Mystic Legacy: The Great Ring

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  • A bonus mini-game
  • An interactive map
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  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 1.6 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 394

Review for game Mystic Legacy: The Great Ring

A peaceful vacation turns into a travel nightmare in Mystic Legacy: The Great Ring! When you follow your friend, Mark, away from the tour group to visit a remote Romanian castle, Mark is suddenly dragged away and bitten by what appears to be a vampire! But things only get stranger as you explore the castle ... It turns out the blood-sucking vampire who kidnapped your friend only drinks fake blood. So what are you really up against? And why does Mark seem to know more about the castle than he’s letting on? Get to the bottom of an ancient mystery in this thrilling Hidden Object adventure!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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September 3, 2012

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Best fun I have had in a long time !!
September 2, 2012

Well, what a nice surprise (beware: there are biters and suckers about, oh my...). There are 2 gameplay modes. In Easy mode you don't get a click penalty, but in Hard mode you do. There is a choice between custom and system cursor. There is no voice-over, there is no widescreen (for those who are interested#. The HOS #hidden object scenes# are interactive. In Easy mode, when you move your cursor over one of the words in the list, it will show you a silhouette of this object. The HINT button only takes 30 seconds to refill in Easy mode. When clicking on the HINT button outside of the iHOS, you are told exactly what to do next. Your DIARY is at the left. Inside you will also find your ACHIEVEMENTS: find 20 LIONS #there are more, so if you missed one in one scene there will be others somewhere else) throughout the game to play the MINI GAME, which you can find on the MAIN MENU page: The Lion at the bottom left. The HINT button is at the right. Also at the right is your MAP, which you can use to jump. Just click on another destination that has footprints showing, and a picture of this destination comes up. Point to this picture, and you get a "Forward" cursor. Click and you are transported to this place. Puzzles can be skipped. The SKIP button takes about 40 seconds to fill in Easy mode. --- --- --- I haven't had this much fun playing an iHOG in a long time. Lots of witty comments, lots of humour, and I love that my name comes up in many of the comments, which makes it more "my" story. LOL Graphics are well done as well, and gameplay is interesting and, did I mention... fun!!

Fun spooky game, different than most vampire plots.
September 3, 2012

I got more than I expected from this SE! Lots of fun hidden object scenes and mini games, lots of fun tasks to complete. Loved the comments of my player, also loved the bats when you jump from scene to scene, great to have that option too ! The characters are a little stilted, but I'd rather have that than human "actors" and voiceovers. The rest of the graphics are nicely creepy and gothic. played on expert mode, nice not to have sparkles or obvious black box hints. will definitely buy the sequel!

Good enjoyable funny game
September 2, 2012

Enjoyed the demo so much bought it at once this morning at 2:am, 9/2/2012. And even better with the special labor day savings. I love it, funny and a little different. A real working hint button that tells you what to do correctly, plus I love collecting extra stuff; in this one is lions. You need more of this games that are not so frustrating to play and are laughable.

September 2, 2012

I found this a lot of fun! There are no voice overs but a good amount of humor throughout. It's just a fun take on a vampire story. Drac drinks synthetic blood for instance. It incorporates your name into the story which does seem to keep you involved more than usual. The games moves very quick, the mini games are just enough challenge that there is no frustration. HOS are interactive and not to difficult. I found that there was a great balance with minis and hos in the game. It's not the most difficult game I've ever played but does offer some new stuff:) Just a light, fun, fast paced game. Now, I have a friend to rescue from a ghost so thats all for now:) Off to play!

It's A GOOD One! (And Valdy says so!)
September 3, 2012

Has there been a more fun, more personal SE/H0PA to recently come down the BFG pike than this one? I think not! This game (from a new developer?) has it all--gameplay modes, cursor choice, sound & music sliders (both features are really good), player name inclusion (that's a great thing#, classy graphics, meaningful H0 scenes, an "achievements" goal #Lions#, and most of all, a really engaging story with loads of dialogue humor #without being overbearing#! No voiceovers? Who needs that with writing/scripting like this? I somehow thought that this would be just another "vampire hunter" saga; in a way, it is, but with humorous twists and turns here and there #e.g., "fake blood"?#. It's a fun departure from the broody, gloomy games #although I like those#. We can only hope that there are more offerings on the horizon from this developer, and that BFG releases them ASAP! Regards, elldee

Mystic Legacy: The Great Ring
September 2, 2012

I was doubtful of this game from the title; but I was surprised to find that this game was actually good and held my interest. Graphics were average; hints were excellent; I did not need a walkthru or guide to play the demo. I am buying this one for the completion. I RECOMMED THIS GAME!

