Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast

  • Magical environments and puzzles
  • Classic tale of magic and love
  • Save the charming prince!
  • For a more in depth experience, check out the Collector's Edition
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 1.4 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 8.1
  • Hard driver (MB) : 638

Review for game Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast

Once upon a time, deep within the heart of a kingdom, a charming prince was cursed by a scorned enchantress. Entangled within her wicked spell, he lay dying until a fair maiden’s love revealed the beauty within the beast. However, their happily ever after was not destined to last. Journey across magical lands, seek the help of fantastical friends, and overcome all obstacles to find the beauty within the beast in Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

October 22, 2011

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1327 points

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A Delightful Experience
January 18, 2012

What can I possibly say that hasn?t already been said by dozens of other reviewers? The ?Best Graphics of 2011? is well earned. The game is unbelievably pretty, varied in the scenes it offers, and the cleanest I?ve ever seen. But Beauty is not just about, well, beauty. The story continues the fairy tale theme of the original legend, and so is a little smaltzy at times. But this is made up for by the truly adorable other characters in the game ? before you know it, you?re getting as soft as everyone else. The puzzles are well handled, smoothly integrating different locales and objectives. They vary in difficulty, leaning towards easy. The HO scenes are of course beautiful. Hint was helpful, generally speaking, and the gameplay was well paced. I thought the game a little short, though the ending was great fun ? and a challenge. I came to this game a major fan of Phantom of the Opera, and despite giving Beauty a five star recommendation, I still like Phantom better. I think it?s the more grown up feel in Phantom that wins out over Beauty. Either way, how could you NOT want to own them both?

Another good Mystery Legends
January 14, 2012

Like the 1st Mystery Legends: Phantom of the Opera this is a very good game. The graphics are splendid, the storyline an old classic, the music fitting and the voice overs well done. The HOs are challenging without being impossible. All items are finding with patience. The puzzles vary from easy to slightly above standard and skippable. There are 3 modes-easy, normal and expert which makes for a good game for all levels of player. I recommend this game.

Beautiful and wonderful fantasy game
November 12, 2011

I could not stop playing this game, I had to purchase it. It was thrilling and beautiful. Just the right balance of hidden object and puzzles. The mini games were fun to figure out. I would love to play more games just like this one!

Beautiful Game!
November 11, 2011

The colors were gorgeous and the story was classic! Some of the mini games were on the easy side, but overall, this game is up there with the best of them!

I loved it - I bought the CE version but short bonus makes the SE the better choice
November 19, 2011

I loved it. Phantom of opera was one of my all time favourites this I loved as well but I couldn't compare them as they are such different games (still think opera has the edge). I love the graphics, and I don't say that a lot. I usually turn of the music quickly but this I find relaxing. It truly has the look and feel of a fairy tale book, not too cutsey with some mild scare factor. I love the comments when you click on things. It has voiceovers. It has 3 settings, I played on the hardest and there are sparkles for hidden object and puzzle area. (not so good) It does have a map, but it wasn't interactive (transporter), but has markers in the areas that things are still to be done in. I just love the look, feel, story and it's an A and you know me I don't give "A" out often. I would give it a A++, if it had an interactive map, no sparkles and some morphs. I play on hardest, take my time, and by no means am I a fast player!! no skipping, read everything and rare look at walkthrough, so a lot of time is backtracking. main game - 5hrs as in SE version SE players will be satisfied with ending

It has something a little bit different.
November 18, 2011

I loved the storyline, it was the familiar beauty and the beast tale with a few little changes. After collecting up parts of the soul, I was presented with a screen of a different fairytale, with the task of spotting 20 roses in the picture. I had never come across that in a game before and I really enjoyed it!

Love the Mystery Legend Games
November 22, 2011

I'm a fan of all of the Mystery Legends games, this one included. I loved everything about the game, honestly. The graphics and music/ambiance are lovely, and the storyline is quite catchy. It may feel a bit too easy for seasoned HOG players, but it can be a tad challenging in certain areas. Overall, I was more than satisfied.

Mystery Legends:Beauty & the Beasst
November 17, 2011

Great game,only real draw back was as usual these daysthat the developers are all trying to make thier games appear longer by putting in far too much going back & forth for one item at a time Games of thisstandard make a name for themselves even without being over long,This was a Number 1 storyline & beuutifully put together,Love Romance,suspense & longing to get the bad guy,although we knew who it was we needed to find proof Kudos to the developers but less running around please in anymore of these great games

super fun and long!
November 15, 2011

I really like games that are worth the money! If they are too short and I can finish it within a couple hours, then I feel like I've been short-changed. This particular game is really good. The puzzles are challenging but not so much that I got frustrated. The graphics are great and I love the voices used for narration. There are a lot of steps for each soul shard so it takes a while to finish the game.

What a great game to play
August 12, 2012

This was a really fun game to play. You did not want to stop till you finished it. Good HO and not too difficult to play.

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