Inbetween Land

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Immersive gameplay
  • Find and save your friend!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 286

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Discover a world of adventure in Inbetween Land! When your childhood friend, Mary, goes missing for a couple of days, you begin searching for clues. You come across a strange artifact that opens a portal to a flying island, the abandoned homeplace of an extraterrestrial civilization. As you look for Mary on the island, you'll uncover an exotic land with unearthly secrets. Find and help your friend leave the flying island in this amazing Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

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Genre : Hidden Object

Spot hidden objects and solve puzzles and mysteries in lush, eye-catching scenes.

Date release

August 27, 2012

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2783 points

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A FROG (fragmented) games!
August 25, 2012

from the creators of Sonya CE and Haunted Hotel series. I like the games from its crystal clear graphics, great voice over, smart hint (actually tell U what to do next), but animation is little disappointed! there are few Fragmented scenes- more to adventure! puzzle are easy some are not Anyway i like it P/S - try it, then U know :)

Amazing Graphics
September 8, 2012

I just started playing this game. The graphics are amazing and I love the format of the game. Not a typical HOG. It reminded me of Myst (showing my age here lol). I always loved the puzzles and graphics in that. I absolutely recommend this game. I had to stop just to submit my review it's so good. Happy Playing

Bright game
August 28, 2012

I was really surprised to find that this game is not dark as others. Inbetween Land is very colorful, with crisp details. If it were longer it could be CE, I think. Storyline is not unique, but voice overs are great. Overall it's great to play such a good game for normal price.

Fantastic Adventure, Fragmented Objects and Puzzle Game
August 26, 2012

Well, it has been a while since we have seen an interactive FROG and I didnt realise just how much I had missed them. The story line is not unique but it is supported by good voice overs and in my opinion some very stunning life like graphics. In some of the cut scenes, artwork turns to hand drawn comic style and then changes back to some very well done artwork and visuals. Game features three game modes, a note book that also a task list and a hint system that will tell you what to do and where to go. The only thing that was missing was a map. Basically the game is an Adventure game where you will click around to pick up items that you will need along your way. You then come across some really great HO scenes that are Fragmented as well as interactive. You also get to combine objects in your inventory list. There is much to do on this adventure and you do encounter some pretty quirky characters. There are also achievments to get along the way so it does make it interesting gameplay. I loved the variety of mini-games, many that we have seen before but always fun to play. This game really will appeal to almost everyone and I for one really did find game play relatively challenging as to figure out where to go and what to use. The storyline could have been a bit more interesting but what is there not to love; Adventure, HO, Fragemented objects, puzzles, mini-games and achievments, all wrapped up in a SE package. Kudos to BFG.

August 26, 2012

I really love this type of game so am totally biased. I don't comment on graphics as they are not important to me. The main things I find important are the content of the game and ease of playing in terms of layout and not going so slow it takes half an hour to move the cursor a millimetre! This game did not disappoint. There should be more games like this out there. You can play on three levels and there is a tutorial if you want one. Lots of mini games which have been seen before but not bad and not really difficult. What I loved was the fragmented hidden objects and you have to completely find all the parts to one thing to find the others in the scenes. Great. Played for about 20 minutes and definitely going to buy it.

Great, Great Game - Something for everyone!
December 7, 2012

This review is based on the completed game in "normal", the second of three modes of difficulty. Some might criticize this game because while the VO are very good, the cut scenes are cartoonish. I say forget all that and just look at the gorgeous scenery with crisp, clean detail, the fun factor from both IHOS and IFROG, some challenging mini-games, and a non-rushed, satisfying ending. I love fragmented object and wish there were more available. They add a freshness to any game and a nice variation from IHOS and mini-game. The details- You go in search of a missing friend on a floating city. Once in the city you learn that to save your friend you must collect a number of crystals and get them in to the temple. I know, a theme we've seen many a time, but even so, it is executed well which kept things fun. Journal - Yes, but reference only, not really needed Map - No, but not needed. Game is forward moving and it is obvious when there is nothing more to do. Not much back and forth. Hints - Very good. Not coy at all. Explicitly state what needs to be done next. Such as "Put the chain on the hook". Achievements - Lots and that includes making it through the game without hints - I didn't. sigh. IFROG - Fragmented Object scenes were well thought out and interactive requiring some sleuthing to get all of the objects to appear. Not sure of the exact count, but it seemed as if there were about 6 of these scenes. IHOS - These were also well executed and for the most part non-junk. There was a nice ratio of IHOS to mini-game. Mini-Games - I thoroughly enjoyed these. They were original, offered some challenge, and just a lot of fun. Cursor/Interface - Good, intuitive interface. Inventory items could be applied successfully the first time. This is a nice change of pace as a number of games make it difficult to apply the correct inventory item to the correct place unless the cursor is placed "just so". Many a time I have resor

August 26, 2012

I really loved playing the demo of this game..the visuals were outstanding to say the least..the HOSs were alot of fun and the game was pretty challengeing over all..this is a buyer for sure..I recommend this game for all level of players

Imagination Appreciated
August 27, 2012

I enjoyed this game very much. I agree that it was too short (because I found myself enjoying it so much), and I wish the characters in the cut scene were not cartoons but as elegant as the scenery. OK, done with the negative stuff! I really enjoyed the scenery--this is a land that is half-real and half-imaginary/spiritual, so I enjoyed their imaginations to create this. Also, these aliens want to work with and get help from the humans--a welcome change from creepy doctors in asylums or possessed characters controlled by demons. The fragmented objects were used almost immediately--no dragging them around forever. I don't have problems with games that are straightforward and relaxing. Sometimes this is exactly what I want to do with my time. The sound effects are mostly wind sounds, but the scenery is great. This is a comfortable game with some fresh approaches to the various games elements

Well done adventuresque... sci-fi FROG.
September 3, 2012

Based on the demo: Beautiful graphics, a 'different' storyline than the average game we are used to with good SFX... gorgeous, hand-drawn art and animated cutscenes along with a both relaxing and suspense plot with lots of sci-fi interest. Quite an interesting mix there. I suggest you definitely try it even if you are not necessarily a sci fi or FRAG/FROG fan ..#I'm not in general# yet will be buying with a credit, I liked it a LOT. One caveat is I was sorry to hear that the game is on the 'short' side in length, however, I tend to get bored even with the best of games when they go on and on because I am eager to check out the latest and greatest to come along, anyway, so it's fine bye me. Hope you enjoy! ~Fortunatus

September 21, 2012

I can't say enough about this!!!!!! Spooky music made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. Good sound effects. Couldn't wait until the next sound effect. Beautiful graphics.Back and forth couldn't get enough of it. I've played this game several times since i bought it and plan on playing it several more times. To whoever designed this game "way to go" I recommend this game. Thanks Ronald

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