Letters from Nowhere

  • Thrilling atmosphere
  • Hand-drawn locations
  • Find Audrey's husband!
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Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 800 Mhz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 8.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 154

Review for game Letters from Nowhere

Help Audrey find her missing husband! After disappearing mysteriously, the only clue left behind are the Letters from Nowhere! Dramatic and captivating story, heaps of mysterious letters, tons of Hidden Objects and much more await you in this captivating game. Meet eccentric characters, explore enigmatic locations, and find important clues in Letters from Nowhere!

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Genre : Hidden Object

Spot hidden objects and solve puzzles and mysteries in lush, eye-catching scenes.

Date release

October 28, 2010

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3589 points

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Depends on what you are looking for
November 15, 2011

Fun for HOG enthusiasts. no plot

Excellent HOG with great replay value.
December 21, 2012

In "Letters to Nowhere," a young woman seeks to find and rescue her presumed-dead husband from nefarious people and forces. In her desperation, she travels all over the place to seek clues to his disappearance and spirals deeper and deeper into a supernatural plot. In HOG terms, this isn't one of the "adventure" styled games that are heavy on puzzles. This one is very heavy on the hidden-objects end, but rooms contain mostly what you think they should and aren't too anachronistic or non-thematic. The few puzzles aren't too hard to get through. And the HO screens feel like they're actually advancing the story through the game's clever use of dialogue, so it's not just one junk-pile after another. The storyline itself is engaging and interesting and adult players will likely find themselves sympathizing greatly with the heroine. The art and music for the game are decent, as is the voice acting. The game introduces some interesting twists in the HOG genre by the use of "helper objects" which the player buys in advance, like the standard Polaroid camera and thermometer. Doing specific things or reaching specific milestones gets you achievement badges, which here are styled like the stamps one puts on a letter to mail. This game reminds me very strongly and pleasantly of "Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy." Not only does it share that game's thematic nature, but it also boasts one of the developer's best innovations: an unlimited mode that allows you to go replay each hidden-object screen one at a time against a timed mode. It adds to the concept from GT2 by introducing more achievement "stamps" for unlimited mode. As there are a couple dozen HO screens, unlimited mode adds considerably to the game's length and replay value. I liked this game and recommend it to people who prefer their HOGs have mostly HO screens and who prefer HOGs with mostly thematic search screens.

Favorite Games
January 13, 2013

Both Letters from Nowhere and Part 2 of same are, by far, my favorite games. Entertaining. Move along. Challenging but not to the point of frustration. Would definitely like more games along this line!

Fun to play!!!
December 26, 2011

This was a fairly easy game but lots of fun to play. Some of the items were harder to find than I thought. The graphics were good. Just right if you don't want to think to hard about remember all the locations like in many hidden object games.

Great game
December 17, 2011

I really liked this game. VERY different from the other HOG I've played. I especially like that you can go back in the unlimited mode and play the games again and try to beat your best time.

Great Hidden Object Game!
March 30, 2012

I really like this game, because it makes you think a little more then some other games. Item descriptions are not always straight forward for example "something that holds wine" maybe a glass or a bottle with wine or you may have to pure wine into a glass.

Hidden Object Gamers Paradise!
January 21, 2012

If you like HO games and are tired of the vampires,werewolves and gorey offerings that are currently flooding our genre then this game is FOR YOU! The plot features a young married couple, a postman and an old mystery. Audrey, through the game player, seeks to find and rescue her husband from--well, she doesn't know who. There are plenty of scenes and TONS of HOs to find. As you progress through the story/scenes, you earn points for each HO you find. There are also HOs to find in every scene (3 postage stamps), black cats that once you find 50 you unlock unlimited HO mode; and 4 objects you can 'buy' using your points that actually assist you in your searches: for example a camera that flashes and shows the location of everything on your list at that moment. So there are some unique things about this game that set it apart from the usual HO games, besides the story/plot. As you complete each chapter, you learn more about the story, Audrey's husband, who has him & why and who/what the letters are from...and who is helping Audrey?! There is a sequel to this game, Letters from Nowhere 2. I also played it and liked it, too! Great game from a HO standpoint--lots of HO scenes and things to find. I spent several hours over several days playing this game and enjoyed it.

Hog Heaven
November 28, 2013

I love this game. It is a straight up HOG, which is what I like.

One of the better HOS
December 22, 2011

I really like that this is a true HOS, not a lot of puzzles. The graphics are good enough to actually make out what the objects are. My favorite part, though, is the Unlimited Mode, which really adds to the overall experience.

Quality HO Game With Fun Features
October 11, 2013

BASED ON COMPLETED GAME If you like the Golden Trails series (by same developer), I believe you?ll love this one and its sequel too, although they are quite different. This game brings together high production qualities and unique gameplay. Like all pure HO games, there is little else to it, with just a puzzle within the HO scene once per episode (chapter). There is only a sketch of the story, although it is well integrated into the game process. The graphics quality is wonderful, particularly for a game that is almost 4 years old. Aspect ratio is retained, using a panel wallpaper on widescreen. The HO scenes are well lit and extraordinarily clear, but some of them are tricky to find, as they are partially hidden. The VO of our heroine is very well done, and what little bit of music and sound there is, is apt. The music is ethereal, very pleasant and relaxing. There also isn?t much animation, but it?s good. GAMEPLAY Being a pure HOG, there are no inventory items and nothing for us to do between scenes, so movement is through the map. There is a total of 25 scenes, each visited 3 times, but integrated into the story and spaced out enough to keep it from becoming repetitious. We are kept very busy in these scenes, with the following available actions. *A list of 12 items to be found. Some of these will be hidden, or require interaction, but only the in-scene puzzles are indicated. *In some scenes, a letter needs to be found, which will progress the story. *In each scene, there are 3 stamps to collect. Collect 50/75 to unlock unlimited mode. *We accumulate points and trophies for speed and accuracy, among other things, including achievements in unlimited mode. There are also bonus items we can ?buy? (with points) to help. After buying them, they will be added to the HO scene, but we will still have to find them to use them. *Thermometer - indicates ?hot vs. cold? spots in the scene for a time. *Surprise ? a mystery bonus, e.g. 10 000 bonus poin

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