Magic Farm

  • Deep involving story.
  • Get help from a cute dragon.
  • Save your beloved parents.
Min System request
  • OS : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 128
  • DiretX : 7.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 44

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In Magic Farm you take on the role of a savvy young entrepreneur with a magical green thumb. Grow a variety of flowers and fruit in this enchanting new Time Management game. Sell your flowers separately or make beautiful bouquets for maximum profits! It`s up to you to water, protect, and sell your cash crop in order to save your beloved parents.

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Genre : Arcade & Action

Test your hand and eye skills with quick action and challenging levels.

Date release

March 9, 2008

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1766 points

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November 11, 2013

This game is such a joy to play and I just can't stop. Love everything about it, and the change from "building and clearing roads" is great. When I finally figured out how to make the bouquets I played with a vengeance. Flowers are so beautiful so to have a game based around them is wonderful. I hope that there are more to come, it is fun the storyline is good and characters are great. Personally in "the real world" don't like gardening but love the finished product, flowers and fruit etc. This game is truly a breath of fresh air that anyone regardless of their expertise at gaming can play and so I'm off to play some more. Try it, it is just beautiful AND FUN !

cool adventure game
March 24, 2012

awesome!!! i love this game alot. its really fun

February 26, 2013

This is a goodie, surprised that more folks have not played/reviewed this one. Like others here, I really enjoyed the flower-growing theme. Buying plants, baskets and water, selling bouquets if you're lucky, individual flowers if you can't make a bouquet from your day's growing. There are quests involved which, when completed, unlock your next farm to grow even more flowers of different types. A tycoon type game which also involves time management. And although your days earnings somewhat depend upon the speed at which you can pick and water your flowers, you can still move forward on your quests at a slower rate even when not clicking quickly. There are pests to kill, and a little dragon that helps you with your tasks. Very cute and enjoyable.

Great game
May 8, 2014

I love the usual time management but this one was a little different. Like most of the farm games you had a limited amount of time to gather flowers. It was challenging but yet very playable. Beautiful graphics. This is one I have played more than once.

Great game :)
November 22, 2011

This game was very cute! I loved it! The actual challenge (her finding her parents) was a bit short but it does carry on til you can get all the trophies which was great.

Loved it!
March 7, 2012

I loved this game! I usually don't like games like this but gathering the flowers, waiting for them to upgrade and then creating bouquets was really fun! The quests gave a reason to continue, and some of the quests after the game were 'finished' were really challenging with large amounts of gold, which made the game take longer (but you didn't have to do those if you didn't want to), but I did just to see what the characters said. I also liked the main character and her interactions with the others--especially the pirate!

Not the best, but a fun game
December 30, 2012

This is a game about farming flowers. You are trying to raise money to find your family. Sounds cheesy right? WRONG! The game is fun because you *ahem* "fight' pests. These range from bugs, to ghosts! The different areas and plants for those areas add variety to the game. To earn money to help find your family, you sell flowers. I'm a male, and I can't believe I like this game! Don't look over this game, try it out. Oh one last thing, the story can be completed to 1 to 4 hours. Note: They have other missions after completing the game.

The best of them all!
February 11, 2012

This one is the best of all 3 of this series! Especially the last chapter drove me nuts because it was so challenging. Just loved it. Graphic was great.

Tycoon meets Farming game
November 29, 2011

This game is neither Tycoon nor Farming, but a fun combination of the two. You start a day, then water plants and harvest flowers when they pop up. At the end of the day, you create bouquets of flowers to sell (or sell individual blossoms, which gets you less money but more room in your basket). You manage your water supply and complete quests throughout the levels for an engaging storyline across several different villages/lands. One of the very few draw-backs is the quite dated graphics. If you like this game, you'll also like the Fifth Gate, which has beautiful and stunning graphics and very similar elements, but slightly different gameplay for managing your garden. Magic Farm allows you to slowly complete quests at your own pace, whereas the Fifth Gate pressures you with completing them in "Expert" time. (I enjoy that aspect, but I know many people do not!) Magic Farm also allows you to revisit all farms once the story completes, with additional longer quests - such as "Please come up with 30 XYZ" - which will take more than the couple days it takes in the storyline quests.

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