This Hungarian LOVED it!
September 5, 2012

Yes, being Hungarian sometimes makes playing these vamp games a little dicey - especially when the whole vamp folklore is so ingrained in us! But I do love them [usually] even though the different spins that the dev's sometimes take makes me laugh! Now, as to the game - I know that some people like to pick apart the games and dissect every little thing - too scary, too easy, too....whatever!! I just go for whichever game has the "fun" factor for me! I absolutely LOVED the dry wit that the dev's have imparted to the character that you play! Right up my alley! Plus, I definitely respond favorably when the game makes the bad thing that happens YOUR fault [even though you had the best intentions!] and now you have to fix it! I didn't have problems with the HO scenes and everything you gather makes sense. There is a large amout of trekking back and forth as after all, you only have the castle and moat to explore. But it's really not taxing as the map is interactive to some spots anyway, and there are A LOT of locked and/or bricked up/inaccessible rooms and hallways to unlock or break into. [joy!] I'm almost to the end of the game and I still love it! Do try at least the demo hour to see if you like it too, but if you just play for fun and not as an experiment in dissection of the dev's shortfalls, you should also find this an amusing little vamp romp!

Vampire Fun! I Loved This Game! This Rocks!
September 2, 2012

This review is for the whole game playing in the hard mode and this is a HOPA game (Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure) 5 chapters and I was just starting chapter 2 when demo time was up. There's also a bonus mini-game if you find all the lions as there are 20 you have to find to be able to play this. Don't worry if you miss some as there will be more as I located as many as 25. The story: You have to explore the Romanian castle to help save your friend Mark from an evil spirit. 2 play modes: Casual/Expert - Expert says no glints or sparkles and while there are no sparkles there are some glints. It also states a click penalty but I never encountered it. For areas of interest/active zones a magnify glass will come up. No voice overs. There is a diary that keeps track of notes/story and will also state how many of the lions you have located. There is also a map that will show you where you are with green little feet, orange exclamation points those are areas where there are things to do and the map will also show a circles with "arrows" and those are the locations you can go to as you just click on the map and it brings up a magnify glass to travel back/forth locations. The HOS (hidden object scenes): I counted 16 scenes for the whole game and 15 items to be found in each scene. All found by word list. Some items you do have to move something to get to them and they are not obvious as to which items cause this game doesn't use a different color text for the word list like most games. While a couple of the scenes I found to be a little on the Sanford & Son junkyard pile side and some really small items however not too bad as most I still located and only used a couple of hints here. The hint: Charges up pretty quick for being the harder mode and if you aren't sure where to go/what to do next it will tell you where you need to go and what to do. Puzzles: There's just as many puzzles to this game as there are HOS. Most of the usual that are in other game

You'll VAAANT to buy this gaamme.
September 2, 2012

At first when I saw this game offered as the TGT, I rolled my eyes and thought ek, 'another' wanna be copy cat, dark game, yuck.... yet giving it a chance, I installed and played the demo. Woah was I surprised. This is a truly creative and fun to play game with pleasant graphics, great interactive personalization and very witty dialog throughout... along with that, it does not miss a beat on a bit of a creepy side as well. Check it out; you'll probably be as pleasantly surprised as I was. Enjoy!! ~Fortunatus

`Great way to spend my holiday weekend Off!
September 3, 2012

I enjoyed this game very much. I like games that I don't have to beat my brains out trying to figure things out...yeah easy games. Yeah the graphics were sub-par, but that didn't deter me from finding anything. I like the funny sarcastic things the player says. The music fit the game and wasn't annoying, so I kept it, I usually don't with alot of games. As for the HOS scenes, no difficulty there, I never had to use a hint, and the tiny ting when I did find an object was nice. The mini games were easy and I didn't have to skip any, or spend alot of time trying to figure them out. All in all, it was a great way to spend part of my weekend off.

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