• 10 photo assignments.
  • 15 unique locations.
  • Mini-games.
Min System request
  • OS : Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7/8
  • CPU : 600MHz or faster Processor
  • Memory : 128

Review for game Paparazzi

Get a glimpse into the bizarre world of tabloid newspapers as you travel the country on the trail of hot gossip and absurd news stories. Use your eyes and quick reflexes to capture photos of strange subjects and sell them to humorous tabloid newspapers for valuable cash. Join the Paparazzi!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

January 15, 2007

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Clever idea, but for the hidden objects
September 5, 2012

The premise is that you are a celebrity photographer (your second celebrity is Bigfoot), and there are very clever components to make you feel like a real photojournalist. One amusing mini-game has your celebrity pop in and out of a scene, while you try to capture him, her, or it (as in Bigfoot) in a photo, just like a real paparazzi. But the meat of the game, the HO scenes, are not so good. The objects can be very small, very hidden, and pretty difficult to identify because of the artwork style. This is just very sad, because the rest of the game was a winner...well except for the hints. I needed a lot of them, and they cost you money. And they get more and more expensive, up to $700 for just one hint before I gave up on the game. Designers: this could be redone into a 5-star game.

If You Have 20/20 Vision...
May 24, 2013

you will love this game. The premise is solid, a lot of the gameplay is truly fun (especially snapping shots of hiding stars), but wow, the hidden object part is EXCRUCIATING. I admit that I as a rule have stayed away from HOG in the past. However there are newer games that infuse more than just 100% HOG (and this is one of them) that I enjoy thoroughly. That being said, my eyesight is poor. I do wear corrective prescription eyeglasses, so this shouldn't be a problem. However, as someone else mentioned, the art style makes this game astonishingly difficult, and at times, seemingly impossible. Here are some examples: some cases, the places where the hidden objects are located are too dark altogether. 2. some of the hidden objects would -truly- be impossible to find...i.e., a very small item at the bottom of a small full glass of a colored beverage. 3. the hint mechanics are fundamentally flawed...paying increasingly higher fees for hints $700, then $800 etc. When you run out of money, you run out of hints. Period. 4. When I paid for hints, and they were pointed out to me, I snapped the camera, and got the shot. But afterwards, I still couldn't see what I "found" in more than a few cases, and that was unsettling. Other than that (and that's a big THAT), the game is hilarious, creative and fun. The developers have a wicked sense of humor. These celebrities you are chasing down, by their description are thinly-veiled. When you figure out who the real person is, some items in their room or yard are very funny. One last thing, I found the music especially annoying (and I usually don't), but of course, the fix was easy for that. If you have great eyesight, and are really, really good at HOG games, I do recommend this game. I too, wish the developers could tweak this game to make it playable for a wider audience.

Not quite...
June 28, 2012

Admittedly, I'm a fan of story-heavy games, so this game (which barely has any) started off with a couple strikes against it. However, I must say I grew fond of the whimsy plots and wacky characters. Ultimately, what makes the game lose my recommendation was that I experienced issues with the game controls, in a couple (crucial) instances.

One of the best Games Ever!!!
March 5, 2012

Really good game keep you interested and want to play more I played over and over they really need to come out with a part 2 .... Love it !!!

What a game....what a shame!
October 26, 2013

A fun HO with a twist. You as a paparazzi follow celebrities and take pictures. You are given three tasks per celebrity. The first one is finding items on a list. Each time you find an item you take a snapshot - think that was a cool concept. Next task is spot the difference and next task is to take six papparazzi shots of the celebrities on the go. The better the photo the higher you are paid. What a great funny game this is. Heaps of fun and great potential....BUT what a shame -some items are too difficult or impossible to find. Be warned you get charged $10 for clicking on the wrong item. And each time you use a hint it gets more expensive. A hint can cost anywhere from $300 to 800. No money, no hint. And you will use that hint button a lot or get stuck in the level. If the devs can improve on this game then they have a winner. Look forward to an improved paparazzi 2. Give this one a go - pretty sure you will find yourself smiling as you play. If you got perfect eyesight I recommend you buy.

August 23, 2013

This game is a lot of fun. A LOT!! Storyline is gripping, visual and sound quality very good, good challenges and fun factor awesome! If you want a game to relax and have fun, this is the one.

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