Only play the free hour game
July 20, 2012

and I loved it. I will be buying the full game. Can't wait to make enough money to finish my zoo.

This IS a Hidden Object game!
November 29, 2011

When I first started playing BFG's, I was quite horrified at some of the Hidden Object ones that they slipped into the Time Management category. However, I decided to give some of them a chance and this was the first one that I decided I would purchase. The premise of the game is that you run restaurant and cook different recipes for clients. The TM aspect comes from the timer ticking down as clients wait for you to prepare the food; however, my first play through the game, I did Relaxed mode. The HO aspect comes from you finding the food in amidst a big mess of food everywhere. The part that made the game manageable for me was that for each restaurant, the food stays in the same place - if you're looking for flour, it'll always be in the same spot (once it respawns after you use it). There were a lot of restaurants and the order you got them in seemed random, but after playing for awhile, I learned where everything was. If you love TM games but ever wanted to try HO games, I would recommend trying this game. I even played through a second time with the timer and found that I did quite well!

This is fun
December 17, 2011

I really like the combination of the TM and HOG. You get to go to different restaurants all the time, so you don't end up memorizing one place too soon. You earn money feeding the customers, and use the money to build your zoo. Of course, you also have take care of the animals, build the restaurants and the zoo, and get each zoo pen ready for the animals. The mini games give you a breather from the HOGs, which is good, since that is the TM part. Much better than just slapping ingredients on a pizza over and over, you have to find various ingredients in the restaurants, and cook, all the while keeping an eye on the patience of the guests. This one I bought - it's really nice to have a game that incorporates different fun aspects, all the while without being gloomy or supernatural!

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