Pocahontas: Princess of the Powhatan

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  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 800 Mhz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 71

Review for game Pocahontas: Princess of the Powhatan

Follow Pocahontas` incredible journey from the undiscovered shores of the New World to the bustling metropolis of London! Meet Captain John Smith as he first lands in Virginia, and follow his romantic relationship with Pocahontas: Princess of the Powhatan. Sail across the ocean to a mysterious and different land. Explore countless Hidden Object locations as you lead Pocahontas to her destiny!

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Genre : Puzzle

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Date release

May 2, 2009

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1939 points

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An OK game
May 18, 2012

The visuals are not great .... neither is the spelling. E.g., "loose" instead of "lose" and "prey" instead of "pray." Not one of the best hidden object games I've played, but OK.

Beginner Pocahontas
May 15, 2012

Very poor graphics, items difficult to locate as screen is too dark with no vibrant or distinctive colors. Story lines are equal to second grade reader, they do not flow well. Not much to like in this game.

Fun and a living historical hidden object game
January 23, 2013

Not only is this hidden object game fun, it isn't full of horror pictures and objects. My daughter loves this game as well as I do, and neither of us wants to see all the horror, and thanks to this game, we won't. It also has some historical facts in it as well as objects from the time period. This game is not extremely challenging, but also not easy. Just right, I would say, and there's a hint button if you need it. I'd say a Beginner would be good at this as well as an Expert. If a begginer gets stuck, all they need do is click on the hint. Kick back for a while and enjoy it. I'm looking forward to an iPad version.

HO game with no flavor
May 15, 2012

I played the demo, I have to say there was no challenge what so ever. The HO scenes are a bit crowded and the objects are small usually but no challenge just getting my face real close to the monitor in attempt to locate those sneaky hidden objects, I found myself clicking randomly when frustrated. If you click to many times to fast and don't hit your target you get red light flashing, one step before the game self destruct I guess? Mini games are very easy and not brain stimulating. Audio was OK, dialogs were cheaply made nothing interesting, I skipped them by clicking frantically. If given for free I might play the rest, but not worth purchasing.

Lots of Hidden Objects but....
February 18, 2012

i tried the trial for about 15 minutes and did not listen to dialog. Too much of it and you can't skip this. You go to a scene and find hidden objects which are well hidden - good job here. But then it takes you to dialog between members - i don't listen and prefer to skip this part of all games. Then you get to go to another scene and find hidden objects. so far that's all it does. Find objects then dialog, find objects then dialog.... -- What else the game has, i do not know because I want more and expect more than just finding hidden objects and a lot of dialog.

Nothing but hidden objects
May 15, 2012

Boring game. Nothing but hidden objects. Objects are sometimes very obscure/vague. Use your imagination.

May 15, 2012

I thought this game was kinda fun.....I loved the many HOS.....I hate to keep mentioning this, people, but these ARE Hidden Object Games......Don't know why you keep complaining about too many HO scenes.....This is why I started playing this type of game, for the hidden objects.....This game gives you historical facts & it's fun to find out the many different things of the story.....Sure, it's not up to date but it's still a good game......I give it a big thumbs up & I would recommend this game....

March 10, 2012

Not too bad of a game. Very relaxing to play.

Would have bought as a DD, but...
May 15, 2012

Some of the HOs were TINY/BLENDED/DARK, so this is a no buy for me, even for the DD. Overall just an okay, easy HOP game. Not really much challenge, and the storyline, graphics, and music were, again, just okay. Good for a child or beginner.

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