Mayan Prophecies: Ship of Spirits

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  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 128
  • DiretX : 6.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 1718

Review for game Mayan Prophecies: Ship of Spirits

Climb aboard an ancient Spanish galleon lost in time as a Coast Guard officer tracking an elusive criminal in Mayan Prophecies: Ship of Spirits. As you explore the vastness of a ship lost in time, what mysteries will you uncover amidst its Mayan idols, menacing sea creatures, and exotic treasures? Find out in this exciting new Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game on the open seas!

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Genre : Mahjong

Match your way through unique variations on the classic Chinese tile game.

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November 3, 2012

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PuzzleMatch 3

Another fabulous adventure
December 14, 2012

You are stuck at the ancient Mayan ship. In your search for your missing partner, you will soon find your self with a much bigger task. You must save the boy imprisoned on the galleon, and also free the ancient Mayan spirits that are trapped there. 3 standard modes + custom mode : casual with skippable puzzles after a short amount of time, no clicking penalty in HOS, hint button recharge faster; normal were hint button recharges at normal rate, penalty is on; hard with no help in any way; and custom where you can make your own arrangement. Also you can change your difficulty mode at any time during play. Interactive help available. Speaking of the storyline, this was perfect adventure with lots of thing going on, you have a feeling that you?re actually in the ancient time, surrounded by Mayan civilization. Definitely good plot, nice graphics and voice overs. I must say this game has one of the best HOS I recently played, perfect amount of interaction and challenge, really enjoyed playing them. One more thing, if you are not a fan of them you can play Mahjong instead. Puzzles were ok, my opinion is that they were mainly easy( little disappointed). During the game you have a journal, and a map, but not right away you?ll just get it after a short while, as well as the Mayan calendar ( it is needed to complete your journey and free the ancient spirits). I had a great time playing this one and I most certainly recommend it.

Cast your ship asail
February 20, 2013

Winner by far. The graphics will blow you away, as well as gameplay. I couldn't wait to see what was around the next bend. Highly recommend this adventure!!

Excellent Adventure Game
July 7, 2013

This game has all the elements I look for ... interesting story, good sound, beautiful graphics, puzzle logic/variety. The HOS screens can be skipped by playing a game of MahJong which provided a nice diversion. The HOS screens were also dynamic which made them more interesting. This is a large game, with a number of locations that wil keep you playing for quite some time. While presenting some challenges, it is not terribly difficult for anyone with basic puzzle experience. A map is provided which can be used to navigate without trekking back and forth between locations. I was sorry to see this one end, as it has good entertainment value!

Excellent HOPA ! But... Reasons to buy the CE !
November 2, 2012

I played the Ce and now SE. I was glad to have bought the CE because it provides much more fun and entertainment: 15 achievements, like collect 44 beyond objects, and in HOS, 32 hummingbirds (sometimes flying! Besides find, you have to catch them) etc, in addition to having the integrated SG and bonus chapter!! Is a very appealing game: an old Spanish galleon floating in the fog! Step in and discover its mysteries ! Excellent graphics, (a bit dark, but according to the story), great soundtrack, immersive atmosphere, amazing locations, nice VO. Proper amount of very interactive HOS, and if you want, you can play Mahjong instead. Lots of new mini games, fun and challenging. It has a journal and a map. Three play modes and ... custom mode: you choose speed of skip and hint button, sparkles and penalty on excessive clicks in HOS! A game that, despite having "strange ghostly characters" as in so many others, brings novelties, great entertainment, lots of fun. I recommend playing the CE before deciding which one to buy. If you enjoy collecting will have much more fun ...

great game for beginners and others
January 11, 2013

this is a good game for people that want to just sit down and not have to think too hard and also those that want to think a little. there are 4 modes of play and the easiest one is is just that-easy!!!!! sparkles everywhere hints and skips recharge fast on the easy mode. i didn't use the sound so i rated on visual only. no map. this is a good game because different levels of play is available for different people!!!!

L O N G Fun Game!!
November 14, 2012

I enjoyed this game immensely. It is good that there is a map because sometimes you forget where you saw something! It is just that long......and great.

Mayan Prophecies: Ship of Spirits
January 3, 2013

Thoroughly enjoyable game play. Excellent graphics and sound. Love the composition of the story line using the drawings and log, plus the map. Kept my attention until the late hours of the night. The length of the game was an important factor and I wasn't playing the collectors edition. Thanks for offering this fun game. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Mayan Prophecies: Ship of Spirits Collector's Edition
April 30, 2013

This is a wonderful story. Have excellent graphics and sound. I Love everything about this game. Waiting for part 2.

not a hard game and worth the money
November 21, 2012

I played the demo and will buy it. The thought is was not hard. The puzzles are easier than most. The HOS and be a challenge to find. Has a good flow and finding items to use is not hard. Has voice over and the graphics are good. The hint button works well and recharges ok. Enjoyably game.

What A Fabulous Game - A lot Going On Here - Review Of Entire Game
November 2, 2012

Story: You end up on an ghost galleon and have to rescue a young boy, and your partner who have disappeared along with getting free from the poacher. 6 chapters 4 modes, casual, normal, hard and custom. Custom is where you can set it to the level of difficulty you want: hint/skip charge up, sparkles/no sparkles for HOS (hidden object scenes), click penalty. I played custom mode. There are Voice overs MAP: You get a short while after playing which will show where you are/things to do and you can also use it to travel back/forth locations. JOURNAL: Keeps track of notes/story along with some puzzle clues how to solve them. HOS: They are interactive. Found by word list. Instead of finding objects you can play mahjong and you can switch back/forth at any time. Puzzles: Some of the usual run of the mill along with some new ones I've never seen before anyway. Main game length: 4 hours 22 min. May be more/less for you. Undecided between the SE and CE version? BONUS CHAPTER: This is not needed to get the "rest of the story" to the main game as this comes to conclusion without leaving you hanging. The bonus chapter is story "before" the disappearance of the young boy and your partner. There's also 32 humming birds, 44 morphing objects, pieces to an artifact, and calendar to find while playing. You can also earn awards for completing HOS with no hints, achieving mini games, etc. Whether or not these "extras" are in the SE I'm not sure since I bought the CE but I did check the blog walk through for the SE version here and saw no mention of them so I'm willing to say no that these extras aren't available to the SE just the CE version. Also includes an integrated strategy guide. Bonus length: 1 hour 25 minutes. May be more/less for you. My overall impression: As I mentioned I purchased the CE when that came out and don't regret doing so. Wow! What an amazing game as I was hooked to this right from the

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