PuppetShow: Destiny Undone Collector's Edition

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Review for game PuppetShow: Destiny Undone Collector's Edition

In the calm and peaceful town of Joyville the evil revisits the same family – Master and Felicia’s. Little Felicia should now live happily, but she needs help again. Her father, Master of Puppets, has gone missing and Cricks is there too! Cricks is in town for revenge! Felicia begs to help save her father from the death of his old friend but is it possible to change destiny? What has to be done will be done and you will believe in miracles! This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card! The Collector’s Edition includes:

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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March 29, 2013

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PuzzleMatch 3

ERS, Puppet show, there all good
March 28, 2013

This one is pretty much like the others. Not sure if it is 5 star because it is quite easy. The graphics are good and the music is good to listen to during the game. Has a hint button if you need it. Has a map also. The flow of the game is pretty straight forward and easy to keep up with. Not a hard game and the puzzles are not that hard. There is not that much running around to find clues. When you find them you can use them pretty quick. You should not need the hint button much.

March 28, 2013

ERS quality, beautiful artwork and a fun if familiar game. Nothing really new, but if you loved the other PuppetShow games, you will love this one. If not, you may not be five-star enthusiastic.

I Love a good Sequel
March 28, 2013

I own the other four PuppetShow games if that gives you a hint about how this review will go. They are not the most difficult games to play but they are fun to the nth degree. The story unfolds quite nicely as you go along. There is a strange little "evil puppet head" running around making your life miserable. You get a little helper yourself for the hard to reach items. The hidden object games are just a bit tricky, you will see what I mean when you play. Most everything will complete while you are in that particular area, (which I like) so there is not a whole lot of back and forth. You do have a map to help you jump back when necessary. The help button is good in this game. I just like the way these games play. The music is OK if you like the sound playing (which I don't) and the voices are easy to understand but too old for the little children when they speak. Those are minor details as far as I am concerned, the play of the game and the little tricky details/mini-games are what I have fun doing. I will certainly add this to my collections when it comes out in SE. I just don't buy CE's but the CE has a lot of extras in it if that is your thing. Have fun and enjoy, I will.

If I lived in Joyville I'd change it's name to Depressionville!
March 28, 2013

Constant joy isn't much fun to play. You need bad guys to fight and destroy. This Puppetshow has them. I saw one small error in the opening video. The Master was paging through a book backwards. Back to front. OK, I know, if that's the only error than this will be a 'perfect' game. I sure hope not. I'm looking forward to the next one and the one after that. So, I'm going back to Joyville and try to figure out what is going on. See ya in a few days...... Oh, SG is good, so are the hints. A tiny bit more instruction for some mini games would be nice, but, the SG is the place to look.

Meet the mad puppets again? Yes, a definite buy for me!!!! :)
March 28, 2013

Find out which game Felicia plays this time?. You won?t stop playing, as you really want to know, what will happen next! Meanwhile the 5th game of this series and ERS are still improving!! Wellknown ERS-graphics, clear and detailed. And I love those creepy crawling insane Puppets. This time, we even get our own helper puppet!! 3 modes to choose from. Direction giving hint. Detailed journal and an interactive map, allowing us to jump from location to location. It?s possible to lock the inventory, so it won?t disappear every time? Lots of interesting minigames/ puzzles (not too hard) and hidden object scenes (slightly interactive and played more than once). Minigames and HOS are replayable in the CE-extras. In addition to the usual bonus extras, such as wallpaper, concept-art, screensaver? we have a collection of calendars. And: we can find 10 puppets for our Puppet-Collection. Yes, I am so excited!!!! Highly recommended!!!!

Nasty spider puppet is back !!!
March 28, 2013

Played the whole demo, casual - ? modes, casual, hard, advanced - Voice overs - Integrated SG which only shows 2 chapters - Notebook - Interactive map - Shortly after playing you get a puppet helper that will help you to reach difficult places. You give it the name of your choice :P - You find and build different hats for your puppet throughout the game - You'll find 10 puppets throughout the game to fill your puppet theater - H0, very interesting, you interact in the regular ones, then you have to find by silhouettes and the items you find are used to carry on with the H0, very good - Good mini games, some new - Beautiful graphics - Music, nothing new from the other Puppet Show games Felicia's father kidnapped again... is the story starting all over again ?? Nasty little spider puppet is back. Up to you to solve the mystery.... This is a buy for me :P

