Mystery Age: The Dark Priests

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Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 230

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Stop the Chaos God’s Dark Priests once and for all! Amber must head back to Westwind Village to put an end to the evil for good! After defeating the Chaos Gods with the help of two shaman, Amber believed that her adventures were over, but a letter from Sister Martha sends her on an all-new adventure in Mystery Age: The Dark Priests. Scour Hidden Object scenes to save Westwind Village once and for all!


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Genre : Puzzle

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Mystery Age: The Dark Priests
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Stop the Chaos God’s Dark Priests once and for all! Amber must head back to Westwind Village to put an end to the evil for good!

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Mystery Age: The Dark Priests game play Mystery Age: The Dark Priests game play

An awesome adventure!

Funny how some of the lesser known games turn out to be the very best. I've played all the popular "hyped" games and this one is at the very top. The graphics are colorful and stunning with many locations to visit. A good mix of HOS and puzzles (not too many of either) which were a fair challenge, and a long game at that. Many beautiful locations to visit with lots to do. A good hint system and a wonderful story which leaves you feeling good at the end. This was a great adventure.


Beautifully crafted adventure story. About 6 hours. Nice combination of HOS and FRAGS in bright, brilliant colors ? nothing drab anywhere in the scenes. Cute animation ? for amusement, click on a few things that you think might have a reaction. Different music for outdoor and indoor locations. Your journal includes your discoveries as well as your tasks, frequently with a picture of the items needed and how to put them together to complete a task. Very polished and finely-tuned gameplay. Quite challenging. Layout is easy to keep track of locations, which eminate from a central location. Many outstanding tasks at any one time, but they?re easy to keep track of because your activities are geared to their solution - no meaningless traveling or unnecessary steps to unnaturally prolong the game. You may find an object which will help you complete a task, but not find the other needed objects quite a bit later. Awfully fun and entertaining.

Beautiful and Bright H0G, FROG

Storyline explained at beginning of game - defeat the Priests of chaos. Good size game, took me about 6 hours or so. Beautiful H0G, FROG game, mixture of both with a few mini puzzles every now and then so game never got boring. I'd say it is a med on the difficult guage. Hint button charges quickly. Little extras I loved by clicking certain objects to interact. A bit of running around but i did't mind that as the graphics are so bright and beautiful it was a pleasure to revisit often. Only one mode of play however, just a good relaxing game, you can disable the custom cursor if you wish but it worked fine for me. This game is a little bit different and i enjoyed it immensly Highly recommend

Exceeded Expectations

I bought this game hoping for an enjoyable hidden object game but not expecting anything special. The story didn't grab me especially, but aside from that it was much better than I expected. The locations are beautiful with clever animated bits--touch everything! The music was quite nice--this coming from someone who usually runs madly for the music mute soon into each game. A lot of care went into the production. It ran beautifully, even on my somewhat vintage PC, which is always a plus. I liked it well enough to look up who made it, and found two other titles by the same company that I've already played and liked very much: Mystery Age: The Imperial Staff, and Shaolin Mystery: Tale of the Jade Dragon Staff. Although the developer is in China, the text translation to English was flawless. Really a neat, solid, fun game. I'll be watching this team for more games in the future.

Loved it

Nice graphics, well done HOS, interesting puzzles, good length and chance to use your memory skills. The only complaint are the sparkles for the HOS even in advanced mode.

Much better than expected

The first Mystery Age was ok if a little slow so I tried this demo and fortunately was teased enough to buy. An excellent mind exercise because they have not put in a map so you need to really think about where you have been and where you need to go. No spoon feeding which is a lovely change. The graphics are pleasantly fairy tale and as you revisit scenes several times there is enough going on to maintain the interest level. Don't forget to click anything that looks like it might move because it probably will - a lovely witty touch. It really makes you think - 'why do I need to know that' which only becomes apparent several levels later. I never find the music varied enough but this was ok and I would like visuals to be a little lighter for those of us without 20/20 vision but now I'm being picky. It took me much longer than anticipated to finish and I had to come back to it quite a few times which was a wonderful change. I'm looking forward to playing this again.

mystery age : the dark priests

very challenging game not your run of the mill hidden objects but various challenges throughout , graphics are stunning beyond belief, took me 7 hours to complete this game ,i found i could not leave it alone as it drew me in ,beautiful game i recommend this to anyone .

One of the best

The best hidden object game I'v played. was so much fun to play, you won't be disapointed.

there's something for everyone in this game!

I have to admit, I did the trial on this when it first came out. I wasn't too impressed - I only recall seeing FROGs in the demo, and that's not my first choice of game. I put it on my "probably later" list, and promptly forgot about it. it popped up in my "games you may like" and I went ahead and purchased. there is so much more to this game than FROG scenes. you will also encounter the classic hidden object scene, as well as "find 10 whatevers". even when revisiting the same scenes, I don't recall being asked to find the same thing again. there were enough puzzles tossed in to keep things fresh, but nothing super difficult. for the most part, inventory items were used in a logical manner - no sawing a wooden pole in half with a piece of string. bring your sneakers, there is a great deal of traveling around. if you can't figure out what to do next, go revisit every area you've hit so far, you never know when a sparkly scene will give you what you need. I wish I would have bought this much sooner!

WOW!!! Excellent! Amazing!

This is a MUST TO BUY!!! Beautiful graphics and music. The storyline OK. You don't care any way after you go from screen to screen playing the puzzles, looking for the "friendly" size hidden objects, and admiring the beautiful graphics. One of my favorites among the 250 games I played so far. I RECOMMEND THIS GAME!!!!

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