Margrave Manor 2: Lost Ship

  • Immersive atmosphere
  • Perplexing puzzles
  • Find the treasure!
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Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 800 Mhz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 8.1
  • Hard driver (MB) : 160

Review for game Margrave Manor 2: Lost Ship

Help Edwina Margrave find her grandfather`s hidden treasure in this exciting Hidden Object Adventure game! Edwin Margrave was a famed treasure hunter, whose ship disappeared mysteriously over a decade ago. Now, the ship has reappeared and it’s up to Edwina to figure out what happened. Learn about the legendary treasure and follow the clues to discover the secret of Margrave Manor 2: Lost Ship!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

July 4, 2009

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3673 points

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A very repetitive HOG
December 5, 2011

I played the original 'The Secret of Margrave Manor' game, and found it not to be a very good HOG because the objects were too small and there weren't enough different rooms, so I tried this game, the sequel, and in this game, the objects are bigger, but on the 'Lost Ship', there are even less scenes and not enough objects to make it challenging. You go around and around in the 12 scenes, and nothing changes. The story and mini-games are marginal at best.

Can get boring, but storyline is excellent
June 1, 2014

This is part of the Margrave series, the first being a standard HOG (one of the better ones) and the last two superb adventure games. This one is more like the first. HOS after HOS, and having to replay the same scenes (which can get a bit boring) The reward is piecing up what happened to the lost ship, from writing left by the crew. It turns into a grim story of greed and murder that grabs at you. It is worth all the HOS to learn it. When they developed the subsequent games, they kept the gripping narrative but upped the graphics and added orginal gameplay. In any case, it is good to see more of Edwina Margrave.

Enjoyable and a bit unusual
May 25, 2013

The thing I like best about this game is that the list of objects to find scrolls along the bottom of the scene. Mostly only a few letters of the next object are visible (until you remove another from the list), so I have fun trying to guess what it is. Mini games, mostly putting together cut up letters, are nice and the storyline revealed in the letters held my interest.

It started out great -
June 21, 2012

- and gradually got boring. It's okay , but it's long and drawn out and repetitive . Some games I play over and over , but not this one. I already know where everything is hidden.

Liked it
February 17, 2012

Of all the three Margrave Manor, this is the best of the three. Not too hard, a easy play. Didn't mind replaying any of the scenes since you weren't looking for the same objects each time. Recommend this for a beginner.

not fun or interesting
September 30, 2012

The scenes are not even scenes--just objects against and black backdrop. Boring story. Irritating sounds. The only thing fun is a few simple puzzles.

Tedious, at best
January 16, 2012

I love Hidden Object Games - don't get me wrong. But this was pure repetition. There is ZERO story to go along with the endless HOS. They just appear with different rooms/scenes on a ship. That's it. After three hours, I stopped playing - it was the same scene with the same objects over and over and over and...

This is the game that never ends...or so it seems!
October 22, 2013

Okay, I was forewarned, but I got the game anyway. Big mistake. The storyline is okay, but you have to wade through room after room after room etc. of hidden object scenes to get to the end of the tale. This wouldn't be too bad, but the scenes are the same, just slightly rearranged. I like HOS, but not to this extent. Some variation would have been appreciated. "Margrave: The Blacksmith's Daughter", is a much better game. Go directly to it and skip this one.

Where is the finesse?
December 18, 2012

Margrave Manor was one of the most visually and intellectually satisfying HOGs I have ever played. Why call this MM2 when the artistry and intelligence are 180 degrees off? I feel a little tricked, but I bought it w/o the trial, so no excuses. I will go now and replay the REAL MM.

Worse than the first installment!
October 6, 2012

This game has the same basic graphics as the Secret of Margrave Manor, but with some small improvements. The story line, however, was even less interesting than the first game (which was the only saving grace of that game, in my opinion). I found myself skipping the letters/log entries in the latter part of the game, just to get done with it sooner. It's pretty bad when the numerous boring HOG scenes are the selling point!

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