Motor Town: Soul of the Machine

  • 34 eerie locations
  • 21 mind-bending mini games
  • Unlimited hints and tips
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 1.8 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 535

Review for game Motor Town: Soul of the Machine

A young journalist, desperate for a big story, accepts an intriguing assignment: Hunt down an eccentric inventor who hasn't spoken to anyone in years and interview him about his latest gadget. The writer gets more than she bargained for when she arrives at her destination and finds the living have abandoned the town and she learns of the inventor's plans to create cars with souls! As her guide, you'll search vintage cars and rundown factories for clues, perform tasks for ghosts, and solve an array of ingenious puzzles. With the fate of many souls and the life of the inventor on the line, you must not delay!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

February 13, 2013

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2753 points

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A Diamond in the Rough - 5+ Stars!!
February 21, 2013

No bells, whistles, smoke, dust and mirrors to attempt and captivate gamers at the onset! This is an outstanding game which stands soley on it's quality workmanship--and a Standard Edition at that. Bravo! Every once in a while we gamers get lucky with an excellent and unique game. This is no amateur project--simply the work of genius. Pay attention to the detailed artwork which will blow you away. Nothing is hidden in numerous shadows and fog. Game is lengthy. Storyline is original. Hidden objects have appropriate items and are do-able. This is a fun game for all skill levels! Enjoy! -Mama Mia-

February 13, 2013

I don"t usualy stop to do reviews of all the games I play at Big Fish, but this one I just had to! I really enjoyed everything about this game and will absolutely be replaying this one. I loved the story line, game play and all about this game, Seems not as challenging as some adventure HO games, but for me not being as experienced as some players, I was able to play and enjoy game without frustration, I think everyone will enjoy this game Thanks so much Big Fish for this one!! SexySqueaks, California

Completed game review. FANTASTIC GAME!
February 12, 2013

WOW! Where do i start with this game? BRILLIANT! This game had everything.Lots of interactive areas and gorgeous graphics,lots of hobs, as well as things to do within the hog scenes.Loved the story-line it was original in every way. Thought the characters were really COOL,and loved all of them.Gorgeous colour,which is always a plus with me ,didn't want this one to end. WELL DONE DEVS!

Don't let the title fool you!
February 12, 2013

I am absolutely buying this game! Let's talk about graphics first. Nobody can outdo this developers talent when it comes to creepy eerie towns! The cars and building look HD and real enough to be on a movie. You feel like it's actually you searching room after room and interacting with the ghosts. There is a good mixture of HO's and mini games, which are fun not frusterating to play. The hint system is unlimited and recharges quickly in casual setting. The music is great, again making you feel like you are alone and looking over your shoulder with creepy footsteps and sounds of an empty house creaking! There is no map, but I love having to search room to room site to site manually, that's part of the adventure! The only thing I wish this game had was morphing or beyond objects! See for yoursef, this is a must have!

Excellent SE Game!
February 13, 2013

Game details: This review is for the completed game. -2 Difficulty Modes: Casual and Expert *Mode can be changed any time during the game through the Options Menu. -Notebook can be found on the bottom left portion of the screen. *Clues to solve some of the puzzles were entered in the notebook. -No Map -Inventory bar does not lock. -The game did fill my 19? monitor screen. -Hint button can be used for both HOS and game play. Very helpful even if no Walkthrough is available. -Most of the HOS are interactive and in junkpile form. Each HOS is visited twice and the objects are not interchangeable per game (you get the same objects to find even if the game is replayed). There is a misclick penalty if the wrong objects are picked 5x in a row; a semi-transparent dark mist will fill the screen for a few seconds. -Puzzles could be skipped. Genre: Science Fiction/Paranormal Game length: I consider myself a slow to medium paced player, so it took me almost 6 hours to complete the game. Excellent length for a SE. My opinions about the game: *I played in Expert mode and there were NO sparkles anywhere, even for the HOS. ? *Nice grungy/creepy style graphics. *Music fit the game without being obtrusive. *Good ratio between HOS/Adventure. The HOS were fun to do because you could get 2 or more interactive objects per scene. Objects were not too difficult to find and some were cleverly placed. *It would have been helpful to have a map as there were quite a few areas to roam. *Interesting story line and characters to meet. *Most of the puzzles were pretty easy and relaxing to play.

