Jewel Quest Solitaire

  • 114 layouts.
  • 2 gameplay modes.
  • Unlimited gameplay.
  • Play Jewel Quest Solitaire 2
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 128
  • DiretX : 6.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 28

Review for game Jewel Quest Solitaire

This jewel-themed tri-peaks solitaire game will keep you mesmerized for hours. Match card suits to make gold as you unearth buried cards, avoid cursed jewels, and solve more than 100 card layouts on a South American trek. Embark on your adventure today. Riches and glory are in the cards!

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Genre : Card & Board

Enjoy familiar favorites like solitaire, bingo, poker, dominos, and game shows.

Date release

October 13, 2006

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5136 points

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Adequate game
January 14, 2012

It's ok. The game variety is decent, the play is average. Personally the mix didn't work for me.

January 22, 2012

Based on the original Jewel Quest, the quality of the game is just as good and it adds solitaire to its game play. If you enjoy the style of solitaire where you have to match the number up, down or the same then you might find this interesting. Play the solitaire to collect the jewels to play the match 3.

Fun game, BUT!
May 21, 2012

I like this game, with it's combination of solitaire and Jewel Quest, but a frustrating side of it is when playing the swap games it says there are no more matches and dumps the board to empty, when in fact there is at least one available match! This has already happened 4 times, and I've only been playing for less than an hour! Please - a fix is needed a.s.a.p.

Jewel Quest Solitaire
March 5, 2012

Nice addition to the jewel quest series. Interesting storyline illustrated with hand-drawn graphics and handwritten notes. Fairly relaxing solitaire game with a variety of card layouts. Love the added bonus of turning jewel boards gold using swap tokens.

Jewel Quest Solitire
February 29, 2012

It is much fun & playing Solitire at a new level. I like-it !!!!!

Very Confusing Game.
May 12, 2014

I am a fairly seasoned solitaire player, as well as a fairly seasoned match 3 (M3) player. Therefore, imagine my surprise when this game, which is both, confounded me. Solitaire Game: Yes, there are probably 114 layouts (ergo, levels) but I certainly did not play them all during the demo. I did not find the layouts particularly difficult although game play did become more difficult as you went along. I have played many solitaire games in my time but never recall coming across a game that is hit or miss - by which I mean you either WIN because you had a perfect game or had a MISS because there were cards left on the table. Yes, I can see that if there were several cards - but one? And, thus, you had to replay that hand. Also, beware the Wild cards. I have never played a solitaire game whereby your "wild" card was kept in the game play on top of cards. You had no choice but to use the "wild" card in order to get to the cards beneath it. Very strange. You also had what seemed to be an unlimited supply of "undo"s. So, feasibly, if you got to the end of the game and had a card or two on the board you could undo, undo, undo and play differently in order to use those cards. The way the solitaire game went about giving you jewels and swaps in direct correlation to how you played the solitaire game was very confusing. There was just a small box off to the lower right of your screen and as you played solitaire jewels and gold squares would pop up. Match 3 game: Really didn't get it. As mentioned above, you accrued jewels and a limited number of swaps during your solitaire hand. You did not have to have a M3 in order to swap a jewel. Your entire goal was to fill the rest of the board with gold squares. However, sometimes I had over 30 swaps (moves) available while at other times I had less than a dozen. I know it had to do with how I played the solitaire game but it was just so confusing. Storyline: I played the story mode because it tends to be a more relaxed gam

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