Living Legends: Frozen Beauty Collector's Edition

  • Achievements
  • Bonus Chapter featuring the mysterious Alchemist
  • Wallpapers, Screensavers, Music and Concept Art
  • Replay your favorite puzzles and cutscenes
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 8.1
  • Hard driver (MB) : 836

Review for game Living Legends: Frozen Beauty Collector's Edition

The Queen has chosen your sister as her successor, but are her promises too good to be true? You were only six when your mother vanished, leaving you to care for your younger sister, Elizabeth. After she receives an invitation naming her as the Queen’s successor, she pleads with you to join her in her new royal life. All she has to do is pass a simple test to prove her worth. Is this too good to be true, or is your luck finally changing? There are many secrets awaiting you in the Queen’s castle, but the biggest dangers lie beneath the icy mountain passes in Living Legends: Frozen Beauty, a chilling Hidden-Object Adventure game. This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card! The Collector’s Edition includes:

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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June 14, 2013

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Different Take on Evil Queen (Snow White) Demo only
June 13, 2013

I found it to be a different take on the story of Snow White (where is Prince? or does he show up later?). Could be the developers are doing their own version of the Dark Parables series. Storyline, mom disappeared when you were 6, so you took care of your younger sister. Queen selects your sister (Elizabeth) to be her successor; kidnaps her and Big Sis comes to the rescue with the assistance of the spirit of Snow White (no Prince?). In any case you have the following with this story: 1--great graphics and cut scenes 2--interactive map that shows where you can do/get things and transports you there (beam me up Scotty) 3--a pet you acquire so far it's a cute squirrel 4--collect coins to purchase items for your pet 5--achievements to earn 6--played in casual hint charges up fairly quickly 7--hint can point you in the direction you need to go, or points you in the scene where you need to do something 8--a few HOS, a couple of items hard to find and though not putting items together, you need to find hidden items with the HOS 9--puzzles so far were easy to accomplish; though they may get more difficult as the game progresses and you do have a skip button which is a Rose (same for hint) 10--in demo only 3 chapters appeared as well as the bonus game 11--you do have a journal, that's updated as the story progresses, it will also replay the cut scenes Storyline maybe a bit dark, but so far the graphics are colorful and clear which is what I prefer. As I had the previous game and liked it and have 2 credits am getting it

Don?t Eat the Apples!
June 13, 2013

The story is partly based on the Snow White theme and begins as a young woman is told that if she passes the tests set by the current queen, she will be the successor to the throne. Of course, the young woman is thrilled to have been chosen but this is where the trouble and our story begin. There is a lot of adventure to be found and much to do as you work to save your sister from the evil queen and learn the story of your mother. There are three modes of play ? casual, advanced and expert. The graphics are excellent, very crisp and with a lot of color. The artwork in Frozen Beauty is quite beautiful, and it is very easy to step into the fantasy world created for us by the developer. As far as sound, the voiceovers are top quality and I like the background effects and music that add to the overall experience. During your journey you will encounter different types of HOP (hidden object puzzles), including the progressive silhouette type where you locate an item and then use it to find another item. You will find many puzzles in the game and they are not overly difficult: just a lot of fun to play and add to the adventure! As you progress you can earn many achievements - I counted 17 but I?m sure there are more. Throughout the game you can find 264 gold coins that you will be able to use to purchase items in the shop for a pet that you will acquire during your journey. Since I enjoyed the first Living Legends game, I purchased ?Frozen Beauty? and find that this is so much better. These games are from a fairly new developer who has put heart and soul into creating a top quality product. Fantasy, fairy tale games are some of my favorites so this game is just perfect for me. Some may not find it to their liking but for those of you who like a little escape from real life, this is sure to provide hours of fun. With all of the extras in the CE, I think it is worth the extra punch. Please at least try the demo to see if Frozen Beauty is a ?keeper? for you.

Frozen Beauty and Snow White
June 13, 2013

This is the first game I've played from this developer, and it is a good one. The Evil Queen kidnapped your sister to steal her youth and beauty. Along your way to save her, you run into Snow White, the Queen's first victim, whom you unfreeze and get some warnings. The mini-puzzles are rather easy (in casual mode), but new ones. The HOS come in list form as well as place the object in the picture form. The Hint Button refills quickly, and works in both HOS and game mode. The map is interactive, showing where you can do something and letting you jump to that location, if you are like me and have no sense of direction! Eventually you get a pet squirrel once you unfreeze his acorn and you can spend the coins that you find upgrading his housing. No morphing objects, but you win achievements along the way. A good story, based on the demo, and fun to play. It's a buy!

fun family HOG
June 13, 2013

I found the storyline to be easy to follow. The graphics were bright and colorful. I had the whole family tryng to find all items in the HOS.The quality of sound was good. The quality of the game is the same as the other Living Legends games, i only tried the trial version but am buying the full version. For anyone who likes the fairy tale type games I recommend this game

