Ice Cream Mania

  • Tasty time management game
  • 50 exciting levels
  • Hilarious characters
  • Tons of flavorful fun!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 800 Mhz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 8.1
  • Hard driver (MB) : 37

Review for game Ice Cream Mania

Ice Cream cafe magnate Henry Rich is dead, and the family is at war over his fortune. In order to receive their inheritance theyll need to complete a task. Each daughter must start her own business from scratch. The daughter who builds the most profitable business over the course of a year will inherit Henry Rich's entire fortune. Help Cindy win the competition in this delicious time management game. Will she become the next Ice Cream Mania magnate?

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Genre : Arcade & Action

Test your hand and eye skills with quick action and challenging levels.

Date release

March 26, 2008

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1765 points

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Didn't Buy it
December 14, 2013

Graphics are nice, the back story is typical, but not bad. Gameplay for the few minutes I did play was repetitive, but many time management games are. The thing I couldn't get past: that floating hand. It's just creepy.

November 10, 2013

In the beginning the game is fun and you can actually go to next level. The game gets faster and at the end of the first level it is so fast that you cannot move on. The customers leave before you can get to them. I have purchased the upgrades. I am very sorry there is not an untimed mode you can choose. I wish I had not purchased the game and wasted my money.

Fun TM for summertime!
August 2, 2013

I really enjoyed this game. The setting will get you in the summertime mood (let's go to the beach!!) and the recipes (while involved) never get too difficult to handle. Customers get impatient quickly, but you are given plenty of help to keep them happy. The only con: customer voices can be very annoying after a few rounds. But, I just played on low volume or mute.

I like the mana games
April 11, 2013

I like the cake mana so I tried Ice Cream Mana. It was a fun game to play. I liked the graphics were very good. You make different types of ice cream. They are in dishes, cones etc. I would recommend this game.

I Wanted to Love It!
May 18, 2014

I will begin by saying that my review is based solely on the demo. At first I thought I was going to love this game. I disagree with one reviewer who stated there were no upgrades to buy. Yes, there are. I agree with another reviewer about the "floating hand". I would have rather been able to just click on an item and "send" it to the customers instead of handing it to them. What I found, and didn't like, was that if you didn't make "Expert" on a level, tough luck. There was no replaying the level to improve the score. (If there was I certainly didn't get it to work even by going to the menu and back to the game level.) I did find it very repetitive and it was beginning to get monotonous to me by the end of the demo. All in all, I think if it hadn't been for not being able to just click and send items and not being able to replay levels, I would have still purchased the game. I wanted to love it!

Ice Cream Mania
February 9, 2012

Ice Cream Mania is fun time management game that has great visual effects and fun levels of ice cream serving.

Ice Cream Mania?
June 9, 2012

Ice Cream Mania is a game where you fill customers orders by making them an ice cream. When your making them an ice cream you give them the flavour, the cone and the toppings they want. After 10 mintues I got bored of the repetitive game and chose to stay on for another 10 mintues to see if anything intresting happened. Therefore I waited 20 mintues and I left the game, due to the lack of skill you needed to play this game. Every level you would make ice creams, with no upgrades and no chance of spending the money. However the only bit of the game i liked was the visual quality, as it had much detail but the music got annoying, as it distracted me. If i was going to recommened this game, it would be to 7-10 year olds.

Repetitive time management
September 14, 2012

Like ice cream? Then this is the game for you. You make ice cream the way your customers order it. One scoop, two scoops, cone or cup, topping choices....whatever they order. As you make money you can upgrade your ice cream and syrup machines or buy new toppings. Read the story about how you want to make your father proud and receive gifts as you advance. Yes it is repetitive. It was not without challenge. Very nice visually.

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