• Refurbish valuable antiques
  • Turn a tidy profit
  • Go on a treasure hunt
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/Win7/8
  • CPU : 2.5 GHz
  • Memory : 128
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 621

Review for game Pickers

Go on the ultimate treasure hunt in Pickers! Find unusual and valuable items to fill your shop, Rusted Gold. Turn a quick profit or refurbish your finds to earn big money at auction. Collect and appraise valuable items and haggle with buyers in this unique Hidden Object game! Test your antique hunting talents and help Rusted Gold become incredibly successful in Pickers!

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Genre : Hidden Object

Spot hidden objects and solve puzzles and mysteries in lush, eye-catching scenes.

Date release

December 14, 2011

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845 points

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Addictive, original, and fun!
December 15, 2011

Pro's: You can pick up ANY item on the screen and haggle with the owner on the price, then turn around and resell it in your store OR take a gamble and take it to auction. The graphics are pretty good, and the various locations give you plenty to have to remember (where did I see that diving helmet now that the "hot items" are maritime items?) Con's: I totally ignored my kid the first night I played this. Also, I found that I made more money just looking for items that I thought were a steal, rather than focusing on the hot items. I also found that I made more money at auction, so I rarely sold items in my store. It was extremely satisfying to find a hidden treasure that you thought was worth something, and take it to auction, and make a 400% profit on it (jackpot sale). If you liked American Roadshow, I think you will enjoy this game even more!

Aunction and hidden objects make nice package
December 13, 2011

very good game, quite hard to understand at the beginning when you are from french language, but cool at end.

Better than regular hidden object gam
December 13, 2011

This game was alot of fun. I thought that when it would go into having to sell items that it would be a bore. But thankfully it keeps peaking my interests to keep going. Alot of fun

December 14, 2011

Definitely a fun game,very different then whats been out there lately.

Fun & competitive
December 13, 2011

I played the download free 1 hr version and found it to be fun and competitive, that is if you use the regular mode and not the zen mode.

Great game, and I don't like hidden object games
December 13, 2011

I really liked this game, and I was playing on zen level with no competitors. (I don't like to compete with other players, but the game also has that aspect, if you want it.) I'd describe this as a combination of a tycoon/business game and hidden objects, both really well done. After you find the objects in the category that is hot that day, you have to haggle to buy the items and then decide how much to sell them for. I would definitely recommend giving this game a try and see if you like it. It's one of the most interesting new games I have seen lately.

December 14, 2011

When I saw this game as a TGT it was one that was 'immediately' try it!...I watch the tv show 'pickers' and have been a 'low key collector' of 'collectionables' for many decades...my budget does not allow my 'want list'...but back to the game...finished the demo and will purchase... first the graphics are great...the junkpile status could use a little 'cleaning up' because some scenes are a 'wee' bit fuzzy on edges...a challenge to decided to 'buy, sell, auction' or just look 'purrtee' in your shop, u decide...no voice overs just script that is read on your own time it takes to read...the 'shop keepers' across the many areas are 'cream of the crop' in characters you just got to either 'luv, hate or giggle'...d/l went smooth and no other 'glitches'...so what can I say but off to purchase...do I sound excited, well yes! ********* gets a five star ******* Is not 'shopping' a good thing?...thx to dev's and bfg this one make you either happy you got the 'pick of the day' or if way to serious can be flustrating that the 'pick got away'...but its a game! TRY IT!

Really good hidden object game
December 14, 2011

Enjoyed playing this game would recommend as it has many challenges, it is also re playable.

This game is what you make of it
January 12, 2012

As of this review, this is my favorite game. :) What I love is that this is not just another standard hidden object game. Being a fan of "American Pickers", the tv show (which I don't believe is connected to the game), I have a soft spot for a game of this theme. However - despite the fuzzy graphics of some zoomed in areas, this game exceeds my expectations of it simply because it's open ended. You get a theme and must go out to locations around the country and "pick" items to match that theme. There are small scenes that are traditional HOG style, but you don't have to pick them if you don't wish to. It's all up to you! What you pick, how much you pay, how much you sell it for. The auction is cute and makes others in the room laugh when I play it for the sound.

Very Addicting!
December 19, 2011

Love this game! Already well into my second go round with this because I didn't want it to end. To me, a very different game. Once I figured out what I had to do, it became very addicting. There are several levels to play, even a relaxed mode. I found it challenging when it came to combining to items to make a set and scouring around for the second item. I started to write down where I saw things that may be part of a set, because there's so much stuff, it's hard to remember. Loved restoring things, haggling, turning people down and picking and choosing what I wanted to sell and what I didn't. I will probably play this again at some point after I finish this second go round. Each time, they give you differnt goals so it's never the same game twice. Wish there were more games like this one!

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