Mystery Agency: Visions of Time

  • Explore a mysterious lab
  • Discover an incredible story
  • See Visions of the Time!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/Win7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 138

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After going to a remote cabin, Isabel stumbles upon an old lab that contains a mysterious serum in Mystery Agency: Visions of Time! In order to work through a serious case of writer’s block, Isabel travels to the Quinault Rain Forest to refuel her creative juices. While she’s there she discovers a mysterious lab and decides to dig deeper to try to find a great story for her screenplay. Investigate her discovery in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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March 13, 2012

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1647 points

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PuzzleMatch 3

March 17, 2012

This game is a HOS lovers dream. Lots of them. And that is the fun part. However, I didn't particularly like the mini-games, as I could only finish one (skipped the others#.I only played the demo, and could not figure out what to do with the inventory items. In fact, in the hour demo, I could not use a single inventory item #though I tried). I didn't find the navigation difficult, and think most people rated this game too harshly. It is an okay game, esp. if you like HOS.

Believe it or not, I bought it!
March 12, 2012

I get the feeling that this game got lost in the old archives and somebody decided to brush away the cobwebs and dust, and put it out today. Although the game has many flaws, too many to list properly, something about it kept me playing the entire demo and I am deeply perplexed as to why I will be spending a credit on this game. Perhaps I am feeling a bit nostalgic or a bit masochistic or I have way to much time on my hands. Needless to say, the game does have some redeeming qualities and I think I will point them out. First the story caught my attention, I would like to find out what will happen between the Detective and Screenwriter who find themselves caught up in a murder that took place in another time. There is time travel folks and I have yet to discover how to travel. Secondly, there are two play options, and to my surprise, one of them involves being timed. Now that really takes me back to the old days. The game is basically a HOG with a bit of FROG and adventure thrown in. In pro mode, HOS are timed and that presented me with a challenge that I basically missed. Now for the less redemming features: graphics are way old school and dark. HOS are cluttered, dark and sometimes and causes a high degree of frustration and squinting. In one HOS, Some items were hidden under the item list and that made me cringe. The FROGs are just ridiculous, some impossible to find due to size and darkness of screen. No matter, I still managed to complete the within the time limit. The biggest flaw in this game is in moving about and doing the puzzles. I just cant explain it, too many sparkles and doors and...well you just have to play the demo to get my meaning. For example, during the demo, I accumulated several inventory items and had no idea as to how and where to use them. Hint system is just plain laughable and you are basically clueless as to where to go. That being said, there is a map that to my great surprise is interactive and tells you where you need to be and takes you there. I can go on about the quality of gra

Entwined:Strings of Deception
March 12, 2012

To many HOS, no directions on how to solve puzzles, but the puzzles were challenging. Music was dull, uninterestering. Over all it was an ok game.

Fun game except for the...
March 12, 2012

The game was fun up to a point. Way too many HOs in it. I got as far as finding all the scraps of paper and then trying to figure out what to do next. Hint was of nouse here. Color and graphics were excellent. I hated the subtitles. Grrr. Music was at a low key. Some of the puzzles were a bit of a challenge specially when there was no walk through or built in strategy guide to help you out. Will wait to see if I will purchase it as I lost a game credit on a game I had played last week on BFG. Game crashed and I did not want to start it all over again. Had just the symbols to put on the tree . had to find two more and game would have been completed. I leave the decision on whether or not to purchase this game on the individual player after they have played the trial mode.

Good - not great
March 12, 2012

This game had so much potential but for me it fell short of its promise. On the plus side, it opened in widescreen and the graphics were good, if a little grainy. On the other hand there is ony one game mode and the tuition is very basic. You play as two characters which makes it a little more interesting, but this does mean that some HOs are repeated with different objects. The puzzles are varied but not too challenging. The music was pretty banal, and there are no voiceovers. I think if a little more thought and effort had gone into the development this could have been a great game. I will still buy it howeverr, just to see how the storyline pans out.

Good game but cumbersome
March 13, 2012

I've played the demo time & I have purchased the game. As others have already stated this game has no VO's & you must click through the conversations. I don't mind this too much. My biggest complaint is how one needs to move from scene-to-scene. Very cumbersome. That is why I've only given it 3 stars. I do recommend anyone who likes a Hidden Object Game or anyone who has played & purchased the other "Mystery Agency" games to give it a try. I hadn't planned to purchase, however the story drew me in. I'm a sucker for mysteries. Good gaming!

it was a fun game to play!
March 14, 2012

i liked the game more than i liked another game i had played lately

Not out of Time
December 21, 2012

This is an OK to good HO game. Well worth $2.99 and maybe $6.99. Puzzles were on the hard side and I skip a few. My wife and I played it together and enyoyed it. I do recommend this game. Buy it.

Old fashioned.
March 13, 2012

This game is so old fashioned it is positively nostalgic. It has nothing to recommend it ,but I bought it. I think it is because I really do like to do hidden object scenes (the more clutter the better) and this has plenty of them. The graphics are nothing to write home about, but they are clear and sharp.I found the music annoying at best, so I turned it off and put on my own. I haven't much clue about the story yet, so nothing to add there. I would not recommend, it to anyone but a die hard HO fan, who just enjoys a mindless HO scene every once in a while.

Straight HOG - No "Adventure"
April 14, 2012

I am a huge fan of straight HOG games, no adventure type games for me - ie: go back to the basement & find the key, go to the bedroom, use the key, etc - this game fits the bill to a T, move from area to area & find the objects - the only thing i would ask is that there be a "brightness" level - some areas of the screen were a tad dark - if you are like me, & like a straight HOG, this is a great game

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