Reality Show: Fatal Shot

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Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 1.4 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 420

Review for game Reality Show: Fatal Shot

Uncover the truth behind a shocking on-air murder in Reality Show: Fatal Shot! Everyone knows that breaking into showbiz can be tough. But for participants on Fright Reality Show, it can be murder. After a man is killed on the set of the hit series, the victim's wife arrives at your office, begging for justice. Follow the clues, from the city streets to the top floors of the station's headquarters to uncover the truth behind this shocking crime. But be careful! Things are rarely what they seem on TV...

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

January 19, 2013

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1598 points

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Adventure: a risky or unexpected undertaking...
January 18, 2013 just what this game turned out to be. You are a detective in an inner-city setting,seemingly hired by the widow of a personality on a reality show, who has recently died under mysterious circumstances. There were some very unique elements to this game. Sam, the homeless man, is your friendly neighborhood helper. You are given a UV light to use on red balloon markings to get clues and an alley cat pops up every so often to undercover things for you. There is a Goals button. The Hint button is a camera that takes a picture to help you on your way. The characters' faces and movements are extraordinarily real. I was very impressed with the variety of different things that you need to interact with during the game. The stage props and clown elements gave things an interesting twist. My only disappointment was the lack of HOS and map. This is an extremely well-done Adventure/Puzzle game that is worth every penny of the purchase price.

Awesome Little Game
January 19, 2014

I just finished the game and LOVED IT!!!! It was very well done. The characters and voice overs were super. I loved the hobo! There are NO hidden objects, but plenty of objects to find. Plenty of mini games that are very challenging. I would have liked to have had more info on how to play the mini games...had to skip many of them; but that was OK. The game was shorter than others I have played; but, I found that to be just fine. Sometimes a game can get tiring if it is too long. I really, really like it!

Creepy clown murderer!
January 18, 2013

This game was just okay for me. There are no HO scenes, only items to find and use along the way, most of which are used almost immediatly.The puzzles are extremly easy such as swapping tiles or moving puzzle pieces, nothing even remotely challenging. The game is about a detective trying to nab an unruly and evil looking clown ( who is always one step ahead) because a woman named Sarah had been attacked and robbed of the evidence she had collected about her husbands murder on a live television show. The dialog is written in boxes that you have to click to continue and the graphics are good but more cartoonish than realistic. I recommend this game only as a game to keep you busy or while waiting on a better game to come along.

January 28, 2013

3 hours of fun, there are many puzzles, not too difficult, and many clues to find around. the music was right for this detective game. not always be judged by the time the game.

I don't know how to score this
February 18, 2013

First, I'm in my 60's. 2nd, I've played a lot of these. 3rd, I don't have time to play hour upon hour. Well yes I do but I don't. I like this game but the puzzles were not intuitive and the instructions were vague. I had to cheat a lot to solve them and some I just skipped in frustration. The Logo puzzle did not work as advertised and I skipped it. I am going to play this again and hopefully do better on the puzzles as I understand them. My only criticism is that the instructions for puzzles should have been more detailed. I think the storyline and other things were great. I keep reading how the kids solve these things in no time. I think they are just bragging.

I've been waiting for this SE to finally defeat this evil clown!!!!
January 18, 2013

Played the demo of the CE and decided to wait for the SE release, as there was no sufficient bonus-content for me, as achievements or collectables... Another great game from ERS!! And this one is for the adventure hooked gamers, as there are no HOS. Very good graphics, very clear and detailed. Thrilling story!! Lots of puzzles and minigames, some new, but not very challenging. 3 modes to play - can be changed during the game. We have a detailed notebook together with an ultraviolet lamp, which can be used to search for hidden clues in areas marked with a red balloon. Hint (shows you the direction where to go) refills quite fast (at least in the 2nd mode). Unfortunately we have no map :( This story/ gameplay really hooked me and yes, I do recommend this great SE game!!

Like the game
January 20, 2013

I played the demo, then bought the game. It was a good game. It had many mini games that were new to me. I thought some were hard, some were, to me, that is the sign of a good game. I played on the hardest level and after the 45 minute demo, it played another 3 hours. It is a fairly easy game, nothing stressful, I used the hint a couple of times, but after I did, I thought, "How dumb was I?" You don't need a map because you backtrack, but not enough to need a map. The voices were fine and the music was not annoying.

Not bad at all
April 16, 2013

The first thing I noticed about this game was how different it felt than other games I've played. The colour scheme they chose alone set it apart. The story line was also was far from what I'm used to. The change itself made it enjoyable for me. The graphics and voice-overs were great. I usually go for dark themes and more recently fantasy but this was more of a crime drama with a hint of humour. There was 3 options for difficulty level. I chose casual as I like a hint option if needed. Game play itself was fairly easy and there are absolutely no HOS, which I have to admit was a nice change. Puzzles were simple yet somewhat unique. There is no map but the Hint button helps with navigation and game play. This game didn't provide much of a challenge. However, I play HOPA's as much for the story as the challenges so for that reason it was a winner for me. It did need to be longer, too short. Overall, a fun and original game. Not bad at all.

Reality Show :Fatal Shot
January 18, 2013

I think this game is amusing,you search for clues to find out who killed your clients husband.( when in need you have a friendly bum who gives you clues as to where you should search next.)If you like clown this one is rather creepy looking so you know he is up to no good .The mini games are fun and the whole game is pretty easy to figure out with or without the friendly bum ...Enjoy ....

The Reality Is There Are No Hidden Objects!!
January 25, 2013

Reality Show: Fatal Shot, an excellent adventure game. No hidden object scenes to add fluff time to the game. I do not mind if the game is short for lack of hidden objects. The ambiance of the game was suitably creepy. The story moved from scene to scene smoothly. Scenes submersed you into a dark, cold, gray almost empty city. The quirky rabbit vagrant was a humorous and entertaining. The creepy little clown face man was at first confusing but I got used to him popping up now and again. Didn't know what his role would be in the game. The puzzles were challenging and thoughtful. Some of them took a bit of my time to complete. I like that. Not a fan of the music, turned it off at times, but it did suit the overall game play. A clever "who-dun-it" story. I will be playing this one again and again.

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