Holiday Bonus Gold

  • 110 levels.
  • Beautiful winter settings.
  • Crazy bonus items.
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 128
  • DiretX : 6.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 24

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What's in Santa's sack? A Holiday Bonus for the whole family! Chill out with this winter-themed puzzle game. Line up dancing seasonal shapes against stunning, snowy backgrounds as you work your way up the decorated tree. Make the right moves and your power gauge will build a bigger and brighter bonus blowout. Don't miss the festive fun!


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Genre : Puzzle

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Holiday Bonus Gold
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Chill out with this winter-themed puzzle game as you line up shapes and work your way up the decorated tree.

AFERON - BigFishGames
Holiday Bonus Gold game play Holiday Bonus Gold game play

A Holiday Treat

This M3 is a simple game filled with color and music. The music is wonderfully holiday oriented and the graphics are beautiful. If you're looking for a great challenge you won't find it. This game is to play for fun, not for challenge. The timer actually counts UP, with seemingly no goal. There are no added mini-games or building of villages,'s just fun match 3 play for the holiday season. Enjoy it with a cup of hot cider!

A lovely Christmas Themed Game

This is a Christmas themed match 3 game and a very lovely one at that. This will please classic match 3 lovers and although it may lack the flash of some newer match 3 games it definitely has charm. There are 55 levels in the Classic level and the Gold level has another 55 levels for a total of 110 levels in this SE game, to compare a similar game length of 100+ levels that was released as CE edition not to long ago. If you?d like more details check the forums the developer of the game came personally to update everyone on the new Gold level. Always a good sign when a developer takes the time to go on the forums to answer questions and interact with us. There is no timer so you go at your own pace and as others have mentioned it is more of a relaxed game so no pressure to beat the clock. Those looking for challenges or doing other tasks like building towns etc may find this game a bit on the simple side but I liked the relaxed pace. Also, I bought this for my younger cousins and I think with no timer this makes it a good game for younger players too. Every few levels there are wallpapers you can access and they all have winter/ picturesque scenes. There are lots of Christmas themed tiles: puddings, snowmen, Christmas crackers all very colourful and fun. Really puts you in the Christmas mood. As ever, please take advantage of the trial and see if this game puts you in the holiday spirit like it did me. As I feel this game was underrated and with the updates and also the developer?s interest in our opinions/ questions in the forum, I will round up my four and a half stars to five. It?s Christmas time! I recommend this game for lovers of match 3 games. Lots of levels lots of fun. Happy Holidays.

A nice Christmas Game

This is your typical match game but they offer some really beautiful wallpapers with every couple of levels you finish. The game itself has a few new twists but it is a relaxing game with ALOT of levels. You can play regular or the gold level. The music is not real Christmasy but it is subdued and again, the wallpapers are fantastic. The graphics are clear and the tiles are candy canes, candles, trees, etc. Must be pretty good...I've been playing it for 3 hours and it hasn't made me bored or sleepy.

a nice relaxing game

there are 2 ways to play...classic and gold. 55 levels in each and none of them are really hard. the music got kind of boring but not too bad and you can cut it down. there is a hint button if you get stuck but i only used it twice. the power ups per se but still is a fun game. untimed as far as having to get done in a certain amount of time, but the timer does keep count of how long it takes you to do a level. you can also set the different screens that come up every 5 levels you complete as desktop wallpaper and they are pretty.

As tasty as a Christmas cookie

A fun, fresh take on a match 3 game. The matching tiles are large and colorful, with holiday-themed (but not necessarily Christmas-y) icons that animate when you mouse over them. It's the creative power-ups, like exploding pudding and throwing snowballs, that add a funny and clever twist to a standard format. Fortunately, the power-ups are introduced one by one to make them easier to remember. But you still need to pay attention because the power-ups aren't listed in the Help section. You'll have to go back to previous levels to refresh your memory. A true family-friendly game for everyone from young kids to seniors that will easily entertain for an hour's diversion or a 10-minute coffee break. All that was missing when I played was my cup of cocoa.

beautiful scenery

Loved the wintery scenery but the game just did not capture my attention. Not a game I would play over and over. I lasted about 35 minutes of the demo. Music was soothing and the sound effects were not intruding.


I have to admit that I am VERY disappointed that a person is NOT able to individually save ALL the B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L wallpapers to a folder. In order to access any of the wallpapers and to change your desktop background, you've got to keep the game on your desktop which I do NOT like to do as too many installed games can slow down the computer; normally, I completely delete a finished game from my computer. This is a very relaxing M3 game with outstanding wallpapers but I didn't find the background music to be Christmasy at all; it starts off with Christmas music but quickly changes to another tune (upbeat) once you click play. Well worth buying and playing if you're looking for a relaxing and untimed game for the holidays.

Great Christmas M3

Nice relaxing M3 to get you into the holiday spirit. The music is wonderful and the background pictures are great. Even better, you can set them as wallpaper. Not too difficult and so far in the demo I have gotten 4-5 power ups. It is also untimed! Enjoy!

Holiday Bonus

Match 3 games are one of my favorites. This one was just challenging enough for it to be relaxing and fun. Wish the music would have been more Christmasy though.

Sweet Game

I just finished it. It was a very sweet, relaxing game. Not difficult, just a nice game.

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