Mysteries of the Mind: Coma

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Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 1.4 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 553

Review for game Mysteries of the Mind: Coma

Everyone deserves a second chance. You’ve been in an accident and are fighting your way out of a coma. Inside your mind, you must explore your deepest memories in order to right the past and set yourself free. First you’ll go back to visit your mother, with whom you were estranged before she died. Now’s your chance to uncover the mystery of your rift and show her what she meant to you. Explore nostalgic locations and meet other people from your past in this moving, dramatic hidden-object puzzle adventure game. There’s also a guiding spirit whose true identity is yours to uncover. What happened all those years ago when your family was changed forever? The thing that really keeps you trapped might surprise you.

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

December 2, 2012

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3399 points

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A bit sad, but redemptive
December 18, 2012

Makes you think about people you didnt get to say goodbye to. Excellent storyline, as this person gets another chance to do so. VOS Great characters Nice narrator Tons of HOS, very clear, interactive Good hint system, shows you which area to go Diary Nice music, but a bit monotomous Good puzzles, short skip button Excellent graphics Length 4 hours casual

An enjoyable game when in "quiet mode".
December 2, 2012

I am really enjoying this game. The music alone is worth the price. Lots of instrumental including guitar and strings and no driving beats. Thoughtful and very fitting to the tone of the game. The HOGS are pretty straightforward, requires one to question your thoughts when things aren't working. Puzzles are few, but not too hard but not too simple. For experienced gamers might be too easy but not too simple either for those who want to relax but not be "dumbed down." One can work his/her way thru what comes next without a SG with logic which adds to the fun and the hint guide is good. Worth the price of a SG since one doesn't have to hop into a blog walkthrough to break up the flow. A nice game. The storyline is good enough to keep one motivated to keep playing. You want to help the main character. Much to identify with. Paranormal but not creepy. I like. Definitely worth a game coupon if not a credit.,

An Entertaining Game For A Rainy Weekend
January 13, 2013

The atmosphere of the game, with it's gray tones, is quite haunting . I really had the sense I was in a dream. Probably the developer's intent not to be ghoulish but surreal as dreams tend to be. The cut-scenes had that same affect. The story line was interesting dealing with making right the transgressions of dead family members. Story length was about six hours for me as I am not an advanced player. Standard Hidden Objects scenes with objects easy to find. Puzzles were designed to create some thought. I really like that. Game would have benefited with a jump map. However, the backtracking was not tedious since the hint button will take you to the next task location. I really enjoyed this game. Great fun for a rainy weekend.

December 1, 2012

At last! A great game that doesn't have all the scary creatures in it. Lovely story line but not too sentimental. Unresolved issues that are worked through. Unique HO scenes involving some action and thought. Not a difficult game but a very pleasant way to spend a couple of hours. I bought it without trying it first and am not disappointed.

different and enjoyable
May 22, 2013

I don't get the bad reviews . you are injured and have to save yourself and others to get past wrongs that you may or may not have done. kind of sad in a way but different and I enjoyed it. I saved soles and myself, brought my parents back together. good games, great hint button that takes you where you need to go so no map but don't need it. I think this game is worth a try. not too long but simply enjoyable.

Fun HO Game
January 5, 2013

What a cute game!! Loved the voice over. Great music and graphics. Puzzles aren't my favourite thing to do, but these puzzles were different and fun. Not a difficult game. Would be great for mom/dad/and the kids to work on.

Great Game!
January 30, 2013

I thought this was a fun, exciting and adventurous game . I was impressed.

Refreshing game!
December 8, 2013

I decided to download the free trial on this game and didn't play but about 30 minutes worth when I knew I wanted to purchase it. It is refreshing to play a game without monsters, spooks, ghosts and etc. I slowed down on purchasing games because of that fact. Mysteries of the Mind: Coma is a refreshing and fun game to play!!!!!

Spoiler Free - Mysteries of the Mind
December 1, 2012

First things first - this game took forever and a day to download. Seriously. I almost gave up on it but by that point I wanted to know what the game was like so I waited it out. I'm glad I waited it out. This is a good game. I played on the easy setting and although the HO areas were sparkley, they blended in well. When you click on the hint button after you've cleared a room, a bubble will pop up showing the location you should go to next with a "GO" button. Pushing the button will take you to that place. So nice for those of us that get lost. I really enjoyed the story as well which is nice since so many games have rubbish story lines. Even though I just bought a ton of games (it was a great sale) I'll be buying this one too. While I think that many will love this game, I think that because the hints give so much information this might be a good game for a beginner as well.

Wonderful and different!
December 13, 2012

I had free game coming so I bought this one and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it! It has a very uplifting spirit to it that makes it fun to play. Great visuals, beautiful music and fun games, make this one a winner for me!

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