Hidden Mysteries®: Vampire Secrets

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  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 256

Review for game Hidden Mysteries®: Vampire Secrets

What was intended as a relaxing vacation to Savannah, Georgia for Claire Donnelly, quickly turned into one of adventure and mystery! Upon her arrival, Claire started experiencing unusual visions, which grew to vivid depictions of evil forces living among the citizens of Savannah. Help Claire explain these terrifying visions in Hidden Mysteries: Vampire’s Secrets, a dark Hidden Object Adventure game.

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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July 18, 2010

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best cames in the wonderful world that i could ever play
July 14, 2012

when ever you hit play it will not let you play it

Disappointing ending
February 16, 2012

I enjoyed this game and liked the puzzles. As well as finding hidden objects, you also have to collect items to use for various tasks. The map is helpful so that you can get your bearings as to where you are located. The puzzles were all different and quite challenging - I had to skip a couple as I couldn't figue them out. BUT I was very disappointed with the way it ended without resolving the storyline.

Entertaining enough
July 22, 2013

I found this game entertaining enough although the plot was a bit silly. It wasn't boring though as it moved along at a steady pace. It wasn't just repetitious scenes of HOs. I'll probably keep and play it again somewhere down the road.

Good gameplay, bad storytelling
February 6, 2012

I enjoy vampire themed games and hidden objects, so was excited to play this one. Alas, the first half of the game was not bad, but seemed to become another game halfway through. The graphics were great, clear and easy to find objects (if you really look). I was disappointed with the storyline. If you enjoy games for the sake of playing - enjoy - if you like your stories to be cohesive and tied-up, then you may not like this one. As a daily deal this wouldn't be bad, but at full price I wouldn't reccommend it. Do check out the forums for a feel of what to expect. Happy gaming!

Great game except for the ending
January 12, 2013

Engaging game. Many different scenes with challenging mini games. There is a lot of back tracking due to needing items to advance. I love that though. I think it's worth the money. I also liked that there is support available if you get stuck.

Lots of hidden objects to play
May 22, 2012

This is a hidden object from Gunnar Games & there are a lot of them. The graphics are clear & the artwork really well done but I would recommend playing in a darkish room though or it will be hard to see items in the H0 scenes as there was a lack of contrast & colour. The voiceovers aren?t that good & the characters were flat but there are very nice background sounds & the music is creepy for the most part but does get tiresome. I There is no choice of play so expect sparkles & in the H0 scenes the hint recharges at 60 seconds. In the main scenes there is a ?tip? rather than hint button; it is ok when there is something still left to do in a scene but not so good at letting you know where to go next. I did spend time wandering around wondering what to do next several times. There are mini puzzles &these are mostly logic, tiles, gears, maths, etc; there is a skip button. Most of the inventory items get used pretty quickly after you have found them, in addition you also collect books & these help in solving some of the puzzles. There is a range of different areas, the heroine has ?visions? & you end up in another location so you won?t get bored going through the same scenes often. The final location is rather large & it takes a while to get used to where all the rooms are. There isn?t really a story to speak of & this is not the most exciting game & the ending was silly. Took me around 3 hours to play.

Loved this game!
December 1, 2012

After reading many of the reviews, I'm still very glad I bought this game. I love, love HOS's, and there are plenty of those in this game. I liked the chapters being broken up into different settings, and I had no problem with the flimsy storyline. It was fine by me, since I purchase mainly for the HOS's and puzzles, anyway. The objects to find were definitely very small, but I need a challenge!

July 4, 2013

About 4 ? hours. Storyline: Claire has ?visions? and decides to take a vacation at Aunt Rosie?s, where she spent much of her childhood. A note from Aunt Rosie says she?ll be gone a few days warns Claire to be careful if she goes out at night. Nice graphics. Very limited number of scenes in each location and, once done with it, you are automatically taken in a cutscene to the next location. The cutscenes will tell you a little more about the story. GAMEPLAY: A nice ratio of HOS scenes, which are nicely done (i.e., not dark, uncrowded, and easily deciphered items). Although I had no difficulty completing the locations, at times it was a mystery (but quickly solved since there were few places to go or things to do) of what to do next. Puzzles are varied in composition and difficulty, but most are not too difficult. Collect books (many are in HOS) and refer to them for useful information and clues for the puzzles. Books are retained in their own inventory tray. You have to actually close any pop-ups, not just click outside of them. Hints work within the HOS, but are not very helpful when outside the HOS ? it will show you only any clickable areas, exit arrows and magnifying glass. Hints will not tell you want to do or where to go. It is sometimes hard to pick items up from the inventory tray ? I usually had to try twice to actually pick an item up. Near the finale, game becomes a bit more complicated (it was rather uncomplicated until this point). Claire goes back to Aunt Rosie?s, where she finds a map. Claire comments that it explained why Rosie wanted to get out of town ? but it was still a mystery to me. Perhaps someone can explain it. After the finds the map and tries following it, she ends up at a castle, which has a lot of rooms and things to do. Until you get to the castle, there is not much back and forth. Ending was largely satisfying but where is Aunt Rosie?

Salem Secrets is still my favorite Hidden Mystery!
July 28, 2012

I liked the game alright but the ending was messed up!! I thought I missed something or another level was coming up or something. Very wierd!

Too much thinking for me!
December 20, 2011

I dont like this type of game and wish this one had more HOS and less of the finding of articles to use somewhere else, but over all it is still a great game!

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