Hidden Mysteries: The Forbidden City

  • Ancient Chinese Puzzles
  • 25 Authentic Locations!
  • Hidden Object Gameplay!
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  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 128
  • DiretX : 6.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 257

Review for game: Hidden Mysteries: The Forbidden City

In Hidden Mysteries: The Forbidden City take on the role of Evelyn Tao, a bright young professor, who is in town grieving over the death of her father. While exploring her old home she stumbles upon some work left by her father right before he died. After analyzing her father’s journal she realizes that he discovered hidden treasure!


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Genre : Puzzle

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Hidden Mysteries: The Forbidden City
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Uncover the Hidden Mysteries in the Forbidden City!

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Hidden Mysteries: The Forbidden City game play Hidden Mysteries: The Forbidden City game play

A very good HOG and lots of fun.

This is a very good HOG. It was lots of fun to play. The action mainly followed rather logically and the HO scenes were intermediate level and fun to work out. Some of the puzzles were good and some were those rote puzzles I just wait out and skip. This is the kind of HOG that pleases me. There were standard HOS and there were silhouettes which had to be filled in by finding items in the scenes. If you can imagine, think of a scene with silhouettes which pair up with items hidden all over, and in the middle of all of that are the twinkling stars indicating a standard HOS. Quite odd, but still fun. The story line was weak but was enough excuse to follow along. Try it, buy it, and enjoy it. I did.


I personally love FROG's so this was right up my alley for fun. There is some HO's but it is mostly FROG;s and their placement. If you love FROG's, you will love this one.

Fun Hidden Object Game!!!

I love this hidden game so much!

Fun Hog, Frog, Mini Puzzle Game

The soundtrack is hauntingly beautiful comprised of exotic far eastern music. Although there are no voice overs the characters are charming and endearing. The graphics are beautiful. The game is loaded with hidden object scenes, fragmented hidden object scenes and unique mini puzzles. You will never get bored. You can work at your own pace, fast, slow, or very slow through one beautiful location after another.

Fun, Bright, And RELAXING!

This is a nice light fragmented object game. VERY easy on the eyes, with a great soundtrack. I mean relaxing...what makes this game fun is that if you just randomly click, you make drum beat sounds....I never saw a misclick penalty, but the drumbeats sound when you click around...so if you play your cards right you can make music...WHILE picking up the fragments or doing the hidden object scenes. This game is just fun. Very light, bright. NO dark and eery storyline. Just a woman trying to find her missing father and some treasure. The scenery is gorgeous, the hidden object scenes are few and far between, NO junkpiles..not really. It's really just fun. Now it is kinda easy. But I skipped the mini games, because I simply don't have a lot of patience to figure stuff out on that stuff....but I would say it's easy, to mid range on the hardness...so if your looking for a nice light frog (fragmented object game) with some storyline, and some easy on the eyes scenery. This game is GREAT!! I loved it and found it relaxing. The music is Soooothing....although no voiceovers....but still a fun relaxing game. Now I think I have used up my quota of the words relaxing, bright and fun...try it out and see.

Had so much fun....

I really enjoyed this one... like the fragment HOG parts to find, story line and etc. Will be added to one of my fav's. Thank you!!!

I could do with a map!

I totally agree with other reviews regarding the beautiful graphics, sound and storyline, but in chapters with 4 or 5 locations I can never remember which one is where! it's still a lot of fun - I'll just have to make my own map.

More, More, More!

I love this game! Wish I could find more like it. I keep going back to play it again and again.

Not hard, but lots of fun anyway

I keep on coming back to this one - it is very relaxing and pleasant. The objects are easy to find, but it is still challenging enough to be interesting: there are some objects which require several steps to get, and that was sometimes challenging to figure out on my first time through the game. The storyline is very interesting, and the scenes are attractive. The only criticism I can think of is that the personalities of the characters sometimes seem more American than Chinese - of course it's an English language game so one doesn't expect them to speak Chinese in it, but for instance sometimes they use slang (not profanity, just very informal) like "attagirl" or "old man" (referring to a father) which seems to me to have a distinctly American - or at least Western culture rather than Asian - flavor. I don't know whether someone from China would agree with me, it's just my impression. But hey, it's a game not a historical or cultural presentation of China, so that's a relatively small matter. If you set that aside, it's a really fun game and I'm glad I can have it in my collection as another way to relax from time to time.

Very enjoyable game!

This is one of the best games in the Hidden Mysteries series. Most of it is finding fragmented hidden objects, and then when you reassemble items, you use them in different rooms. There is some moving back and forth to find where things should be placed. It's not a really difficult game, but I really enjoyed playing it. The storyline, which has a woman looking for treasure in order to help her father, was interesting and well-done. I highly recommend the game.

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