My Farm Life

  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Exciting action
  • Become Farmer of the Year!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 59

Review for game My Farm Life

One minute Lisa is signing a contract to be the star of a new show, and the next she's knee-deep in chores as she starts taping the first episode of My Farm Life! Plant and harvest crops, milk cows and shear sheep, and purchase equipment to produce the goods Lisa's customers want, all while smiling for the cameras. With the help of a local merchant and three super-powered assistants, Lisa should have no trouble meeting her goals in this fun Time Management game!

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Genre : Arcade & Action

Test your hand and eye skills with quick action and challenging levels.

Date release

March 30, 2011

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2280 points

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Greatest time management game!
January 4, 2012

I play this over and over. Make more!!

Green Acres Is The Place To Be
August 29, 2013

That was what I named my farm in the game. Seemed fitting with Lisa showing up to the farm in high heels & a dress. This is a gem of a TM game. I own both this one & the second in the series & this one is my favorite. It's an easier pace & it doesn't take more than a few tries to get the best score on any level. I loved rearranging my farm & planning my crops & merchandise. The robbers were not so great, but if you learn to keep stacking actions while circling your field (til you can afford the dogs), then you'll be fine. Looked forward to more in this series. The games will always be an insta-buy for me!

I Love it!
February 20, 2012

This would have to be my favourite game at the moment. It's very similar to Ranch Rush in that you need to grow/pick crops & look after animals to meet orders and in addition to make more intensive products - such as jams and chocolate. It's not as challenging as Ranch Rush, but that's a good thing. RR could at times become hair pulling, but Farm Life is a little bit easier - but still a challenge. I'd recommend this game for any level of player.

Love it
January 27, 2012

I like time management games in general, and this one is one of my favorite ever. One of the thing I like the most is that there are many levels to play!

Love this game. Addicting!
January 17, 2012

This game has excellent graphics.

nice time management game
January 24, 2013

a very nice TM game. you really need to think for some levels. I have a lot of fun playing it!!

Not challenging but fun and worth your $
December 16, 2011

Great game! The storyline is cute too. It is fun to play and has a lot of levels, one of the awards is to finish the game in a day, I don't know if that would even be possible! My only negatives are that it wasn't hard to finish levels with a gold, even in expert mode and there was no timer or warning to let you know when the gold time expires. I will definitely be playing My Farm Life 2!

Still working on it
November 14, 2011

I love it when a game goes on & on......this is one that I couldn't just finish in 1 or 2 days so very worth the little cost/investment. Also, so many "episodes" to replay & get extra money for the future "episodes". I'm anxious to try #2!

Very challengin'and addictive game!
December 16, 2011

I've played FARM'LIFE 1 til I reached a very difficult level that seem impossible to complete. But just couldn't tear myself away from tha'game. Its very addictive.

Way better than any other game i've played!!
November 13, 2011

So challenging and fun!!! 2 is also great! can't wait for 3!!

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