Millennium Secrets: Roxanne's Necklace

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Incredible action
  • Investigate a powerful explosion!
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  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 277

Review for game Millennium Secrets: Roxanne's Necklace

A terrifying explosion has destroyed a secret bunker and you have been called in to investigate! Capture the culprit before it’s too late in Millennium Secrets: Roxanne’s Necklace! Help solve an ancient mystery and stop the evildoer from striking again! Find clues and work through a tangled chain of events in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

July 24, 2011

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2847 points

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October 3, 2012

Millennium Secrets: Roxanne's Necklace - Just like its predecessor, Emerald Curse, this game was magnificent in every way. More for puzzles lovers but I enjoyed it just the same. I still want to look like Kate. LOL I did manage to solve a few puzzles, most I skipped. There were list HOS in this version but the items were small. Avatars, VOS and scenes were great. I suggest you play Emerald Curse first then Roxanne's Necklace. There is a map and the hint button, which refills quickly, acts as a guide as well. The skip button refills quickly also. Kudos to Jet Dog Studios for another brilliant game!!! My opinion but the ending of this game suggests there may be a part 3 on the way and I can't wait!! By the way, I still say James is a total babe. LOL A must buy!!

Brilliant! Don't understand why it's getting bad reviews....
May 8, 2012

I'm absolutely loving this game. I can't believe some of the bad reviews this game has got. It's not boring and certainly not just a H0 game. There's lots of mini puzzles and loads of items to collect and use throughout the game. Ok, some of the puzzles are easy, but who wants to be stuck and tearing your hair out on every puzzle you come across. Personally I thought the graphics were lovely and didn't find the music intrusive or annoying. I would definitely recommend the game.

Didn't want to play it!!!!
March 1, 2013

My first reaction was, "Oh no, I do not want to play this"!! It started out in the icy Alps and all I saw was snow and ice. Then I saw machinery and old factory type buildings and stuff laying around everywhere. As I progressed into the game, I was so happy to get away from the snow, only to go into a military base. But, I kept going, dreading all the time. Suddenly, I found myself having a good time and enjoying the game!!?? It became better and more fun. The minigames are great, really good, different!! They are very challenging! Storyline is very good! I enjoyed it so much, when I finished it, I bought the first millennium secrets game (I had missed that one). This is a good game, I recommend!!

Great Fun Game
August 10, 2013

I timed out on the demo, so I immediately bought. My type of game Hidden Object Adventure and it's long. After 3 chapters I thought it was finished but it goes on and on. Different from the norm. Great puzzles, good clear graphics, good characters, good voice over, good story, different mini games lots of them and you can replay them again from the main menu. There's a map with what to do and you can jump. The type of game I'll play once a year, played twice already. I usually don't like 360degrees but this one I don't get dizzy. The developers JetDogs really added to the first one Emerald Curse.

Great Fun, a mixed bag of games
September 12, 2012

Hidden objects are not my most favorite games I have played quite a lot and there are only a few I like, I am a huge word game fan. I tried this game out after reading the reviews and thought that I would give it a chance I only tried the free trial for 15 min and loved it!!! purchased it right away and have played it for the last three hours. There is a good mixture of minigames, (some hard and some easy)hidden objects ( with a few twists I have never seen before) and great games searching for clues . I also really liked the idea that you can find out when you are finished with each site. Keeps your Interest. Terrific game

Great game.
March 18, 2012

Great story line, fantastic graphics and the puzzles challenging. The music atmospheric and not overbearing and there was no long annoying dialogue boxes just short and sweet. You have to pan left or right in scenes and enter new areas which adds to the challenge, be sure to run your cursor over everything to discover items. The overall length of the game was long making it worth the while. If you want a challenge this is it.

Hey Big Fish - More Like This One Please - This ROCKS!
September 12, 2012

Review for whole game playing in advance mode. The story: You take on the role of Kate McCormick and you have been assigned to investigate a terrifying explosion that has destroyed a secret bunker and capture the culprit. 8 chapters 2 play modes - Casual/Advance There are voice overs. Journal which holds a map that you can use to travel back/forth, list of task that need completed, along with notes as some are used for some parts of the game for puzzles. This is a game where you have to go over the locations pretty thoroughly or you just may miss an item(s) that needs to be picked up. You also navigate the game by the "arrows" on the screen: one on the left, right, and sometimes one at the bottom of the screen or you can use the map. Inventory: When you click on something in the scene, it will put it in the inventory down at the bottom. The green color are ones you can use either in that scene or a different scene in the game. The red color you'll see a picture of the item (key for example) and how many you have to find. Once you find them all, turns green color and ready to use. HOS (hidden object scenes): Are interactive and found by word list. Puzzles: Not very difficult at all especially considering I'm not a fan of these as I found most pretty fun but did skip a couple of the puzzles. Hint/Skip: Charge up pretty quick. Less than 20 seconds. Also for the hint if you get stuck it will take you right to the location you need to be in. My overall impression: I just love this game and hooked right from the get go and held my interest to the very end as the story is very well told. The voice overs are really well done and fit the characters. The graphics are just excellent. This game just has a lot to do and places to go as it's not "just a hidden object game" as everything you're doing in the game serves purpose to help you move forward. Actually I found this to be more adventure than HOS and puzzles. I also liked h

Loved the game!!!!
November 15, 2011

The story and graphics were great as well as the voice overs. It's also nice to play in an environment that is current date. Not 18th century. I like them too. It's just a nice change. I played in advanced mode and found it just the right level of difficulty. I do think it would be to easy on casual. Everything about this is very interactive. You have to make sure you scour every room very thoroughly or you miss objects to help you along the way. I like the the way they listed this as a Hidden Object, Puzzle, Adventure game. That's exactly what it is. There are not to many hidden object scenes but the ones you do play are well done. It has the movement and atmosphere of a good adventure game. The mini games or puzzles are not to difficult, fun and can be skipped. I really liked the layout of the journal. You are supplied with a map that lets you know what areas need attention and which are done or still locked. You can click on the area you wish to investigate and automatically go there. There is a task list that I really never had to use and notes that you will need to look back on from time to time. This game moves along very quickly and keeps your interest in both the storyline and game play.

December 12, 2011

My wife and I really liked this game. We would not hesitate to purchase more of this series. We play a lot of HOG's and really enjoy most of them. Keep up the good work !!!

One of the best
February 4, 2012

My wife and I rate this game one of the best we have played. Probably as much adventure as hidden object,there is a lot to do and find. Everywhere needs careful searching. The graphics are different to the norm and enhance the game play. Puzzles different and challenging.

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