Princess Isabella: The Rise of an Heir

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  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 1.8 GHz
  • Memory : 768
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 712

Review for game Princess Isabella: The Rise of an Heir

After nearly defeating the Witch, Princess Isabella was turned to stone and her child rescued by her trusted friends Fairy and Dragon. Raised alone, with no idea of her lineage, young Princess Bella must rise and take back her kingdom. Join us for the exciting conclusion to the Princess Isabella trilogy. The Heir will rise!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

June 17, 2013

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1048 points

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A charmer
July 19, 2013

The level of challenge is not that great, but you are having such a wonderful time that you do not care. A good motto for developers should be "it is the journey, not the destination" and this journey is a delifhtful one, with very nice graphcis (and nicer when the evil is removed) and nice characters (those big eyed mandrakes). The challenges are enough to keep the flow moving. The jigsaw reconstruction are made more challenging in that the pieces keep moving until locked into place. Nice change from dark and gloomy demonic pieces. Let's hope this developer's next series learns its lessons from here.

As a Standard-Edition: a high recommendable Fairy-Tale!! :)
June 16, 2013

Review of the completed game: There are no mentionable Extras in the Collector?s Edition of this game, such as collectables or achievements and this game has a happy ending after 3 hours. The bonus-chapter of the CE is an additonal story? This one?s for the Fairy-Tale addicted?. The Witch has finally revealed herself and has kidnapped your mother plus your 3 Fairy Godmothers! What a mess? But on your mission to defeat the Witch, you are accompanied again by your Fairy friend (hint) and your dragon, who is able to move heavy objects. Right from the beginning you are equipped with the Dragon?s Flute - is used to call your dragon friend to help you out. And with a Magic Wand - is used to summon animals to aid you and to break things. More abilities are added through out the game?. In addition, every Fairy Godmother will award you with their special ability, as there are the power of Grow, Wind and Rejuvenate. Facts: wonderful drawn graphics!! 3 modes to choose from, 7 chapters, direction giving hint, a helpful journal, no map. In this game we have 18 minigames, some new and not too hard to solve! And there are 16 hidden object scenes (list), all just played once!! Yes, an enchanting game!! :)

Awesome Game
June 20, 2013

I loved this game,the graphics was beautiful and the sounds went with the story line..Great Game Thx DEV's keep up the awesome work..thx BF for this awesome game...

Better than the other Princess Isabena
June 16, 2013

I have played all the isabella games and this one is the best one, just still not great. You can chose how you want to play the game with a custom mode. Cool. The music is good and the graphic are good. Has voice over but still have lots of reading to do. You get a dragon to help you and a flute. Some running around to do but has a good flow. The HOS are easy and so are the puzzles. Seen some of the puzzles before. The game is good just not great.

Brilliant! Loved The Demo!
June 17, 2013

I?ve never liked this series before, and it?s no secret that I don?t like Gogii, but this game is absolutely amazing! From beginning to end, I was hooked. I will definitely buy this one. Yeah, the story is not the best, but it grips you and doesn?t let go. The story is a classic fairytale setting, with evil witches, magic and princesses, and has been done many times before, but this game, for some reason, did it better than any of the others. I really have to know how this one ends! Throughout the game, you free your godmothers from their curse by collecting portrait pieces. This game must have been made just for me, as I love this type of game! Only trouble is, the portrait pieces seem to be collected too quickly. The HOS were all right. They were mostly easy and I breezed through them. I hardly had to use the hint, with the most being twice a HOS. I did use it at least once in each though. The puzzles, again, were fairly easy. I was able to play and complete most of them, with just the one requiring me to skip. I love when developers take gamers like me who aren?t the best at puzzles in to consideration! The graphics were standard for this time. They were clear, nothing was hazy. The artwork was well-done (far better than I could do), so I can?t complain. The voice-overs were good too, but I have one complaint. The fairy, who you meet at the beginning of the game, talked way too fast. Lucky there were subtitles, or I wouldn?t have been able to understand what she was saying. This is becoming an increasing trend in games- the game has a ?custom? difficulty setting where players can alter the hint and skip recharge rates to their liking. I loved this as it let gamers play the game at their own pace. FEATURES - Hint and Skip- able to customize the speed to your liking. - Diary to keep track of events. The diary is not referred to a lot in the game. - No map, which was disappointing. From experience, this indicates a short game. - Magic wand-

buy all three
September 9, 2013

Lovely series. Interesting, beautiful and offers various different games to keep it interesting.

Excellent Game!
October 28, 2013

Loved this game. Beautiful graphics, story line, and mini games. Also loved that you can change the time for the skip button to immediate!

Fun & Beautiful. What A Treat!
June 16, 2013

BASED ON ONE HOUR DEMO I think most of us will have to admit to being a sucker for CUTE, (judging by the popularity of cute companions), so even though this game is just a little TOO SWEET, and just a little JUVENILE, it is still a very appealing game for grownups with soft hearts. There is an abundance of CUDDLY CREATURES to rescue, feed and get help from in this delightful FANTASY. All are depicted using BEAUTIFUL HIGH QUALITY GRAPHICS that make it a pleasure just to get around. Having acknowledged that this is a game for ?big kids with big hearts?, do not assume it is a simple one. The GAMEPLAY is quite STRAIGHTFORWARD, jumping from PUZZLE to HOS with little ?hunting and pecking? required. It is made COMPLEX, by the many magic abilities you have and your companions with other abilities, all of which are utilised by a different procedure (e.g. dragon?s flute calls the dragon, magic wand performs certain spells), so that it is quite an INVOLVED PROCESS, dealing with each new obstacle. While neither the PUZZLES nor the HO SCENES themselves present any serious difficulty, this extra layer to the ADVENTURE element keeps you busy. Some HO SCENES were quite unusual, requiring you to pick out all the (symbols of) EVIL in a scene. Interesting and fun. The STORY is a sequel to the previous ?Princess Isabella? games, but, while it is obvious that there is BACKSTORY, I did not feel confused by not having played those previous games. You are the famous and brave Princess Isabella?s daughter and it is now up to you to take up where your mother was forced to leave off, and in the process rescue your fairy godmothers, and perhaps your mother herself. One thing I really loved in this game was the way that, once the ?evil? in a room had been dispersed, the entire room was transformed into a beautiful serene version of itself. One thing I really hated was the way the CUTSCENES showed up on my monitor as one third the size, so that I had black strips (normally on either side) above and below.

June 16, 2013

Life really sucks when an evil witch lives in your neighborhood! First she destroys your beautiful castle, then your wedding, turns you into stone, and now she is after your only child! Well young Bella has fairy godmothers to save and some magical powers up her sleeve as well. You will need the help of the dragon to lift heavy objects, you simply play the flute and he swoops down to help. The fairy will help you assemble a wand which you will use to break things at first and you will acquire different skills to use in the game. There are a lot of HOS, fairly easy mini games and a custom mode for difficulty. You will help all the forest friends along the way and some will help you when the time comes. Just as in the other Princess games you will come across areas that have been cursed by the witch, dark and evil. You need to remove all the evil creatures hidden in the scene such as goblins snakes and bats and once they are removed the room or scene will transform back into the beautiful bright area it once was. A wonderful fairy tale/magical SE to play, cute and whimsical and relaxing but not necessarily easy. Enjoy!

I love it
July 25, 2013

Eeeeeeeeeeeeek i have waited for this for so long

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