Jewel Match 3

  • Incredible minigames
  • Fantastic soundtrack
  • Explore the world of Nevernear
  • Play the original Jewel Match
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 7.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 80

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Journey through the mesmerizing world of Nevernear in this exciting Match 3 adventure! Match dazzling gems and restore the land to its former glory in Jewel Match 3. Seek and find through numerous fantasy locations to discover new spells! Plant magical gardens to ward off evil as you rebuild the 5 castles of Nevernear and dive into gripping gameplay!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

February 16, 2013

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667 points

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Beautiful flowers....get me every time!
December 5, 2011

I played this game through to the end faster than all other match 3 games I've played. In fact, I have a couple that I never finished and may never get back to them. That's ok...I purchased a few M-3's my first few months of gaming to experiment, now I've learned to read reviews and to always play the demo. This one just dazzled me...from the bright glo-like gem colors to the iridescent! Also with a few HO scenes thrown in...this game has it all for me. I will probably look into more match 3's because of enjoying this one so much....try it, especially if you love flowers, building a garden and are new to match 3 games....this is an easy one and you get plenty of power ups to keep the boards moving at a quick pace! With all the great sales BFG offers I don't go back and replay fact I have 45 in my 'haven't played yet file' but I may make an exception for this one, hope the gardens in Heaven look just like these. Enjoy!

Best of the Match 3 games
January 14, 2012

I LOVE this version of the Jewel Match games. I think they really improved on the first two version, and i really liked them. I love the overall series because of its gorgeous sparkely jewels, the great sounds (especially the sounds of breaking glass when jewels match), and the different boards with their obstacles to overcome. On this latest version I really like the garden with its beautiful sci-fi flowers that glow and glitter. (I wish they offered screen savers of those flowers. I would pay money to have those jeweled plants sparkling and softly flowing on my computer screen.) The garden is such an improvement over #2. And i really enjoy having the game broken up every now and then with the hidden objects rooms and the picture puzzle plants. I've played this game at least 5 times now. Its a long game that takes forever to get through so it way worth the money. I hope there will be another in the series and that they will offer more glowing, sparkley stuff. This series is the best of all the match 3 games and this one is the best in this series! In other words this is the best of the best.

Brain Stimulation at it's finest
November 14, 2011

It was just alot of fun to play. Fast paced, challenging or opt out and play in a more relaxed mode. Either way the game is great, never the same thing twice. I highly recommend it.

Gorgeous gameplay
November 14, 2011

This little gem of a game (pun intended) :} is just the ticket for when I need some mindless unwind time, before bed, or a quick challenge in between chores. I can see how it may have the potential, if allowed, to become an addictive obsession too, lol. Jewel Match is a mystical/fantasy/Asian themed match 3 game with lots of extras onboard. The colorful jewels depicted are gorgeous... incredibly sparkly and pretty, giving off little flashes of light and the music/ambiance is both soothing and pleasant. There is a story that develops enticingly throughout the game and between rounds and with that, are a number of opportunities to pick up various items to assist in moving forward successfully through the storyline of the game, ie. hammers to break chains, coins, etc. Technically, you will have options to choose sound levels for music, ambience and environmental sound and it has full screen capacity. I know I will enjoy this game for a long time coming. .... check it out, maybe you'll love it, too.

great match 3 game
November 15, 2011

loads of intricate puzzles within each level. keys, chains and other things you must get around. This whole series has been good so give it a try if you like match 3 game3s. The wallpaper is just a cute extra.

Jewel match 3
November 15, 2011

I enjoyed this one more then bejewel it is fun and good on your patience

Jewel Match 3 Reminded Me Why Matching Games Are Fun!
August 16, 2012

Being a long time gamer, I have played it all. I love all different types of genres, but I must admit that I have recently been lured more towards the dark and creepy HOGs. The biggest reason is that's 80% of what's out there right now! But, I was ready for a change. And that's when I discovered Jewel Match 3! The visuals on this game are amazing! Not only do you get to experience true innovation with moving boards and unlocking paths to other boards, but you also get an interesting storyline (with a little bit of hidden object thrown in for some added spice!) I also really love the meta-game as well! You are building on to your castle, but can pick whatever design you want, from three very different looks. You also can build and grow a garden with amazing flowers and plants. With Jewel Match 3, you might sit down saying "I have a little time to kill,,,I guess I'll play a few levels" and later discover that two hours have past! It's that addictive!! And all this matching makes me want to go check out Jewel Match 1 and 2 as well! Anything to get to one more level...

The Best of the M3 to Date!
November 25, 2011

I am a late bloomer to the M3 genre. Have hundreds of HOGs purchased but past six months needed a 'feel good quick fix' game and decided to try these types of games. If you are one on strategy and into 'beating the clock' this has it all. I chose the 'relaxed' mode. Wanted to have fun rather than be 'stressed' beating some 'stats'. Took me days to finish but had 11 levels as a bonus so will go back and replay. The storyline is great and being I am into 'horticulture' studies at college the 'planting of the magic flower garden' was a plus.I also have a love for 'wizards' which has a few very well characters that you get to help during the game. My the graphics were also 'top notch' with the exception of the H0 mini games, and the items are 'mini', never won any money and my magnifying glasses were no help but that was just a challenge for my 'ole eyes'! The music was not in any way annoying, in fact never even turned it down as was so concentrating on the game. It took me several times to get the strategy of playing as I am 'challenged' in this area, but really liked this game once i figured it out. Stayed up in the 'all nighters' club because could not figure out to 'stop' where?...just one more level! It is a must 'try' and I did, bought the game and so happy I did. It is a five star + game IMO.

Totally addictive
November 18, 2011

This is one of if not the best match 3 games ever. The boards are very challenging and the story line not so cumbersome it keeps you from the game. I highly recommend this game to all match 3 enthusiasts.

Very pleasant
December 25, 2011

Not too challenging, but is a very good entertainment. I loved it. I played many times and keep playing.

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