Game In Brief + Bonus Content Review
July 4, 2013

BASED ON COMPLETED CE GAME This is a thoroughly entertaining and enchanting game. All the necessary PLUSES are here. BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICS, EXCELLENT SOUND, INTERESTING STORY, GREAT CHARACTERS, and of course BALANCED GAMEPLAY. Others have given you the details on all the above, so let me just add that the things that STOOD OUT for me were: *the credibly youthful voice of Snow White *that chilling wind *the transformations of given locations that ?thawed? ? we didn?t go straight from winter into spring, there was actually wet patches and icy corners *the well-conceived designs of the PUZZLES. BONUS CONTENT REVIEW ***** BONUS CHAPTER The main game ended satisfactorily, and this one carried on from there with a further only marginally related adventure. Mainly new LOCATIONS, but some OLD ones REWORKED as well. ACHIEVEMENTS did NOT continue through this chapter. Main game took me about 4.5 hours, and the bonus just over 1 hour. CUTE COMPANION You get to befriend a SQUIRREL in the earlier part of the game, and can use COINS collected throughout the game to DECORATE her house. There?s an achievement related to her as well. ACHIEVEMENTS & COLLECTIBLES There are quite a lot of ACHIEVEMENTS and you have a great TROPHY room in the EXTRAS menu for them. They include both essential game milestones and speed/accuracy/puzzle stuff. The ONLY COLLECTIBLES are the squirrel?s COINS. The USUAL GALLERY ITEMS were VAMPED UP by: SCREENSAVERS that were some of the CUT SCENES, and CONCEPT ART that, when you hovered your cursor over them showed the FINAL SCENE. I thought that was EXCELLENT. In fact, the whole game was EXCELLENT!

Huge Entertainment!!!! Loved it!!!!!
June 13, 2013

Pass the test and prove your worth! Good story. Excellent graphics, crisp and neat, nice VO, great cutscenes, lots of interesting places to explore, with plenty to do, very good sound. Interactive HOS. Many many many mini games, not hard, but greatly well developed and so much fun!! 264 coins to collect!! Lots of extras: music, puzzles, HOS, movies, wallpapers, etc.. More or less 20 achievements. Three game modes. It has dairy and an interactive map. Loved this game, entertainment for many hours. Surely goes to my collection!

June 13, 2013

The graphics in this game are breathtaking. The production values are terrific. The storyline is very well-crafted. Gameplay is fairly straightforward - not exasperating even though there are several avenues you can pursue at any one time. Very polished and decent voice overs. Even Snow White and her nemesis, the awful Queen, make appearances - so it's sort of a continuation of that story. Puzzles I found to be easy to figure out and, although some needed special pieces to complete, those pieces were not that far away. Bonus game features the alchemist and there are achievements (plus the usual wallpapers, replay of mini-games, et al). A true delight to play.

June 16, 2013

BASED ON COMPLETED GAME + BONUS CHAPTER, Advanced, 2nd of 3 modes, No sparkles, few black bar hints. This game is so well executed it truly merits the top rating. It has all the bells and whistles expected of a CE. Very elaborate achievements, variety in type and level of challenge with both iHOS and MINI-GAMEs.The only possible criticism I could find would come from the hard core gamers who like morphing objects included in all CE. There are collectibles-Coins used in game play, but no morphing items. STORY/THEME: Even from cover art we can see an icy (sorry folks who are tired of the cold), fairy tale, Sleeping-Beauty motif complete with poisoned apples, dwarves, and judgmental mirror. The bonus chapter is good, lengthy, and picks up immediately where the main game left off. The story is about, ok, yes we've seen this before - A sister (the player) is obliged to save her sister who foolishly got chummy with, then betrayed and whisked to the icy castle of the almost-fairest-of-them-all evil Queen. HERE'S WHAT WE DO GET: EXTRAORDINARY GRAPHICS: Wow. Really 3-D-ish. Not much to add-See for yourself. The artwork was also very good with fine detail in each scene and ornate, creative items in each HOS that stretched through to end of bonus game. MUSIC: I turned it down early on as it was kind of cutsie-twangy and distracting. VOICE OVERS: Normally I'm not much of a fan, but these were top-notch, very well done, adding to ambiance. FUN-FACTOR: This game was fun for me all the through including BONUS CHAPTER. There is humor, whimsy, challenge, with a tad of the menacing, sinister thrown in. ACHIEVEMENTS: Yes. These are very elaborate and there are a lot of them. Each time one is earned a side bar pops up at the left top of the screen. Not too distracting. I'm thinking of replaying because I earned 90% of achievements and want to get to 100%. COLLECTIBLES: Yes. There are coins discretely planted throughout that were useful in furnishing our side-kick's pad and reach

Mirror, mirror on the wall.... :)
June 13, 2013

Review of the completed game: Another beautiful fairy-tale themed game. This time there are elements of Snowhite. You?ll find those elements, like gnomes and apples all over the game. All scenes are wonderfully drawn. Facts: 3 modes to choose from, 9 chapters plus bonus chapter, map showing active areas and allows you to jump, detailed journal, 264 coins to collect to buy decorations for your squirrel's room (squirrel is also your helping hand waiting in the inventory), at least 30 achievements to earn, strategy guide doesn?t follow your progress, direction giving hint, hint/skip refills very slowly (at least in the 2nd mode) Lots of hidden-object-scenes from list, slightly interactive (light candle, cut bread?) Although very cluttered, objects are good to find. Nearly same amount of minigames, some brandnew, in the first 3 chapters they are quite harmless, but later on there are some brainteasers? Minigames/ HOS are replayable in the Extras. It took me 3,5 hrs to play the main game in the 2nd mode, which ends conclusively. Bonus-chapter is an additional story: SPOILER!!! Your sister is kidnapped again? this time by the evil queen?s alchemist. You have to enter the Gnome?s Labyrinth and find him the Flower of Life. BC is another full hour to play? Yes, this is really a recommendable game with lots to do and to explore AND lots of Extras. Have fun!!! :)

sequel and a good on at that
June 13, 2013

I did not like the other living legends but this one is really a good one. 3 modes to play. Graphics are really good and clear and has voice over. Has voice over and read at the same time so you can advance if you want. The music is also good and enjoyable. You have to get some pets also and collectables. The game has good flow and you start off with a puzzle which was a first time I have seen that. The puzzles seem pretty easy to me. The HOS are good. Has a good story line and just a fun game to play. The hint button works good. I do not think you will need it much.

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