Mosaic Tomb of Mystery

  • Spectacular Effects and Gorgeous Egyptian Art!
  • Electrify the Tomb with Chain Lightning Shapes.
  • Involving Murder-Mystery Plot.
  • Unearth Unique Power-Ups with Amazing Effects!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7/8
  • CPU : 600MHz or faster Processor
  • Memory : 128

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Venture to Ancient Egypt in this stunning mystery-puzzle quest filled with gorgeous effects and endless gameplay! Place shapes and decrypt ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs as you uncover the truth behind the mysterious death of King Tut. Play in Relaxed or Challenge Mode as you climb your way up through Egyptian society. Mosaic: Tomb of Mystery is a fun and mesmerizing blend of puzzle-pieced excitement and intense game play. Discover your thirst for adventure and try it today!


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Genre : Puzzle

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Mosaic Tomb of Mystery
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Place shapes and decrypt ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs as you uncover the truth behind the mysterious death of King Tut.

AFERON - BigFishGames
Mosaic Tomb of Mystery game play Mosaic Tomb of Mystery game play


I played for free for 50 minutes. All I played were these different shaped objects that U place on the outline in the middle. U are shown at the beginning how U should hold down the left mouse key for certain...., etc. And while you are placing objects, many more are coming down. Just not my 'cup of tea' But i advice anyone wondering - to give the trial play a chance first.

Don't waste your time or money

Bought this game on reviews of other players and it sounded good. Wish I had taken the time to download the trial game and saved my money. This is the worst game ever played and bought from Big Fish. It is boring and repetative and definately not worth the time or money spent on it. Huge disappointment.

Excellent entertainment !!

You have to fill in the hieroglyphics to decipher the mystery surrounding the death of King Tutankhamun. Game is nicely varied, and has many ways to fill the glyphs - place the shape, placing clicking and holding, it fulfills some extras around, complete with pieces that are in the Obelisk on the right (which is emerging as the points earned), etc. Power ups will also appear with different functions:removing shapes in the queue, show place on the board, raise Obelisk; remove snakes, etc.. Very proper sound, good and crisp graphics, good storyline! Provides hours of great fun!

Gobs of fun

Looking at the 3 pictures in the into to this game, I wasn't sure what this was all about. I decided to try it and love it. The game becomes more difficult as it progresses but it gets you ready for the next step very well. You can make it harder if you want the challange level but that is not for me yet!

it looks good, but...

In the long run it's boring. The idea is really good, just not worth playing.

Loved it!

I didn't finish it yet, but agree with everything that was said already ! Wow!!! Fun game and like the change from the games I have been playing lately. Love the music and all the color too. Thanks Big Fish and can't beat the great deal !XOXOXOXO THANKS

Shapes drop. You click.

Play the trial first. Maybe this is your thing. Difficulty level is easy to medium, just because it gets faster.


This game has everything one would want as a change from HO, adventure, etc. Good graphics, nice voice over, power ups and so on. For $3.05 and endless hours of timed or relaxed gaming to finally solving the puzzle/mystery one cannot go wrong. Worth a demo play for sure. Matouks

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