• Timed and relaxed options
  • Brilliant artwork
  • Five eye-catching characters
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 1.6 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 104

Review for game Laruaville

What do you know about ghosts? Are they scary? Do they prefer living in ruins or cemetaries? Of course not! Actually, ghosts are friendly and cheerful, and - yes, they need a place to live. But they can't build the town by themselves! That's why they need your help in this new, breathtaking match 3 game with HOGs and puzzles.

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Genre : Mahjong

Match your way through unique variations on the classic Chinese tile game.

Date release

July 31, 2013

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595 points

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July 30, 2013

Excellent game play with creative obstacles and a cute story line. It's hard to create new match 3 games but the design team has done just that. I am playing it through the first time in relaxed mode and will play it again in timed mode once I get accustomed to the power ups and strategy needed to win.

Delightful game
July 30, 2013

This is a lovely game if only for wasting some time when you don't want to think. It's also a great game for children. The mini games range from easy to deceptive. The match-3 boards take a little getting used to and I thought it was going to be a very simple game - wrong! The boards definitely get harder as you go through the levels. I loved the graphics and the music. Simply delightful.

happy games for all ages
July 30, 2013

at first I thought this was strictly a younger persons game don't be fooled it can get quite challenging especially the hidden object sections no penalty for using the hint nice clear grapics lots of animation fast paced but also a nice relaxing no timed mode demo kept my interest for an hour a clear buy for me!

I really enjoyed the relaxed mode
July 30, 2013

This is a good M3 for the family but may be too hard for the younger ones. It gets challenging as it progresses. In the relaxed mode, you can enjoy all the different nuances to the game. It's also more fun to play when one doesn't feel "rushed" to complete a level. There's other things to do, like HO and mini-games. The ghosts are cute. And, as it sometimes happens, the "cuteness" factor doesn't match the level of difficulty for the game. That's why I say it may be too hard for younger kids. I haven't finished this game yet, and the only reason I haven't bought it yet is because I don't want to start a new punch card on the 30th. However, I'll definitely be getting this game...What time is it? :)

July 30, 2013

I was intrigued my the of course I had to play it It's a cute game. The music is bright and cheerful. This is not a straight match 3 game, but it combines hidden object as well. Also with the coins you are able to build. Which I love to do. Even though I am an adult the little child in me likes to have fun. This is a fun game. I will add it to my long list of games.

August 3, 2013

Based on the trial this is the best M3 game ever, I love the ghosts and building a town for them. The M3 boards are progressively difficult and interesting with good power-ups. The puzzles are simple, HO scenes easy usually finding 12 of the same object. I think the ghosts are my favorite, they are cute and very polite, and they make different noises when you click on them. This game will be a definite buy for me and one I will play many times.

Not your typical Match 3 Game, but lots of fun!
July 30, 2013

You collect coins to build the town, but you can't match the coins; instead you have to make matches next to them, which was different and challenging. Once all coins are collected, you move to the next level. I played the timed mode, and the time allowed per game was the shortest I've ever played in any match game, but again this added to the challenge. Objects are well hidden, and there are Achievements. I liked the variety of match objects. The ghosts are cute too!

One of the best match-3's available
July 30, 2013

A complex, fun match-3 game with puzzles and HO scenes added, and it can be played timed or untimed. What more could one ask for? I've played for over 2 hours, and still each level offers something new, either a new power-up or a new obstacle. Instructions are clear, and the powerups are earned by making large matches, and set off by double click/tap or being moved intentionally. The object is to build a town for friendly ghosts. It's all fun, and the town starts earning you coins after a while. I can't tell yet how long this game is, but judging by the available achievement awards, there are ample levels to play. The skippable HO scenes and puzzles are fairly easy, but they give you extra coins if you don't skip them, and I find them relaxing. This is a game I will definitely play more than once.

Surprisingly Fun
July 30, 2013

I don't normally play this type of game, but I was bored and decided to try it. The mini games are fun with some difficulty, because the items blend well with the scenery. The match three get more and more difficult, that was the surprising part. Which helped me decide to make the purchase. Thanks devs a very well thought out game.

Typical M3 game BUT...
July 30, 2013

The objective here is collecting coins to build your friendly little ghost town. You have the option of timed or relaxed, mini-games and achievements. There's a catch to collecting coins... they do not move on the board. You have to make matches beside them to achieve this goal. There are plenty of power-ups to help. Music is cute and the graphics remind me of Royal Envoy. gl

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