Nightmares from the Deep: The Siren's Call

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Review for game Nightmares from the Deep: The Siren's Call

Nightmares from the Deep: The Siren's Call is the sequel of the smash hit Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart. It is an epic adventure story with an exciting plot, outstanding puzzles, and unforeseeable depths of twists and turns. When Sarah Black, the curator of the Caribbean Naval Museum, receives a package from a mysterious messenger, she is unwittingly drawn into an ancient conflict. Moments after she opens the package to reveal an artifact, assailants descend on the museum and rob her of it. She can hardly believe that this is the beginning of a new nightmare from the deep! After blacking out in the museum, Sarah finds herself on the shores of Kingsmouth, a forgotten fishing town with an incredible secret. The would-be messenger reveals the sad truth: he and the rest of the town's denizens are suffering from a curse that is gradually turning them into aquatic creatures. A curse that was cast by two powerful beings: the mayor, Murray, and the sea-devil: Davy Jones.

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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August 17, 2013

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Absolutely the BEST game I have played
August 16, 2013

When the CE came out I bought it immediately and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Playing the demo of the SE just now brought it all back. The storyline is fantastic - OK, you have to rescue the 'goodie' from the 'baddie', but this is done in a different way and, for once, I really found myself caring about the 'person' I was rescuing. I have her friend to help me. The SE retains all the possible great features of the CE: * Sound/music is excellent * Graphics are very good - I am stunned by the way the characters move especially when the praetorian fights the kraken * A jump map shows active areas (in casual) * HOSs and puzzles are varied and challenging enough without becoming frustratingly hard I missed searching for the collectibles as this makes you really focus on all the fantastic visual detail. But you do have coins to find to open Davy Jones' chest. (If you have played The Cursed Heart you will know all about that). If you go for the SE, take time to fully savour this detail. The action/atmosphere is so good that you get completely caught up and go hurtling on if not careful. You will also miss that vital area where a necessary item is hidden. The story ends satisfactorily and the CE bonus chapter is a further chapter added on. I cannot recommend it enough. If you can afford it, like collectibles and other bonus features, then get the CE. If they don't rock your boat then the SE is the ideal purchase.

Exciting Opening!
September 1, 2013

This has a great start with an exciting opening video that you interact with. I truly enjoyed it and wish more games were like that - and that more of this game was like it. After that it just became another decent game. The minigames were mostly very easy and the hogs fortunately offered mah jong alternative (which also gets boring after a while). Still, I think it was a very good game.

August 22, 2013

BASED ON COMPLETED GAME ON EXPERT LEVEL Ok, I admit it, when I first started this game and saw it was about people turning to fish due to a curse, I had my doubts......but boy was I wrong. This game is as good as everyone else says it is. The opening scene is so realistic, I thought I could feel the rocking of the ship. I became so engrossed in the story that my dog had to bring me his bowl to remind me it was dinner time. No kidding!!! Rather than write a book, I will make a list for you: What's Great: Graphics are crisp clear and gorgeous Many different and interesting scenes You really feel in danger and part of the chaos taking place You get to work with another character (sometimes physically helping him) Things happen to surprise you so you don't get bored with the story There are mini games within the HOS---way cool Jump map so you don't waste your time or sneakers The music is sooo good and creates so much tension during the action that your heart will speed up All of the puzzles give visual clues to their solutions if you're observant The game is fair, no dirty tricks You have to earn information about the story by collecting coins which makes you work hard to hear the next! The story is clearly explained so you're never confused as to what to do next or what is happening Clearly stated objectives Some games I've never seen before but all doable The heroine, you, is very that! The story ties up beautifully at the end leaving you feel satisfied What's a little "bad" A few English translation problems but they won't confuse you or affect your game play. I'm not crazy about fish-faced humans but hey, I'm being picky This is one game I would recommend you get right away. If you're like me, you'll wish it could go on and on......have fun!!!

August 16, 2013

Well our museum curator is in trouble again! A small village in the Caribbean has been under a Davy Jones curse and it's people have turned into fish like creatures. As the pirate era was nearing a close, a group of pirates turned in their pirating ways and took up fishing to earn an honest living. All was well until the booty ran dry and the fishermen became bored. Mayor Murray kidnapped a Siren Mermaid to use her powers at first for simple things such as having fish swim into the nets but greed engulfed him and made him evil. Now Kingsmouth villagers have turned into fish people and work for the Mayor as praetorians, but one of them have fallen in love with Calliope the Siren and has asked for your help in saving the mermaid and restoring the cursed citizens! Hard to believe they could top the first Nightmares, but this game is really good. I do however like the CE because of the morphs and tons of different collectables such as golden octopi. The HOS are a mixture of interactive list finds and progressive finds where you find an item that matches the shadow box silhouette and place that item into the scene such as a diamond is found and placed on a tiara which makes the statue open her mouth to expose clock hands which you in turn use the clock hands on the clock to reveal next item. The mini games are well done and some of them are a series of puzzles where you guide tokens along a path or paths until all tokens are in the correct spot to reveal a complete picture, and the next level opens up and token picture pieces need to be swapped until they are in correct place and a third puzzle appears and the picture pieces are pie shaped and switch with each other to form a complete picture. You will find fish tokens throughout the game and once again you will meet a strange dwarf that will tell you the legend of Davy Jones a little at a time as you place the tokens on the chest. Stunning visual cut scenes and nautical themed graphics wrapped up in a fantasy legend come true story, what's not to love? Enjoy!

