Phenomenon: City of Cyan

  • Master the minigames
  • Explore the deserted city
  • Uncover Monica's past!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/Win7/8
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 325

Review for game Phenomenon: City of Cyan

Help Monica uncover the secrets and tragedies of her childhood in Phenomenon: City of Cyan! 20 years ago a dangerous experiment destroyed most of Cyan City and turned many of the citizens into strange creatures. Explore the deserted city, overcome supernatural enemies, and find powerful allies on your quest to find out what happened to Monica's parents in this fantastic Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

March 26, 2012

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1452 points

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PuzzleMatch 3

A great game
March 25, 2012

Beautfiul graphics - the heroine is just stunning and the character in the faces of some of the people you meet is very realistic. The voice-overs are good and suit the game; the music is subtle. There is a map with a difference, a journal and a task button. The hint re-charges quickly and can be used throughout the game, not just in HO scenes. There is a skip option in the puzzles. The HO scenes are very good and the lovely surprise here is that there are different plays - usual items to find, actions to find an item and HOS within the HOS! And puzzles within the scene! The puzzles differ a little from a lot of the usual ones and there are some nice changes. The colours in some of the scenes are very bright and make you feel happy. A great effort by the developer and a game worth playing. A lot of fun.

Bring The Popcorn! This One Is A Winner!!
March 25, 2012

Phenomenon: City of Cyan will have you entertained for hours. Monica must save her parents from an arcane world of supernatural mysteries. She is aided by a wizened phantasm who has a very personal link to her. As you advance through the story, you will encounter: - dazzling and exquisite locations - brilliant and rich graphics - sound: mix of serene, resonant & intense add to the overall ambiance - HOs are clear & easy to find with a little twist - interactive puzzles with some new challenges Some real thought went into this game. A SE game with a CE experience. Well worth the SE price. .

March 25, 2012

This is so far a very good game. Not being a CE it offers a built in SG, map, journal and task button. How nice. Even some of Hogs have Hogs within. Interesting captivating storyline. Beautiful cutscenes that you can replay in the journal, although some of the " ghosts " phenomenons, gave me a few gray hairs after scaring the heck out of me unsuspected. Nothing a little hairdye can't fix. Although it seems a little grainy here and there, which makes looking for objects harder and a floating cursor that I had to change, I definetely recommend this one. It is fun with lots to do. Minigames are fun, some challenging , some not, although journal and what to do next, may give away some of your search. Enjoy

March 25, 2012

This month of March has been a disapointment to me. All games have put me to sleep, but... Well, this game got me hooked. The storyline is the usual "girl needs to save mother", the music is the usual "better switch it off", the graphics are good but not state of the art. Puzzles and minigames are not difficult, the hint button/instructions very helpful. So, why did I get hooked? Because all the trivial tasks are presented and treated in a total new manner. And I had to use the logical part of my brain to get through. So, though common, it is refreshingly different! Most of all, sincere congratulations to the developers for their imagination. This one is a definite buy for me.

March 25, 2012

This is the best game i've seen for a while. Good storyline, Monica is searching for her parents who disappeared twenty years ago during a dangerous experiment, which altered the citizens of the town. Two play modes, good graphics, music was okay, but the sound effects, particularly the water sounds were great. HO scenes were good, I liked the scenes within scenes and there was no penalty for excess clicking (I tried). The puzzles were great and very different, not the usual connect the pipes, etc. There was good instructions for the puzzles, but still challenging. I also like the included strategy guide for a SE game. The voice overs were good, the scenery is beautiful, the cut-scenes were good and intreresting, the game is excellent. I highly recommend this one. This game is a definite buy for me.

fantastic and different
March 25, 2012

From pretty much the moment i started this game i knew i loved it. The graphics are outstanding, and the voice overs actually sound realistic, not read off a script. The HO scenes are just right and often involve being pulled into a seperate HO to build something. There are more puzzles than in some, but they are different and so creative i didn't object to them. The hint button is useful when needed and there is also a list of tasks and a map so you cant get lost when you come back to the game. The only down side is that occasionally the cursor ran slow when moving round the screen . I would advise everyone to buy this game

Superb game
March 25, 2012

This game is beautiful, graphics are good and the game runs so smoothly with the cursor going exactly where you point it. Not only that but the hidden object scenes are different to the usual boring stuff we are used to getting. This game is definitely going in my top five of best games

This. Game. Is. Awesome. Period.
March 25, 2012

There is so much to say about this game that I am going to do a bullet point list. So, in no particular order: ? Access the Strategy Guide from menu, not in game. ? Voice overs are superb ? Two difficulty modes ? Task "button" - just have to mouse over it to see it ? Map shows "active" tasks and areas where you'll need to return later, but you can not use the map to jump around ? I almost always keep music levels at zero. With no music, you hear ocean sounds and waterfall sounds. Quite soothing. ? The very first mini puzzle reminded me of MCFs, but with instructions (and that did not necessarily make it an easy puzzle to conquer). ALL the mini puzzles so far are quite different. I have found none of the usual fanfare here. ? How could I forget to mention? Sci-Fi theme!!!!! Yay! ? The HOS are interactive, but you have HOS inside of the HOS and those are sort of kind of interactive with the main HOS. ? Speaking of HOS: No penalty for fast or random clicking. ? One last thing about the map: There's a little extra interactivity going on there, too. I'll let you find out on your own what it is. A great game at a regular price? I think a whole school of fishies are going to be very happy this weekend.

Thoroughly Fun Game Play!
April 3, 2012

Before I forget, things I liked: --Graphics - beautiful, crisp, and well defined. --Integrated Strategy Guide - kept up with game play, so no clumsy paging back and forth --Map - Interactive part of game; Some items gotten from map, showed active areas & areas to revisit later --Storyline was somewhat unique & who doesn't like the color Cyan? --Voice Overs - Very good --Mini-Games - Easy but fun and clever --HOS medium to easy but beautiful, and not too frequent From the beginning there is mystery about who to trust and who not to trust so the story draws the gamer in. That brings us to the not so good- --Ending extremely abrupt, just long enough to set up for a sequel and to leave the mystery of who were the good guys vs the bad guys. --music and sound effects ok; not memorable. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game and very much appreciate those touches of interactive map, strategy guide keeping pace with game play, the mini-games, and gorgeous graphics. Highly recommend.

Unbelievably Original & Beautiful
March 19, 2013

How Could I Have Forgotten This One? It makes every game we?ve been so excited about over the last year look staid and ordinary. City Of Cyan is different on so many fronts, it?s hard to encompass them all, but every HOs and every puzzle is by far more inventive and unique than we?ve seen anywhere else. Obviously, no competing developers have played this game or we?d have seen this sort of thing elsewhere by now. Two examples from early in the game: ? The list HOs have hot spots that trigger mini-HOs that are related to a past memory and ask for, say, ?10 toys that match these pictures?. I?d LOVE to see this feature in a time travel game. ? A jigsaw style puzzle that is unlike anything I?ve seen, with pieces within pieces. The graphics are really special too, even taking in the year?s worth of improvements. The inhabitants? Spirits? Survivors? are depicted beautifully and cleverly. There is a very high level of voiceover content, and again, there?s quality here as well as quantity. There is something shining and new at every turn. You get the idea. The story is not entirely unfamiliar. We are called back to the town of our youth, where our parents ?died?, only to discover maybe they didn?t die after all. There?s magic and dubious science involved, and more questions than answers. The end came abruptly, leaving me a little unsure how to interpret it, but I?ve learned to live with that. Bottom line? If you don?t already own this game, put it on your must have list ? you won?t be disappointed.

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