Lost in Time: The Clockwork Tower

  • Fantastic graphics
  • Incredible action
  • Save the village!
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Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 596

Review for game Lost in Time: The Clockwork Tower

Time grinds to a halt when the town’s Clockwork Tower is disrupted. Manipulate time to save the village from its frozen state in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. Explore the city and discover what makes this town so unique. Dive into the world of Lost in Time – The Clockwork Tower and fix the Clockwork Tower before the city is ruined forever!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

January 1, 2011

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3702 points

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Challenging Game
December 18, 2012

First the positives: good story, albeit a little confusing. Lots of good puzzles which you can play as many times as you wish. For me, the negatives outweighed the positives on this one, and I probably would not have purchased the game had I any idea how difficult it would be for me. Way too much clicking and loading between some of the scenes, until you reach a point in the game where you can use the map. If not for the walkthrough, I would have given up. I never did complete the last puzzle, but became frustrated and quit.

November 19, 2011

I really like this game, the story, locations and a very bright grafic

Fun little filler game
January 3, 2012

This game is rather simple and easy. The HOs and puzzles are not overly challenging, but are crisp and clear. The storyline is fairly good with a bit of humor, and you do have to pay attention to the storyline so you know what to do next. The hint button fills quickly, and you get nice, clear instructions when you click on the objectives. Having said all that, this is a fun game. Does not require a lot of thought, but is relaxing and enjoyable. It is not excessively long, but can be a great relaxer after and before one of the really intense games that we all know and love. I recommend this game if you want a fun little filler.

I didn't like it
January 15, 2014

There's no full screen option, the story is simple, the challenge is poor. The only pro is the presence of collectibles.

Improved as time wore on
July 27, 2012

To start with this game began as tedious, exasperating and nonsense. It almost came to the stage where I was about to knock it on the head and uninstall it, but I'm rather glad that I persevered and continued playing because as it progressed it turned out to be quite fun. The towns clocktower is damaged and as a result time grinds to a halt. Time then has to be manipulated and the tower repaired to save the village from it's frozen state. The dialogue was not too frustrating and quite comical in places with a few quirky quotes and splashes of humour. The music was peaceful and acceptable. The graphics were reasonably clear and bright but the game could have done with a few more hidden object scenes but the existing h.os were not that hard to find. The puzzles were quite good with the card game a hit, I enjoyed that. The others ranged from quite challenging to fairly reasonable and were all fun to play. After realising what it was that had to be accomplished this game really improved with time.

Over 200 collectibles
November 24, 2012

based on completed game - I bought this years ago & never finished it. I decided to give this another go ...glad I did. It starts off boring with heaps of backtracking. Later (much much later) you do get an interactive map. Hang in there as the story gets better after a wee while. HOS not junk pile, mini games are new which is refreshing but IMO way too easy. There is a skip button but you might not even need it. The hardest mini game was the last one with no skip button. I almost gave up but with a little patience & logic cracked it. Over 200 diamonds and coal to collect. You need this to pay for purchases at store for stuff you will need for new task. It is fun to collect stuff but bit over the top on this. The coal Converter was fun to start with but after 30pcs you hoped there was a faster way to do it....imagine converting 200pcs. Too repetitive. yOur Sidekick is amusing with his antics and one liners!! He will surely make you laugh or put a smile on your face as you play. And finish that game with Otto you get 20 more diamonds for winning. One of the best VOs i love the British accent Eliza =) I usually turn off the sound when playing but had this on full volume all the way to the end. Do listen to the conversations for clues. This game is too easy for seasoned HOPA players yet surprisingly I really enjoyed this one ....what a refreshing break from the dark creepy games I have too many of. Try this and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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