Maestro: Music from the Void

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  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 1.4 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 800

Review for game Maestro: Music from the Void

The Maestro’s back in this exciting encore to Notes of Life! Eerie music fills the air in Vienna, where shadows terrorize people in the streets. Two musical prodigies have gone missing. Can you save them without striking a single false note?

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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March 2, 2013

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1594 points

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PuzzleMatch 3

a really great game in the series
April 8, 2013

played casual, no sound. no map, no need for one. hints/skips charge really fast!!!!! the hints tells you all you need to know. if you have played the others in the series no more needs to be said. if not, you are in for a good time and will probably want to play the others when you are through. great devs!!!!!!!

Another good Sequel
March 3, 2013

I first played the "try me" in the Collector's Edition and when it came off that the next day I purchased it. I think this one is holding up to all the rest. If you liked the others, this is a game for you. Beautifully drawn, good sound and voice and music. Storyline is very interesting and will keep you interested. The mini-games are very good and there is lots to do and think about. You have many places to go and you have to remember what to do when you get there. The help button is good. The game moves along smoothly and keeps you busy. I enjoyed playing it and will play it again. I hope you enjoy it too!!

March 12, 2013

I love this game and the music. I love Fran?ois!!!

deeply haunting can be disturbing (mature content)
March 29, 2013

Who was once just a boy in adventure 2, meets a fate; greed like his instructor. The result of child manipulation (this is a combination of both parts 2 and this part 3), may disturb folks. Not for the true prudish of people. You have been warned.

fun hiden objct game
March 16, 2013

i like all the hiden object game verry make me hafun evrrydays tq..

Good and easy
March 30, 2013

This is a pretty good game just like the others. Sometimes the music could be not so much. has voice over and good graphics. The hunt button works good if needed. Seems pretty easy so far. The HOS are easy and so are most of the puzzles. The HOS are different.

Great Game
March 8, 2013

Beautiful graphics. The game ran smoothly. Very enjoyable.

March 1, 2013

Worth buying in either format however the CE does have collectables of various musical instruments. The "shadows" are on the loose, and only the meastro's mucic can control them. Your journey begins in the vienna school of music where two talented young musicians have been taken as they were taking private lessons! Now you must search for clues and collect evidence as you throw vases on the ground, and rip open chairs as well as fix just about every lock in the town! The puzzles are pretty simple, repeat the correct sequence of piano keys played, match two alike items, or complete the three color coded sections of flutes. The HO's are a mixture of listed items to find and silloutted items that are interactive such as find a lever, put the lever on the light panel put lever in correct position and recieve another item on the list. The only part I thought was odd was the fact that the collectables were still there and it looked like something you need to click on but you don't. A good hint system that recharges quickly and no penalties for skipping the puzzles.

Still excellent!! (Differences to the CE) :)
March 1, 2013

Played the Collector's Edition of this game and tried this one to find any differences: I was positively surprised, when I realized, that ERS increased their development in this 3rd Maestro game: Same graphics quality as in all the other ERS games: a bit old-fashioned, but very clear and detailed. We have 3 modes to choose from. Hint shows you the direction where to go to and refills quite fast. Attached to the inventory you?ll get a violin, which starts glowing when it should be used, (for example to scare away those shadows or fast growing of trees). You?ll find several different music-sheets for different purposes during the game. Lots of minigames, not very challenging but fun come along with lots of different HOS. The good old HOS, where you search items from a list and those, where only shapes are shown. Found items have to be combined with others, until you get the final item for your inventory. There are also some mini-puzzles integrated. You?ll have a very good and detailed journal but no map. I didn?t really miss a map, as found items are used soon. The 25 music instruments, which we could collect in the CE are still present, but we are not able to pick them up... This game ends conclusively after 4 hours. Bonus-chapter offered in the CE is not really necessary. Perfect game to spend one of your game credits!!!

Superb SE! This Maestro is pure entertainment!
March 1, 2013

Take the challenge, and save the students! Use the Maestro?s violin to dispel the Shadows! A spooky undertaking, but great fun. If you liked the first two Maestro games, this one will not disappoint. The overall theme is dark but the artwork is beautifully drawn and the music is mesmerizing. Once again ERS has given us outstanding visuals and sound. Fabulous cutscenes and well-acted voice overs enhance the adventure, and you don't have to be musically inclined to really enjoy the gameplay. The opening cutscene is stunning! It draws you into the story. When roses turn to skulls, the scene is set for what is to come. The story plays out with plenty of colour. The sinister tone is enriched by vivid graphics. The hint recharges quickly in casual. Inventory is used quickly so the lack of a map is not an issue. A journal keeps track of important information. Black bars provide instructions when you obtain a new object, so you won't likely miss the SG. With three modes of play and the option to disable the black bars in hard mode, the degree of challenge is the choice of the player. I especially liked the interactivity of the HOS. Shapes instead of a list and, once an item is located, it is used to find another. The puzzle content is relevant to the story and fun to solve. This game is totally engaging. Where but Vienna could you find such an intriguing combination of music, mystery and madness! Based on the demo an my enjoyment of the CE, I highly recommend that you give it a try!

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