Jigsaw Boom

  • Incredible images
  • Fantastic atmosphere
  • Put together challenging Puzzles!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 51

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Put together challenging Puzzles as quickly as you can in Jigsaw Boom! Open up this virtual box of jigsaw madness and piece together tons of different images. Change the number of pieces per puzzle, turn on rotating pieces, and choose from different categories in this incredible game. With an awesome atmosphere and beautiful images, each puzzle is sure to transport you to a peaceful place in Jigsaw Boom!

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Genre : Jigsaw

All the fun of a classic jigsaw puzzle with no missing pieces.

Date release

April 4, 2012

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1893 points

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March 28, 2012

This game promised "tons" of pictures, but gives only 40 pictures in five different categories of 8 each. Does 40 equal a ton? I think not. Why don't these developers give you the flexibility to use pics the player finds? Playtonium's Jigsaw 365 gives you 365 stock pics AND the ability to bring your own in and make jigsaws out of them. Give me this flexibility -- and at least 200 piece puzzles -- and I will buy your game. Such a disappointment.

Jigsaw Boom
April 4, 2012

not many pictures as it was said, but all of them are support HD resolution!

Jigsaw Boom is a Bust!!
June 30, 2013

I absolutely HATED THIS JIGSAW GAME. I did one puzzle and said -- "that's enough". The color was poor, had a hard time seeing the picture/colors. You couldn't change the shape of the puzzle pieces, had no fun figures added into the mix of puzzle pieces. It's a waste of money....I'm sorry I got this. Jigsaw Galore was MUCH BETTER... I would recommend getting that one if you don't already have it.

Not my idea of a jigsaw puzzle game
April 1, 2012

I really like to do jigsaw puzzles. I particularly enjoy figuring out how the pieces interlock by studying their shapes. This game doesn't allow for that because the outline of one piece may not even look like it will match up when you put it close to another. Plus, the picture's details are not very clear, making it almost useless to sort out the pieces by color and theme.

Pieces don't match
April 16, 2012

This is one of the worst puzzle games I've played. The pieces don't even look like they fit together so it's a hit and miss kind of puzzle. You put the pieces near each other and hope they snap togeter. Jigsaw puzzles are one of my favorite game types. I wish they would consider making the pieces distinct and clear. I love all of the puzzle games, but I can't play this one. My favorite puzzle game is Jigsaw Puzzle Platinum. You can even make a puzzle out of your own pictures. And you can modify the puzzle to have more pieces and special pieces, like a dog or cat or star, etc. I took one of the existing puzzles and made it over 3,000 pieces, uhhh and now they are so tiny it's an eye strain. Oh well, it is fun. I like the game play in jigsaw boom, it allows for edges only and also rotation. I'd rather use my mouse instead of the spacebar to rotate though. And sometimes when you grab a puzzle piece to rotate the entire puzzle will rotate. I am sticking with the puzzle games that are great, Jigsaw Puzzles (Platinum, Gold, Nature, etc. *no edges only#, Super Jigsaw games #Beach Holiday 2, Wyland) and Jigsaw Galore. They are clear and easy to match pieces together. They allow adding more pieces and rotation of pieces. Just a better made puzzle game!

Puzzle Does Not Lock :(
April 6, 2012

I wanted to buy this as my buy one get one free but was very dissapointed in the way things moved. I would be trying to fit a piece in to place and when I would try to rotate it instead I would be rotating the whole pussle. When you put pieces where you wanted them on the square they would not lock into place. I put pieces of the puzzle in the box to get them out of way but when I tried to pick them up and move them back I would have to fight the game to let me pick up one piece to move back Just found the movements etc. to the game were to much for me to mess with. I do puzzles for relaxation not to get frustrated because everything doesn't want to move the way I want and doesn't lock up :)

This costs money?
April 6, 2012

Thought I would try this out to see if it really was bad and.... yes, it is! Do not waste any money or credits on this game - it is awful. What you get for your money is a very limited selection of jigsaws with an average interface. Try jigsaw galore instead - at least you can add your own pics/wallpaper to it- so you can have unlimited jigsaws whenever you want and however you want.

Very entertaining ! Several options.
March 27, 2012

Very well developed game, good pictures for jigsaw, colorful and with several options: - 5 themes: Animals, Nature, Transport, Art and Industrial. - You can modify: number of pieces (up to 672), rotation, shape (straight or fewer straight), background color. - Others options: to separate the border parts / to separate pieces by color / see ghost of the figure (at frame size) / see small picture beside. - Hint button - shows pieces that fit together. - Box - to hold pieces for later. Problem: game has only 40 pictures - each of the five theme has only 8 pictures. Ok, you can modify the number of pieces, so you can play several times,... yet, being only 40, repeat over again the same picture gets tiring.

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