Patricia's Quest for Sun

  • Incredible gameplay
  • Amazing locations
  • Help Patricia find Sun!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 129

Review for game Patricia's Quest for Sun

Go on Patricia’s Quest for Sun! As one of the trusted maintainers of her homeworld, Patricia has been given the responsibility of finding Sun. Help her as she explores a foreign planet in the hopes of finding Sun. With the help of the Sense Maker and Patricia's purse of endless things the journey has just begun in this exciting Puzzle Adventure game!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

October 12, 2011

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3496 points

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A delightful game
March 25, 2013

I found this game very absorbing. The puzzles are all jigsaw-type with square pieces, swapping the pieces to get them in their right places. The artwork is exquisite and the pictures often have slightly muted colours, increasing the level of challenge (all to the good). The artistic style reminded me of some of the best children's book illustrators. Lovely! The music is somewhat otherworldly and quite pleasant. The story is rather rambling but written in a poetic style and this adds to the ethereal quality of the game. I also liked the create-your-own-puzzle option - a nice touch. All in all, a relaxing and enjoyable game.

A different type of puzzle game
January 7, 2012

I love jigsaw puzzles, so this game fit right into my list of favorites. It is refreshingly different and I hope the developers choose to create more like it. I've played thru the game then the extra levels, which are just a bit different than the originals, enough to keep it interesting. I highly recommend this for jigsaw puzzle lovers.

A Wonderful Game!
March 15, 2012

I have just finished playing this game and I loved it.:) It is a sweet and quiet story of Patricia in search of 'SUN' who had decided that it needed a little pictures and colors and the music were like the story itself, quiet and sweet.My only disappointment about the game was that there were no wallpapers. I hope that there will be another game about Patricia coming soon! With wallpapers.:D

Endearingly weird game
December 28, 2012

The basic gameplay is sort of like a jigsaw puzzle; imagine a picture that is cut into a grid of small squares, then those squares are jumbled around. You swap those squares around until you form the original picture. That's it. That's the only puzzle in this game. And yet... I couldn't stop playing! This was because of the gorgeous and unique artwork, and creative and bizarre story. I actually got a little emotional at the ending--that's never happened to me with a casual game before! Do check out the demo. While the art style and story really appealed to me, it probably doesn't to everyone. You can get a good feel for the game after playing one puzzle.

Fascinating Challenge
November 26, 2011

What an astounding game, beautiful pictures, colors and story. I did the hard puzzles,very challenging although like any puzzle the pieces match in interesting and unexpected ways. Although each puzzle is worked in the same way each furthers the journey and is well chosen to be unique. A true fun escape. I have read you either love or hate this game. I loved it and found it quirky and intelligently constructed.

Hope to meet Patricia again :-)
April 6, 2012

Normally I don't like puzzle games and don't purchase them. This one was proposed to me under "games you will love" from BFG. I downloaded it mainly for the intriguing title, and... wow! The storyline is very good and original, the drawings and music are astounding, and the overall atmosphere of the game is unique. I liked everything of this game, from its slow, relaxing pace, to the mix of nature and technology, to the characters, depicted with surprising detail. Above all, I loved the pacific, kind, and determined Patricia, who I hope to meet in the sequels of this game.

February 28, 2014


One of my favorite games EVER!
June 7, 2013

I just finished this beautiful game. It's a straight-ahead jigsaw game with swapped square pieces, but it's much more than that. The game is a succession of puzzles, each one a chapter from a book. The scenes and settings are ghostly and surreal. The story itself is pretty surreal as well. The artwork is absolutely beautiful and enticing - and odd. I had so much fun in the early parts of this game that I consciously slowed down so that completing the 20+ chapters took me nearly a month. The only reason I gave 4 stars to the Challenge level was that even in the easier mode, some of the puzzles were very hard, and took me a long time to solve. I wish there were more games as interesting and quirky as this. I haven't enjoyed a game this much since Tiny Bang Story.

Unique and mesmerizing
October 5, 2012

I love this game. The reviews were intriguing so I downloaded the trial and knew right away I had to buy it. I'm really tired of the same old dark and dreary HOGs, so this game was a welcome breath of fresh air! The story is enchanting as you follow Patricia on her journey, and the writing conveys the real sense of wonder and curiosity that Patricia feels as she's exploring. I don't usually pay much attention to the storylines of games because I prefer to just jump into the action, but this story was so different it really drew me in. Some people may be put off by lack of instructions, but it's pretty clear what you're supposed to do. The only real hint feature is a magic wand that you can use to place one tile correctly, but I used it only once just to see what it did. After you've been working with a picture for a while, little corners appear on the four corner pieces, so that's sort of a hint if you look for them. The artwork is stunning and looks like acrylic paintings. The music is haunting and lovely, and the puzzles are quite challenging. I'm playing in Normal mode right now, but after I finish the game I'm going to go back and play the Difficult mode to see what the difference is. If you like jigsaw puzzles, ethereal artwork, lovely music, and a charming storyline, and you appreciate the challenge of pieces that are all the same shape and size, then this is the game for you. It's a very, very welcome change from the standard fare that BigFish has been offering recently. Love BigFish, but I wish there were more diverse games. I love this game!

What a wonderful game...
July 31, 2013

I love puzzle games and this one is unique!. Although the draws of Patricia and the figures in the story are not the most beautiful, the puzzles are wonderful. I can hardly wait to buy another one like this. I hope the developers create more games following this line. Funny, beautiful, interesting, challenging... Loved! I keep it in my PC and had already played several times... and every time is a pleasure.

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