Hidden Mysteries ®: Buckingham Palace

  • Learn fun royal facts
  • Use items to solve puzzles
  • Clever mini-games
  • Play Hidden Mysteries: Civil War
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  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 800 Mhz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 7.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 83

Review for game Hidden Mysteries ®: Buckingham Palace

1st Runner-Up Best Travel Adventure Game of 2008! In Hidden Mysteries : Buckingham Palace you must peel back the curtains on one of the grandest buildings in the western world to look for treasure and uncover its deepest secrets. Learn fun facts about several royal locations while you search for hidden objects and play ingenious mini-games. Follow romantic notes strewn across beautifully rendered scenes in this exciting sequel to Hidden Mysteries: Civil War.

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

November 4, 2008

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227 points

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Another fun HOG worth buying
March 4, 2012

I really enjoyed this HOG. I found it to be fun. The HO scenes were light and bright and relatively easy to solve. Almost all of the objects to find were easily visible, confused with lots of ?other? objects but easy enough, a few were so well blended in that they appeared to be more background and took a bit more time to find. I killed the sounds in the first minute because they were annoying, but the game was fine in silent mode. Hints can be purchased by finding the crowns in each scene, but after each act they are reset to 10. I never used more than 2 in an act. When I used a hint, I used the silhouette either to distinguish an animal from an object when looking for a ?bat?, or to tell the size and direction in which the object is oriented. The puzzles could use just a bit of a hint now and then. At least tell us why we are doing something.

March 3, 2013

Wow! Buckingham place. What a beautiful place. This is the first game I played in this series although I am not finished with the game yet. The setting is beautiful and the puzzles are a bit of a challange but not too hard. The music is soothing too. The ho's were not too hard to find though. They were pretty easy, for me anyway. The only regret I have is that I wish it was a little bit more of a challange. I can't wait to play the others in the Hidden Mysteries series!

Enjoyable and relaxing
August 3, 2012

I bought this game over 18 months ago and still enjoy it. Being a Brit by birth I liked all the snippets of info about the Palace itself. The 'story', such as it was, was laughable but I really enjoyed the game play and the occasional puzzle. I go back to it from time to time and daresay I'll do so again. I can see that it might not be to everyone's taste, so try before you buy.

Good until End
December 29, 2011

This game was fun to play, not extremely challenging but fun anyway and having the objects small added a bit of a challenge. The issue with this game is the ending, its not exciting, interesting or much of an ending at all, and thats what stinks about this game, otherwise it is good.

Hidden Object Game Favorite
November 22, 2012

I've played this over and over again. Haven't found a substitute for it.

December 20, 2011

I always learn something when I play the Hidden Mysteries! Lots of HOS for those of use who are looking for that type of game!!!! Just had a good time with this game as I have with all in this series!!! Give it a try!

History in a game.
February 10, 2013

Finding things and getting history about the palace is a good way to spend some me time.

Learn about HRM
March 12, 2012

This was a good game when it came out. the graphics may knot be as good as some games there a bit small but i bought it when it first came out i dont buy games just for the graphics i bye them becouse i enjoy them.

July 15, 2013

Short but delightful game ? slightly over 3 hours on casual. Sound effects are astounding (such as running water). You have to find gems hidden in the palace and a round is concluded when you find one of the gems. You start each round with 10 hints and will search 3 to 5 locations. There are 2 crowns hidden in each location which will give additional hints. HOS are list-based and are artistically well detailed. Most objects are easy to find. If you need a help, you can get a silhouette for 1 hint credit, a picture of what it looks like for 3 hint credits and where it is for 5 hint credits. There's really not a story; instead you are told very interesting facts about the history of the various Buckingham Palace rooms you visit. Glorious graphics. After you find a gem and the round is over, you have a puzzle to solve, using your inventory items. Your cursor will flash purple as your move around a room to determine where to use your inventory; but I didn?t think the flashing purple was very distinct. That?s my only complaint. Very nice and entertaining production.

Not too challenging, but a fun game
January 28, 2012

This game wasn't too challenging, but it did have an interesting plot. You are thrown into a mystery upon discovering a mysterious letter with the writer leaving clues all over the Palace. Mainly a hidden object game with some scene interaction, this game does keep you wanting to play. I can't really say I didn't like anything.

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