Ravensburger Puzzle Selection

  • Amazing achievements
  • Incredible artwork
  • Solve a Ravensburger Puzzle!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
  • CPU : 800 Mhz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 333

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Solve a Ravensburger Puzzle in this amazing Puzzle game! Choose from tons of beautiful puzzle pictures featuring famous landmarks, landscapes, and artworks! A multitude of challenging game modes, unlockable achievements, and an intuitive help system make puzzling even more enjoyable. Play alone or with family and friends! It’s puzzling fun for everyone, from beginner to advanced puzzle enthusiast.


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Genre : Jigsaw

All the fun of a classic jigsaw puzzle with no missing pieces.

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Ravensburger Puzzle Selection
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Solve a Ravensburger Puzzle in this amazing Puzzle game! Choose from tons of beautiful puzzle pictures today!

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Ravensburger Puzzle Selection game play Ravensburger Puzzle Selection game play

A Definite Favorite

Great detail and pics. Lots of puzzles to choose from, some even animated which is an interesting touch. Some complaints about having to search for pieces? Really? You do know the mouse scroll wheel zooms in and out, right? Once I figured that out, and the "lasso" function, no problems with scattered pieces here. One thing I would have liked is an auto-arrange type function. That and a way to hide/unhide the non-edge pieces. I don't think I've ever used those sorting boxes, little too awkward. I've had this for almost a year now and I still play the puzzles on a regular basis. Just love the classic jigsaw shapes, which are very well done and defined. Thankfully none of those silly abstract piece shapes that so many other puzzle games do. Highly recommend.


Superb! Beautiful illustrations, varied and divided by theme. Starts very easy, with few pieces, but you unlock new levels as assemble the puzzle. Some puzzels can only be unlocked after playing in campaign mode (also has free mode, but some are locked). Has some options to modify, for example, the background color and even the music!! Very innovative !!

Better than expected

If you like "real" jigsaws, chances are big you will love this. And you dont need to worry about pieces getting lost along the way. The game is split in two. First there's challenge and there is the free mode. Challenge let you start on easier puzzles and make them harder as you progress. Free play explains itself :) You got many different puzzles in several categories in several sizes. There's also many awards to win, which I like. On pluss side you have 5-6 sorting boxes, where you can place the pieses according to color/ pattern or whatever you prefer. You can click a button and all the frame pieces will be put in a box too. Also a few other opportunities. Bad side: The game tend to lag a little. Especially on the bigger puzzles when you just are adding the piece to the puzzle. The animation on some of the puzzles also lag a little, or the switching between the songs. Right after I bought it the game totally bugged on me, so I ended up having to re-install it, loosing all that I had done till then. Nothing more happened afterwards tho. If I could put a finger on 2 things I'd like to change, it would be the music. All 5 tunes are kinda annoying and boring. I would also have loved to choose the shapes of the pieces. All in all, I really do like this game, and see myself playing it from time to time, even a year from now:)

Fabulous Jigsaw Puzzels

I love Ravensburger Puzzels. This is my favorite out of all my Big Fish Game downloads. I hope to see a Ravensburger II that I can buy soon. What great fun! I love being in control of how many pieces for each puzzel I do. I highly recommend this puzzle to all ages. It's great to be able to save a puzzle and work on it later. The size control is great, too.

Fun 4 Puzzle People

I'm a jigsaw addict who played free and challenge mode before reviewing or buying. Also have extensive experience doing computer jigsaw as well. Ravensburger maintained their great reputation with this realistic game. It has elements like "all edges in a box" which lets you organize inside pieces first then return all edges in a pile anywhere on the board. Challenge moves along briskly. In free mode you get to choose the image and number of pieces to work with. I recommend this game and bought it!

Great for the Jigsaw Addict Living in a Small Space!

I'm really enjoying these puzzles; it's almost as fun as putting together a real one. I really like the 'campaign' mode that starts you off with really easy puzzles and gradually increases the difficulty. The option to immediately sort the edge pieces is great. There are some annoyances, the biggest being that if you don't pick up a piece correctly, you'll move the background instead. I also wish that I could manipulate pieces within their sorting containers. This game is going to take forever to get through so it's really good value.

Great Jigsaw Puzzle Game

I really love this game, beautiful puzzles! I started in campaign first, if you do this it will unlock more puzzles in the free mode. In the free mode you can choose different ways to complete the puzzles. The best computer jigsaw game I have played. I recommend this game!

Quality puzzle selection

I've played Ravensburger board puzzles for a number of years. This is the first PC jigsaw I have ever tried and it is fantastic. The 2 modes are windowed and full screen. You can use an on screen tray to capture all the edge pieces and when you have placed them all, the orange screen removes the tray. How good is that! The question mark in the lower left hand corner gives the function of the various buttons. You just need a light touch to move pieces without moving the board. A large number of easy to difficult puzzles for everyone.

Terrific Jigsaw puzzles

I bought this game not sure how it would work on a computer, as opposed to working on the floor and ending up with an aching back. I completed the campaign mode first, which started with fairly simple puzzles, which of course got progressively more challenging. There are beginner, advanced and expert achievements to work towards. I'm now in the free mode and can pick the number of pieces of the puzzle I'm working on e.g. 20, 50, 100, 150 or 200. There's an enormous range of puzzles to choose from, some locked at this early stage of play. You can select animal, landscapes, fantasy, romance and many more categories. This game is well worth the money and slightly different from our usual games. Hope there's more to come. Give it a go!

Very Clear and Concise Pieces/Edges

I like this game because the edges fit, and you can see that they fit. Some puzzle games are not as clear and it is hard to tell if they go together! The puzzle pictures/arwork are really good, very clear. I also like that you can modify the puzzles. This is a plus. The gaming area is larger than my screen, so when working the first puzzle, I wasn't sure of where 2 of my pieces were, so clicking and dragging the screen showed them off to the side. Not a big deal. I usually start putting pieces together and then drag to find the rest of the pieces. I love the art work and the way the pieces fit. The music is a bonus, since most don't have any. Great jigsaw puzzle game.

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