Spectacular Maritime Adventure!
August 16, 2013

BASED ON CE GAME FIRST IMPRESSIONS The intro to this game is a blast. In very well done cut scenes, we sail across seemingly placid seas, then spy an island where all is clearly not right, watch helpless as an ancient sea monster churns the water around us, tossing our ship as if a toy and casting us... into our office in the museum! Well, at least we survived! Our introduction to the backstory and the outlines of this one is very well handled. It is a combination of cut scenes and simple gameplay to get us up to speed before launching into the game proper. One thing I love in games is cameo appearances of other games by the developer, and this one has a lot. SIGHTS & SOUNDS The graphics in this one are great ? apparently hand drawn, full brush strokes in oil. Colours are marvellous, but a lot of the scenes are dark. The animation, particularly of the characters, is brilliant. I really like the way the lead character?s ?fish curse? creeps up on him almost unnoticeably as we go along. The music, by comparison, is a disappointment, there is just nothing unique or interesting about it, and it gets repetitive very quickly. Voiceovers are very well done, and most of the time the lip sync is excellent. WHAT?S HAPPENING This game leads off from the end of the last one. We are a naval museum curator just returned from a battle with the sea-devil Davy Jones, making the most of the astonishing adventure. An unexpected encounter leads to a sore head, and our arrival on the unhappy shore of the island Kingsmouth. But the people of Kingsmouth are strangely alien, revealing blue veins and silver scales. Still, our mission is soon apparent: we must save the mermaid siren (and she?s not even a relative!), defeat the Mayor and lift Davy Jones? curse. MAKING PROGRESS This game seems more adventure (though easy) than HO or Puzzle game. There are a lot of tasks to perform, story to keep track of, and obstacles to surmount. The many puzzles have a bent towards the picto

The Best I've Played At The Big Fish - Review Of Completed Game
August 16, 2013

If you haven't played the first in this series Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart while this game does reference back to this, I think this game stands alone on its own quite well and not necessary. STORY: You once again take on the role of Sarah Black and must once again face off against the notorious Davy Jones but this time he has an evil accomplice Mayor Murray who you are trying to help to keep the siren, Calliope, from this evil mayor who is half human and half fish and also turning the townspeople of Kingsmouth into sea creatures. 8 CHAPTERS 3 PLAY MODES: I played the hardest mode which is Expert and this mode has black bar tips but no sparkles. Hint/Skip slower on charge up but didn't seem that long to me. Hint is directional outside of HOS. JOURNAL: Holds objectives (also pop up on screen) along with notes. MAP: Is transporter but doesn't show active locations on the map. I didn't use it at all. Just checked to see if it was transporter or not. Displayed just superb in widescreen for me. No tech issues. There is voice overs HOS: These are interactive and found by word list, objects listed at bottom where you find one, put back into scene that will lead you to finding another one along with silhouettes of items. There's also a "mini game" in some of these. It was stated in reviews that you could switch back/forth between doing this or playing Mahjong. My downloaded version of this game doesn't have Mahjong?? PUZZLES: The usual run of the mill but some with a new twist on them and there's quite a few. OVERALL IMPRESSION: I have played and completed the CE version. WOW! What a rush and intense game. Lots of drama/action going on here. There were a couple of scenes in this game that actually startled me and about made me jump out of the chair. By far the best I've played here at Big Fish. I loved the storyline. The cut scenes and graphics to me are just superb right along with the characters and voice overs. This

Think twice before eating those fishsticks....
August 16, 2013

they might contain praetorian flesh. ewwwww! Outstanding game! ~ Beautiful artwork and graphics. ~ Interesting storyline with interactive characters. ~ Excellent soundtrack and sound effects ~ Helpful objective messages - Map - Notebook ~ Relevant HOS and Puzzles If you enjoy the trial. Purchase the Collector's Edition for the complete experience and extras!

What a great adventure!! :)
August 16, 2013

Review of the completed game: Loved the first game of this series, as the story, the graphics and the gameplay were great and it had a perfect sense of black humor, this game is different: It?s more serious, but the settings are again welldone - very atmospheric, the characters very good animated! Facts: 3 modes to choose from (can be changed during the game), map showing available action and allowing you to jump, lockable inventory, direction giving hint, 8 chapters (3 hours in the 2nd mode, ending is conclusively), strategy-guide doesn?t follow your progress, detailed journal with objectives. Lots of hidden-object-scenes: Most of them slightly interactive from list, some with hidden fragments and a few ?find and use?: find one silhouette-object and put it back in the scene, until you get your final object for your inventory. Hidden-object-scenes can be switched into a Mahjong. Some really brandnew minigames!! Although not very challenging but great fun!! And here are the Extras ONLY available in the Collector?s Edition: 19 octopi, 18 morphing parrots and 7 secret seahorses to find and 30 achievements to earn! And of course wallpapers, cutscenes, concept-art, music and re-playable hidden-object-scenes and a 1 hour lasting bonus-chapter with an additional story. If you don?t care about all the extras, offered in the CE, this one?s for you!! :)

what a great game. exciting game to play. worth every dollar
August 16, 2013

Boy what a great game to play. The graphics are stunning, has voice over and the music is also good. This one is just as good as the first one. There is lots to do here. Lots of clicking to read and get clues on what to do next. The HOS are interactive and different and fun. Seems like more puzzles than HOS. The puzzles are good some you seen before. Some are more challenging than others but solvable. The hint button works great. Only shows you what to do and does not give anything away. Map shows areas not completed and will take you there.. I loved the other Nightmare and this one is just as good. Well put together game. One of the best games out there. The CE has lots of extras.

August 16, 2013

I loved this game the graphics are beautiful, the story line is fanciful, and the adventure is not just hidden objects.

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