Mahjong Towers Eternity

  • More than 40,000 layouts.
  • Chat with other players.
  • Create and share custom boards.
Min System request
  • OS : Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 128
  • DiretX : 6.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 26

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Call in sick and unplug the phone! The third installment of the award-winning Mahjong series lets you choose from three different play modes, create tile sets and backdrops, make layouts to share, and chat with players using in-game messaging. The enthralling fun of Mahjong is something that everyone in the family can enjoy!


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Genre : Mahjong

Match your way through unique variations on the classic Chinese tile game.

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Mahjong Towers Eternity
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Customize your boards, enjoy three different gameplay modes, and chat with players using in-game messaging!

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Mahjong Towers Eternity game play Mahjong Towers Eternity game play


One of the best Mahjong games around

This Mahjong game is solely about the basics -- neverending Mahjong layouts to clear. No story, no plot, just layout after layout to use as a kind of Solitaire game. And it is excellent of its kind. This game is made by BFG, and they host a server from where you may download new layouts when you finish the old ones. There are 3 modes of play - classic --the standard mahjong solitaire-- Speed mode -- only possible matches are visible, make the matches as fast as you can. Concentration --where all tiles are hidden. i.e turned over, and you must remember where they are. These two latter modes are better with the smaller layouts. Layout sizes varies from 20 tiles up to 750 tiles (largest), with up to 20 layers. On the page where you choose layouts from a list on the left is a button called "Get more layouts". If you are connected to the internet, then the game will call up the MTE server and download new layouts - very easy. You may filter which types you want to get --smallest, largest, easiest, fastest, etc. -- the server provides statistics for each layout so that you can see how many have tried it, how many solved it, who made it, and so on. These layouts are created by other players, and you may make your own and upload them to this server if you like. You may even filter downloading by creator of the layout, so if you find a layout you like you can go searching for more made by that person. You need never run out of new layouts to play. There are several options to allow you to customise how you want the game to look; options for music and sound, a choice of 11 different tilesets -- or make you own -- and there is an option for 'coloured tiles' - which may make the different matches easier to spot. Also, you may put your own images in the bacground image folder - the game will provide help for how to do this. There is unlimited undo - if you regret one particular match, just undo it as often as you like. There is one (1) sh

The Only Mahjong You'll Need

I have been playing this game since it was released at least 10 times per day. That is a staggering number of plays and easily the most played game I own. I have always found challenge commensurate with the level I wish to play as the variety is broad. New games are being submitted by players daily giving fresh challenge from which to select. No other mahjong game has been able to compare. There is truly no reason to play another.


I'd have to say a previous reviewer said it all about this game, and I have to agree, it's extremely enjoyable! The only reason I gave a good for visual, is that even though I've tried to reinstall this game several times, I'm guessing because I have Windows 7, I only have a small window. For some reason, I cannot get the larger window. But this might just be a fluke for my computer. Otherwise, it's wonderful! Maybe you might want to try the trial version on your system because of this reason. However, the game play itself is very interesting and long lasting and totally worth getting!!!!

Mahjong Towers Eternity:matching, solitary game

This game is awsome and "eternal." Because of the on-line feature you can always find puzzles and never have to play the same one twice....well you will have to play some ALOT, because there are some that take multiple times before you figure them out....WOW, you can even design your own for others to play. It's great. The only draw back I have found # and it may just be me# is that when you download someone elses puzzle, then quit you have to download it again next time. But that is easy provided you jotted down the name of the puzzle or individuals name. I highly recommend this...I have spent MANY hours on it....shoot, even on just one puzzle, lol...and enjoyed them all.....BUY IT

mahjong towers eternity

excellent game. keeps me wonderfully occupied!!!

best game ever

has nice tiles to choose from and are easy to see so you are not straing your eyes


Beautiful tiles Fun Excelent nice way to relax.

cannot open any games today. can you help me?

I own this game. I have played it a few times and it's ace fun

Awesome Game!

i bought this game the second it came up for grabs. about a year ago i started having problems getting into it and now have to start from scratch with a new player name once i finish the first rat level. but that doesn't stop me from playing! i'm not known for my patience with things so that should tell you how much i love this game. while i've never gotten further than the second tier after the rat, it's still an awesome game that you can challenge yourself with using the higher point layouts, or relax with the lower point layouts. being able to download new layouts whenever you want is a great added bonus. you could play this game for, well eternity, and not be bored with it because of all the options you have as a player. i highly recommend mahjong towers eternity to anyone who loves mahjong. you won't be sorry you bought it.

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