• Choose from 365 gorgeous images.
  • Use your own digital photos.
  • Features a bonus 13th month.
Min System request
  • OS : Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7/8
  • CPU : 600MHz or faster Processor
  • Memory : 128

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Start at today's date and work your way through the year with Jigsaw365. Choose puzzle images from 365 breathtaking photographs or use your own digital pictures. Play the puzzles sequentially or in any order you choose. Each month features its own puzzle collection with seasonally-appropriate content. All this and a bonus 13th month - termed "My Month"--wherein you can assemble a collection of your own photos! Download today and start this year right.


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Genre : Jigsaw

All the fun of a classic jigsaw puzzle with no missing pieces.

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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Start at today's date and work through the year with Jigsaw365; choose from 365 photographs or use your own digital pictures.

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Jigsaw365 game play Jigsaw365 game play


best jigsaw ever

The reason this game is the best one ever for jigsaws is that you can use your own pictures on the month titled My month. I agree that some of the pictures provided are less than thrilling but by being able to use your own its like having never ending puzzles for the original price. I right click and save beautiful pictures off the internet, facebook,and my smartphone and add them to my month. Almost any picture will work unless its copyrighted or the wrong format or size but I haven't encountered that much. Well worth the price and I notice today that its on sale, even better.

definitly worth the cost of game

if you like doing puzzles as much as i do, you will appreciate this game. you can make the puzzle as easy or as difficult as you want, get different layouts for the same puzzle, i really enjoyed this game!!

Hours of Fun !

I really have enjoyed this game. The ability to change the number of puzzle pieces, the ability to add your own pictures to make a puzzle!! I often play it while on "hold" with a phone call. The only issue I have is that I cannot get rid of the "loading" bar and it gets in the way of the actual puzzle I am working on. Other than that, I am very happy with my purchase!

JigSaw 365

Always loved Jigsaw puzzles.This is a great game. Good graphics. Easy to use, most of it's fun for jigsaw lovers.I love it. You will too.


The greatest puzzle game and i have tried them all

Lot's of fun

I play this often. I set the pieces to the smallest setting. It's almost like playing on your dining room table

So Many Puzzles to Choose From

I have loved doing jigsaw puzzles since I was a child, but over the years had forgotten just how much I enjoyed them - but Jigsaw365 brought it all back! One of the great things about this jigsaw game is the number of puzzles to choose from - over 365! Plus, for each one you can adjust the difficulty level by choosing the number of pieces, the style & if you want to have the pieces rotated (for an extra challenge). Overall I would highly recommend this game!

speedy 8771

like the pictures. colors are very vibrant. subject is different constantly.

wonderful except i cannot play it

have tried to install it more than once but eventually a box comes up with "jigsaw loading" and it won't go away so cannot do puzzles because it is in the way

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