Katy and Bob: Way Back Home

  • Manage your business
  • Test your Time Management skills
  • Beautiful animations
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 136

Review for game Katy and Bob: Way Back Home

Katy and Bob’s vacation has gone awry and it’s up to you help them find their way back in Katy and Bob: Way Back Home. You will help Katy and Bob earn their way home by building up your tropical bar. Prepare a variety of cocktails and entertain your customers with breathtaking fireworks. Grow your own fruit to make juice and add business upgrades in this exciting Time Management game.

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Genre : Time Management

Manage time, customers, and money in games for the serious goal-setter.

Date release

June 18, 2012

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2560 points

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A Great Mix of Challenge and Fun
July 14, 2013

As time management games go, this one is the perfect challenge. Just reaching goal can take a few tries on some levels, but they are all doable. Getting Expert requires doing everything right and making good judgment calls on customers. I really enjoyed this one.

January 1, 2013

This is a great time management game. I played it fr hours and can't wait to play again :)

Awesome Time Management Game! 5 Stars all the way!
June 17, 2012

This was a truly great game. I loved it! The game starts out showing 2 rich siblings lazing the day away. Their father, tired of their ways decides to send them on a cruise to a special island. One where they will not be able to return home from until they earn the money by working at island bars. The game was very challenging. You really have to work hard to get the gold in all levels. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Best TM to have come out in some time.
June 18, 2012

This is a lovely TM of the Dash variety with clear, bright graphics and some very well drawn customers of varying degrees of patience (naturally!). There are upgrades galore in the main game and also an "Antique Shop" where you can buy further enhancements with earned coins that help you move faster or make your clientele more patient. Mini games pop up every few levels that allow you to earn more coins for the Antique Shop. There's an easy and a hard mode. I played in easy mode to start and that does become challenging quite early on, but then what would a good Dash style TM be without the challenge? This is fun and it's addicting. I'd recommend this to fans of the genre.

Enjoyable TM game
August 3, 2012

There are not enough TM games in circulation for me. I love them and if it is a good one, I'll sit there until late into the night trying to beat the levels that elude me. This is a brilliant game. Graphics are great, challenge is very good and there are plenty of elements to keep you replaying that level until you beat it. Well done and plenty more of the same, please!!

Great TM game
June 21, 2012

This is NOT a dash-style game in that you do NOT have to drag customers to tables (which I hate). You only have to fill orders for people at the counter and bring them their food and take money, making it more like the cake decorating ones. It's cute and very enjoyable, even though the later levels DO get harder. There are several different bars you have to run, one after the other, and although you have to start over with some of the perks with each one, you also have some perks that are permenant, so you don't have to rebuy from level to level, and you also still have them when you go back to complete earlier levels, so that's really good. I like that it's not a click fest. Like to pick up coins, you only have to hover your mouse over them and it picks them up without you having to click. Great for those who don't like the strain on the tendons in your fingers from those click-fest TM games.

Great TM Game for All Ages
March 8, 2013

What else can be said that is new after 50+ reviews? I think that anyone would be entertained playing this game. There is more strategy than I expected on some of the levels so that the upgrades help you get the level done. I like the fact that you have both tasks and scores on many levels that you can complete. The mini games are a bit annoying for me since I do not like to have to click like a maniac to get through a level! All, in all, it's a great game; I think you'll like it!!

Love it! Purchased right away!
June 18, 2012

I love time management games, and am often disappointed when they become boring and repetitive right away, or too challenging too fast. Nope, I played this one right to the end. I wouldn't say it's the best of the best, but I was definitely hooked. I only rated visual/sound quality and storyline at an "Ok" because they're pretty much just innocuous. They don't make the game any better or worse, they're just there. A unique feature that took a few levels to get used to, but I actually really enjoyed once I got used to it, mousing over coins to pick them up instead of clicking, and later in the game you can upgrade a dog to do this for you. My only complaints are; the mini-game is annoying, I'm not sure if it's a kink in the game but I couldn't click on the flying fruit, and didn't gain enough from playing it anyway, so I kept skipping the mini-game altogether. Second complaint, you can't right click to cancel queued tasks! However, I only found myself wanting to a couple of times in the entire game. In regular TM games you often queue ahead a ton of clicks, but this game is fast enough that it's not really necessary (or possible) to click ahead more than a couple of times. But don't let that stop you from trying it! It wasn't too fast to keep up with and enjoy, and the upgrades are helpful and pretty satisfying. Try it!

Really enjoyed it
August 11, 2012

This is a simple, yet fun and addictive dash-TM game. It has all the incredients needed to make for a fun, fast gameplay. The graphics is simple but satisfying and you get just enough tasks to keep you busy without getting overbearing.

The unique TM game of the year - not too unique~
June 16, 2012

well great game, I like serving food game and this game is so special like just mouse over the coin, and the coin will be pick up,like the music and storyline! but the game is TOO challenging the developer should put relax mode and to do more thing in the game. there many things to upgrade include skills! :D P/S- try it first then U know!

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