Intriguing Storyline Definitely Out There - Review Of Completed Game
July 11, 2013

Story: You take on the role of a young journalist who is desperate for a big story so you accept the offer to try and get an interview with the famous inventor Paul Camping whose latest invention is to try and create cars with souls. There is widescreen at least for me. Displayed just fine on my 20 inch monitor. No tech issues. 2 play modes: I played expert mode. There are no sparkles not even for the HOS. There are black bar tips. HOS: A total of 34 locations. These are definitely on the Sanford & Son junkyard pile side however I got through them with little difficulty but did have to use a few hints here. They are also interactive. Hint is also helpful outside of HOS. Takes a few minutes for charge up. PUZZLES: A total of 21 puzzles I didn't come across anything new. The usual run of the mill but found most doable but did skip a couple of these. Skip also takes a few minutes. OVERALL IMPRESSION: Well I was hooked to this from the get go while yes the story line is a bit "out there" but I sure enjoyed this one. I didn't stop playing this until I got to the end. The graphics are definitely grungy/creepy style. I found them to be quite nice. The characters and voice overs a very well done here. I just thought this game had a lot to do and places to go. At first this started out to where you use inventory right away but the further I moved along in the game a lot of back tracking and I thought I map would have been helpful. As for the game length I'm one that takes my time and don't rush through my games and I found this to be a good length @ 6 1/2 hours for me. May be more/less for you though. Overall 5 stars from me. Thanks Big Fish and developer for a great game here with a bit of a different story line. As always, give it a whirl and decide for yourself.

Really good!
February 14, 2013

Nice story: a reporter goes to interview an inventor who wants to build cars with "soul" and finds a mystery to solve. Great characters, esp. the guitar man and the hippie VOS and text Diary Crisp, clear graphics HOS, interactive and standard, a good number of these Puzzles are good, long skip Hint system points you in the right direction Seek and find Nice, suspenseful music Good length: 4.5 casual

February 13, 2013

Although this game is distributed by the A Team, it is not their work. It is unfortunate that we are not permitted to name the Devs because they deserve acknowledgement and praise for this marvelous game. They also made Twisted Lands: Origin and The Gift. Before playing this game, make sure your socks are tied on because you will lose them and they will never be seen again. It starts out just like any standard iHOPA, in a house, which is where the demo is spent. The graphics are excellent and wide screen and I bought it for that, the quirky story and the perfect navigation. Then, I got out the back gate and into the town and the game took on a whole different dynamic. I started meeting the ghosts. A 1920's Flapper. A detective from around 1950. A Marine from the 1960s. A Flower Child from 1970. A guitar player who very much reminded me of Elvis, and fat business man with a bad temper. It is this overlapping of the decades that creates the atmosphere in this game. That and the massive scale of the locations, especially the Warehouse, which is just mind boggling. It is a wonderful atmosphere, something I rarely come across in these games and it kept me totally intrigued and engrossed. Like old Diners, those old Jukeboxes (this one plays music to die for) old trains, junkyards and scrap yards, to name a few? Hold on to your hat. All of them beautifully depicted and imbued with a sense of realism. The only thing they got wrong was the trunk and the engine in the VW, which they put the wrong way round. The story is slightly ludicrous if taken out of context, but then aren't most of them? But with this game it totally works and I thought it greatly creative and fun. The puzzles are all doable, logical and fun and only a very few old ones. The iHOS are clear sharp and colourful and the game is not overloaded with them. The music is great, as are the cut scenes and the voice overs and there is humour galore from all the fascinating characters. You receive a vessel with 13 slots and along the way you ea

Very Good SE Game and Great Puzzles
February 13, 2013

This is the second time in a week I have had the privilege of reviewing some excellent SE games. I downloaded the demo for Motor Town and was initially put off by the filth of the abandoned mansion but I am so glad I continued on since the game just got better and better. The game is from a developer who always seems to bring us some very good HO games. When I see their name on a project, I know it is a game I want - so kudos to you on an excellent game. The game is a mix of IHOS and some very good puzzles. I really like the interactive part of the HO scenes as they are a bit different and it is not always apparent what you need to complete an action to obtain the object. Very clever. As you continue your investigation, you will pick up clues along the way on how to solve many of the puzzles so pay attention to your journal. The game has an different storyline but it is one I am enjoying. It is fun to meet the ghosts along the way who give you items that will be needed to complete the game. The artwork and graphics are excellent. Just remember you are dealing with an abandoned town so you don't get shiny, beautiful, clean scenes. Again, I am very happy to have such an excellent game come to market as a standard edition. IMHO with a few additions, this would have been a great CE game. Please give the game a chance because once you are past the mansion things really get interesting and the story picks up.

what a great game!!
October 13, 2013

I totally agree with the review of Sheerija! This is one heck of a game!! I loved every single second, and I played about 5 hours, I don't play fast. The storyline is fantastic, I was completly engrossed by it! Once you get out of the house (this only happens after the demo ends), the game only gets better. There are tons and tons of scenes. But they are divided into different parts, once you've finished a part, you don't have to go back there anymore, which keeps the running around under control. The HOS are partially interactive, and can be quite challenging, but in a very good and fun way. I absolutely loved those! The puzzles I liked a lot, you had to use your braincells for them! I really had a great time with this game, and hope you will too! Enjoy!

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