Jewel Craft

  • Addictive gameplay.
  • Immersive story mode.
  • Outstanding power-ups.
Min System request
  • OS : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 128
  • DiretX : 6.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 34

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In Jewel Craft, learn the ancient art of cutting gems and creating unbelievably intricate pieces of jewelry. Along the way, follow the adventures of a young apprentice gem-cutter as he becomes a master jeweler celebrated throughout the kingdom. See the beauty within as you carefully choose stones to create brightly colored and delicate pieces, or relax in challenge mode and practice creating gems. It's a challenging and beautiful new turn on Match 3 gameplay!


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Genre : Puzzle

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Jewel Craft
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Game Description:

See the beauty within the stones! Learn the ancient art of cutting gems and creating unbelievably intricate pieces of jewelry.

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Jewel Craft game play Jewel Craft game play

Still waiting for a sequel

I can't believe this game only got 2 reviews and one that was so awful. I have been waiting years for a sequel to this while every awful game, including some pretty low rated seasonal games have gotten one. This was one of the most original match games I have ever played. Rather than just moving gems, having to flip them, risking empty slots which can end the game rather abruptly. There is quite a bit of strategy involved in making the larger gems since 3 stones make a match. You have to move around that and avoid making matches with the color you need and use power ups to make the big stones. More and more challenging with every level. The required number of matches to make to make larger and larger stones increasing with every level. Making beautiful jeweled pieces rather original instead of the assembly line look of some time management jewelry making games. I was thrilled with it. I would be extatic with a second version.

A different and very entertaining Match 3!

Different from the usual Match 3 (switch or connect tiles), here you have to rotate the pieces to change color in the proper place. Two modes of play: 1 - Story: A apprentice in jewelery will making jewelry. For this you will rotate stones in the four directions, so they change color and form groups of three or more. Depending on the number of grouped gems, you will gain a type of precious stone (large or small), until the jewel is complete. If you earn a gem not to be used in jewelry, you score. 2 - Challenge:You can not let the gems fill the container on the right. Gems will filling the container, and each time you remove gems on the board equal to the container, they also disappear. Both play modes become more difficult as you progress. According to your points you gain weapons as "dices" (randomly turn stones into gems), hourglass (rotates stones without blowing), vertical or horizontal lightning (destroy stones turning them into gems), bomb, etc. Very pleasant and relaxing game.

Very Disappointing.

This review is based on one-hour demo. I had high hopes for this game, as I loved the idea of getting to design jewelry. You don't. Maybe I was naive to think that there would actually be some sort of designing involved, but this is a simple match 3 game, nothing more. I should state here that it's been a while since I played this game, but the basic idea is: The story line is sorta cute, not involved, but interesting enough, I guess. You get an order from a rich queen or something to make her a piece of jewelry. Then you do a match 3 level, and there is a puzzle to match the gems into the jewelry piece. Then she orders another, and you do another match 3 level. BORING. If you like match 3 games, it's possible you'll like it. I really cant say, cause I find match 3 games to be mind numbingly boring. Hopefully someone who likes the genre will review this soon to give a better point of view for M3ers.

Painfully Boring

What were they thinking? This is a major flop. My dog peed on the TV and walked out. Not really, but it was bad.

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