Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake

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  • DiretX : 9.2
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Review for game Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake

Uncover the evil legend that haunts a forgotten town in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake! In 1973, something wicked took over the town of Bitterford, Maine, after an unsuspecting inmate unearthed a mysterious object from beneath the prison floor. Years later, Bitterford lies in ruin. You must join forces with psychic Cassandra Williams, played by award-winning actress Lea Thompson, to investigate the events that led to the town's destruction. Only you can expose the evil that lurks in the depths of Shadow Lake. But beware... What you discover may haunt you forever.

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

December 26, 2012

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474 points

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PuzzleMatch 3

Enjoyed playing it
December 30, 2012

Before buying the game I read all the bad reviews here and I was prepared for the worst. But the game was not that bad at all - I enjoyed playing it a lot, same as all the other parts. Perhaps it did not offer any revolutionary gameplay like it did in previous games and the storyline was not connected to Ravenhearst (well, that one is apparently over since all the victims were destroyed). The game is well done - nice graphics, interesting quests. So I really do not understand why people hated it so much.

I enjoyed this game
July 4, 2013

After reading some of the reviews on this game, I almost didn't get it. But I'm keeping my faith in the MCF games, and although this one isn't my favorite, I thought it was a lot of fun. I'm really not understanding why so many people didn't like this game. Ya, Lea Thompson was a little corny, but it's a game, not a serious movie, and to me she seemed to have a lot fun with the character. I also don't understand how some people got lost on the plot either. It most certainly was not a complicated one, but the game kept you moving forward by completing the HOS and finding the images, which I thought was more fun than just the standard HOS. In fact, I get a little tired of those games and I'm always looking for something different to play. I was only going to give this game 4 stars, because I thought the game was a little short, but I'm going to give it 5 because so many other people gave it a 1. I still can?t wait for the next MCF!

I for one thought it was good
July 31, 2013

I know it has been a while since this game has been out. I have a lot of BF games and just got around to finishing this one. I like Shadow Lake. I like the new twist on an old favorite. I will more than likely play it again. The only bad thing I can say is that there was a lack of mini games. The one thing that had to be done over and over was to put a block puzzle together while it floated in Lea's head. Those were just annoying. Other than that I thought the story, graphics, and sound were great. It went at a good pace for me. It was worth the buy. I think give it a try.

I was impressed
April 22, 2013

This is by far the best graphics mystery case files has ever had. Hidden Object scenes were clear, movement was fluid, and transitions were really smooth. I don't know why I have read so many bad reviews of this game. Shadow lake had the most coherent story line of all the games, the map made it quick and easy to move throughout the game, and very few times did I get stuck just to find out later I had to make some ridiculous connection from something at the beginning of the game. I really enjoyed playing this game. I think it is their best job yet.

Loved this Game!
January 13, 2013

I really don't know what these bad reviews are all about. How can you go wrong with Marty McFly's mom? I thought the story line was really fun and spooky. There were a few moments during the game that actually scared me! The puzzles were hard but not too hard that you couldn't figure it out after a few tries. Overall, very original for an awesome hidden object game. Enjoy!

Not Dire Grove but most enjoyable
January 5, 2013

This is my first review although I have played many a Big Fish Game but felt that I needed to put forward my view to this game as I very nearly didn't buy it due to the reviews it has received and then only bought it due to a sale. Please bear in mind I'm not a great lover of a HO packed games and prefer very few with more puzzles and adventure and I really enjoyed this game. I enjoyed the storyline and graphics and thought the puzzles and hidden drawings were different and sometimes quite challenging. Shadow Lake may not be in quite the same league as Dire Grove or Ravenhurst but definitely worth trialing if you are like me and do not like being bombarded with HOs. As with both the previous mentioned games I am looking forward to replaying this one again.

Patience is a virtue
January 7, 2013

I am not really understanding the poor reviews of this game. It is different, thank God, because I was really getting bored with the same old stuff. This game is a rare gem of thinking outside the box. True, it does not hold your hand, but even my hubby, who always plays on casual mode and basicly wants a game to be laid out for him, (not that he is stupid by any means, he uses games for his brain to go into casual mode) finally got the hang of what the designers wanted and enjoyed the game. I say play the free trial, give it a chance, and dont give up just because the game doesn't tell you where every little item is. Oh yeah, warning, it is creepy. Mostly when you least expect it.

Review of completed game
May 7, 2013

I'm glad I didn't listen to the negative reviews. Usually I agree with the reviews on games that get posted here but a lot of reviews for this one are way off. I played this one through and really had a good time. I hate to think I might have missed it. The story was interesting and the acting was spot on. If you've ever watched shows like Ghost Adventures, you'll know what I mean. This one is getting a bad reputation that it doesn't deserve. Try it out for yourself. If you like the demo, you'll love the whole game. The ending in the standard edition is quite satisfactory.

Unique interesting game!
February 5, 2013

What could anyone possibly find wrong with this game? It's great! Ok so Martys Moms acting was way over the top. But ITS A GAME not a movie. Plus she's playing the part of one of those hokey psychics and if anyone has ever seen them, that's pretty much how they act. So she was actually pretty dead on with her portrayal. lol Anyway the game itself is awesome! Just because you have to use the map to get to some locations is no reason to dislike it. Its a different game, I don't want all my games the same. They probably made it that way in response to all the complaints about backtracking. I loved the puzzles in the visions. And matching the drawings was fun. I especially love that it takes up the whole screen, the graphics are perfect. I wouldn't change a thing about this game. I wish everyone would vote some of the good reviews to the front page because all those bad reviews on the front page are keeping people from a great game. Thats why I didn't even TRY this game for so long. Now I regret it. I'm never going to judge a game based on the reviews again if this is the kind of game they say is bad. This is now my 3rd fav game. My 1st fav is Nightmare Adventures: The Turning Thorn & my 2nd fav is MCF: Escape From Ravenhurst, if that tells you anything. I really hope people give this game a chance, It truly is an amazingly good game.

January 16, 2013

I cannot understand why the comments are so negative.... I enjoed this game very much. Clear graphic, good storyline and a lot of fresh ideas. Very good game!

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