Hidden Mysteries®: Gates of Graceland®

  • Home movies and other video clips of Elvis
  • Music performed by Elvis Presley!
  • Hidden object scenes based on Elvis' many hits
  • Each scene is based on rooms from the real Graceland
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 545

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Hidden Mysteries®: Gates of Graceland® is a hidden object adventure game that revolves around the fictional premise that Elvis wrote a song shortly before he died as a tribute to his late mother. The song wasn't recorded and is hidden someone in Graceland. You discover the first clue that the song exists and set out to locate it. Search the legendary Graceland to locate the remaining pieces of the song and assemble Elvis' lost musical treasure!

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Genre : Puzzle

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October 14, 2012

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A Fun Blast from the Past
October 13, 2012

Everyone has heard of Elvis. All ages will enjoy. Extra fun is if you actually visitied Graceland. The game moves fast and isn't as easy as you might think. No dark scenes, no poorly drawn objects, clear graphics to keep you moving. This is a game and storyline you can relate to. I only played 30 minutes so don't know if there are mini-games. It's not loaded down with HOs, some things you just search and find. At least try the trial and judge for yourself, it's well worth that.

October 13, 2012

wow, what a game, the graph. is beautiful and wow again. Every fans to Elvis, will own this game.. fantastic, just fantastic

Easy enjoyable game - with a DYNAMITE subject/story line
October 13, 2012

I whole heartedly agree with lotusdk lotusdk - amazing! This is not the most sophisticated game, but if you are an Elvis fan, the subject makes up for it. This is an HOG adventure game. The HO scenes may be full of things to search through, but they are relative to the game/Elvis. Hint system is more than adequate considering the game is not that difficult to figure out on your own. For me it is well worth the $6.99. Think of it this way, Graceland is decorated in a retro style, so the game seems a little on the retro side too - kind of fitting. The graphics are crisp, there is a journal as well as a map. Ooops, demo was over before I had a chance to check if the map is interactive. Music is very fitting to the game. This was the first time I turned my speakers up instead of down. You'll see actual clips of Elvis performing as well as a home movie clip. Hope there are more in the rest of the game. What a change of pace from the norm - I LOVE IT!! One thing that was a little scary is that the end of the demo it said "Thank you for playing the game. I would have felt better had it said. Thank you for playing the demo" or "This is the end of the demo. For more . . . buy the game." I sure hope that wasn't the entire game - LOL #Just kidding.#

Elvis is back in the building!
October 14, 2012

I enjoyed this game perhaps more than many others which were better made and had better graphics, but I got caught up in the story line and enjoyed the visions of Graceland and most especially, the film clips of Elvis in his younger days. In 1956, I was 12 and the time line of the film clips follow the time span of my life, therefore, it was somewhat nostalgic. The only negatives I had had to do with all the running back and forth, although in some ways, that gave me a "feel" for Graceland. It was gracious and informative as well as entertaining for an elderly fan. Thank you for a game that was not so "dark".

Elvis Is In The Building!
October 13, 2012

I just love the Hidden Mysteries Game series and this one is no exception. I love the fact you can go in and explore Graceland and view some home videos of Elvis. The game play is nicely paced, graphics are crisp and the sound/music is pleasant to the ears. If you are into Elvis, music and/or hidden object games, then this game is definitely for you!

Great game for any Elvis Fan
October 13, 2012

I like all of the Hidden Mysteries game and this one did not disappoint me. You go through through Graceland looking for the missing lyrics of a song for Elvis' mother. The ho were not to hard to find. If you are a Elvis fan this is a nice game tribute to him.Very relaxing game with no blood or guts. I love it.

I am in tears ...
October 14, 2012

I am old enough to remember when Elvis started, this is a beautiful game, not hard, and full of wonderful past glories of this amazing entertainer, it's now among my favourites.

October 25, 2012


October 13, 2012

This game has been largely dismissed out of hand in the forum. Big mistake. It has been given a bad reception, all of which I disagree with. Some played 30 mins, some only 10. Their loss. It has beautiful graphics on wide screen and plays perfectly and the hint button is all that is needed when stuck. Touring through Gracelands with it's authenticly copied interior is an absolute treat. I also went on a trip to Hawaii, a concert at a Fair and to a recording studio, as well as travelled back into the past several times to re-live some special occasions, as Elvis himself. There are clips from home movies, concerts and interviews, all also authentic. The amount of memorabilia on display in the buildings at the back is awesome. The music, while on a loop, is still fitting and lends atmosphere to the game. I played it with some poignancy and a little sadness, but I mostly played it with delight and appreciation for the huge task these devs set themselves and how brilliantly they pulled it off. I did not find that it has far too many HOS. What I did find was that quite a few of them are unique - not looking for items from a list, but looking for beautiful, colourful items of one category, in gorgeous scenes. When all the pieces of the song are found an put together in the end scene, and sung, it is spectacular. He sings of his mother. how he loves her, and how life feels without her. It is extremely moving and exquisitely beautiful. It made me cry and I do not care who knows it. It is wrong to denigrate the life of this man, who gave us so much fun and enjoyment with his music and his wonderful, never-to-be-repeated voice and I would like to thank these devs for creating a beautiful, nostalgic journey through that life by making a game that is a real tribute to this much loved and much mourned human being. All hats off and thumbs up to this extraordinary experience.

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