March 28, 2013

I have to tell you that when the first cutscene played, my cat was sitting on my lap watching the computer and when the dark shadow passed by the window he jumped a little and then the creepy spider boy crawled up the dark figures back and my cat took off! This is obviously part of the series of PuppetShow but it isn't necessary to have played the others to play this game, although they are all really good games. The Puppet Master has been kidnapped again and as the lead detective you must scour the town of Joyville for clues and find out who is behind this mayham. You can choose to play in casual, advanced or hard mode. There aren't a lot of HOS but they are slightly interactive such as click on the lamp to turn it on and you will see a star on the lampshade. There are a lot of mini games and they are fairly simple, my favorite one was train tracks of 4 different colors with matching color trains that you had to click levers to switch the trains to their matching colored tracks without crashing the trains. You have a map to travel but it has limited information, simply checks off areas completed no task list. The hint system shows you where to go or helps to find HO but it does take a few seconds to recharge. Shortly after starting the game you will discover a mechanical spider boy that the Master has created that you get to name and later make hats for that will help you during your search, but personally I'm not into dressing up characters in a plot that should be scary. There are also 10 puppets to collect but they aren't hidden, they are in places you look for inventory anyway, and I would much rather they were hidden or blended into each scene. The graphics are well done, and they did a nice job matching the characters lips with the words but the kids voices are adult voices trying to sound like kids. The well known music from Tim Burtons movie does get a little loud a repetitive but it does set the mood. A well done game.

The Long Wait is Over - It's Finally Here!
March 28, 2013

It?s here at last ? Puppet Show Destiny Undone, and IMO it was worth the wait! Unlike some who may think this series should have long ago reached its end, I think the story just keeps getting more interesting. We can always count on the great artistic talents of the bunny team to give us excellent graphics that always have their special touch. If I had any complaints about the game (yes, there are a few) among them are the voices of Felicia and the boy. While Felicia's voice is grating and annoying, the boy?s voice sounds way too old for his character. My other complaint is the tool fan. I wish that would go away forever. I much prefer the tool box/inventory to be located at the bottom of the screen. Now that I have my negatives out of the way, on to the good stuff that makes this game five-star. Some may think the puzzles in the game easy and many are, but I have stumbled across some that are quite challenging. The HOS are good with items that are fairly easy to find. We have asked many times for the inclusion of an interactive map and we have one in this game. We also have many extras that add up to make this a CE worthy game. One of my favorite things in the game is my puppet helper ? a bit different than the furry little friends we have in some games but I think he is cute. I have read the comments where some think that Puppet Show Destiny Undone is the same old thing - find this, use it here but in reality all of the HO games we play, no matter who the devs might be, are the same, which is the basic premise of the HOPA genre. So let's give the bunny team a break guys! Admittedly, ERS is one of my absolutely favorite game developers and I am thrilled to see this addition to the Puppet Show series. You should try the demo and at least give this game a fair trial before making up your own mind. For me, it was an instant buy and I love it.

The Puppet Show is back! Better than ever!
March 28, 2013

I'm a fan of ERS game studios games, but their Puppet Show series is the best. So I've been waiting for this game. And it's great. I didn't play a demo and buyed it in the moment of it's release. The storyline is good again. I thought it's not easy to continue it, after Felicia got bautiful again, but they found a very good way to continue the series. Again the creepy spider puppets are there. And new puppets in Joyville. The're great! The music is the best in all game series. There are old classic Puppet Show tracks mixed with new ones. A great mix. My ears enjoyed it. The sounds are good too. The game is not very difficould, but there are some challenging puzzles in the game. So for me it's absolutly perfect. But the best thing is, that Ers brought new things into the Puppet Show. You have a little puppet friend, that you can give a name and make hats for him. Some of them made me laugh really loud. There is a map. There are many Extras in the CE version. So for me this game is just perfect. I just can't wait for the next masterpiece in the series! The devs have done a great job again. I think if you liked the first Puppet Show games, that this is a definite buy for you!

Trix Is Back In Town!
March 28, 2013

At last, the adventure continues and Trix is back to his old tricks again. I forgot how much that nasty puppet head gave me the willies. This series is a favorite of mine and this latest installment picks up where we left off. Poor Felicia needs our help once again. Her father, the famous Puppet Master has disappeared and we agree to help Felicia find him. Trix is back to hinder our investigation but this time we have our own little mechanical puppet head who helps us out. Unfortunately, he too gives me the creeps, no matter how cute his head looks. Regardless of that, I have named his Max and he helps me with those far away items. Once again our famous developers with the bunny logo brings us an execellent HOPA with their trademark graphics, familiar music and possibly the same actors doing the voice-overs. Love them or tolerate them, they continue with the same visuals and I actualy am getting quite fond of them. I still think the first puppetshow games were a little more exciting, but nevertheless, this one does offer some cool extras. Game features three play modes and hardcore player will enjoy disabling the black bar tips to make the game more challenging. You can also change your level of difficulty during the game. You have a journal with clues, stories and characters. You have an interactive map that will allow you to travel and you have the puppet head helper who retrieves those far away objects. As always, a standard HOPA that offers adventure, lots of interactive hidden object scenes and m,ni-games that vary in difficulty. Not very challenging gameplay but entertaining as you ponder on. There are collectables whereby you need to locate 10 dolls and then there are the hats that you pick up along the way, fix them up and place on the head of your little helper which makes him look even more creepier. I enjoyed the demo and although I am unsure about the length of the game, I will defintely be including this latest game to my collection. As always, these developers do make

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