Redemption Cemetery: Salvation of the Lost Collector's Edition

  • An exciting bonus game in a mysterious underground world!
  • Beautiful wallpapers, screensavers, and concept art
  • Downloadable music tracks
  • An integrated Strategy Guide
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 1.6 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 921

Review for game Redemption Cemetery: Salvation of the Lost Collector's Edition

Escape from a mystical cemetery in Redemption Cemetery: Salvation of the Lost! A late-night subway takes a bizarre turn when you suddenly find yourself in a strange cemetery. An otherworldly entity has summoned you to free the cemetery’s lost souls. And to make sure you finish the job, she’s holding your dog hostage! To earn your freedom, you must help three spirits resolve some unfinished business from the past. Will you succeed, or is this the end of the line? Find out in this thrilling Hidden Object game! This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card! The Collector’s Edition includes:

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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April 19, 2013

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A Worthy usual
April 24, 2013

Fully enjoyed this edition in the Redemption Cemetery series--it had all the customary great graphics & compelling storylines of going through time portals to save folks from deaths that the spirits you meet have caused or allowed to happen. This game uses your dog and has medallions/winner's ribbons you gather throughout the entire game and bonus play in order to be allowed to play games with your pup. For once, I can honestly say that the Bonus chapter was entirely worth the extra $$--it truly was another chapter and not just 30 minutes of continuation. Everything about this game is top notch--puzzles, HOS, storyline, voices, graphics...all are at the same super level we've come to associate with ERS. Thanks, Devs for such a well put together total package!

another great ers game
April 18, 2013

Cool game and ERS has added new ideas to this one. Has a map and hint button works good. Good voice over and graphics. Music is also good, not distracting. Has a good flow with not too much going from one seen to another. Has a map which helps. You have to find things also for the dog. Some of the puzzles are harder than others. I did not find too many HOS but they are normal. I have all the redemption cemetery games and they are all good, this one I think could be the best. You have a crow that will also help you. Again good game.

Be Sure to Try This Excellent CE!
April 18, 2013

Redemption Cemetery: Salvation is IMHO the best of all the Redemption Cemetery games to date. The game starts as you are riding the subway and it makes an unscheduled stop at a cemetery where your dog is kidnapped by Hina, who gives you the task of aiding three troubled ghosts before she will release your dog. This is where your fun and challenge begins. It goes without saying that the graphics are terrific. ERS is my favorite game developer, and they prove with this game that they keep raising the bar with each new offering that comes to market. I love the artwork and creativity that the ERS team has given us with the latest edition of the Redemption Cemetery series. Along with the artwork and quality graphics we have excellent audio with music, realistic voice-overs, and ambient sounds. Of course, I love the animals that appear throughout the game. I have said it many times before, IMO that no developer does animals as well as ERS, and the ones in this game are exceptional. Being a huge fan of dogs in general, I immediately fell in love with ?my? kidnapped cocker spaniel who I will work to retrieve throughout the game. In order to assist us with the various challenges we encounter on our journey, Hina provides us with a raven companion. What is fun in this game is that we must first activate the raven?s abilities before he will assist with various tasks. You can?t simply ask your raven to do something but must solve a puzzle first, which adds to the challenge and enjoyment of the game. As with the other Redemption Cemetery games we have stories within the story that make it easier to leave the game when real-life calls and return to it at a later time. Redemption Cemetery: Salvation is truly a CE value that is loaded with extras. Among the extras we can earn medallions to unlock mini games. According to the strategy guide we can replay 23 mini games as well as hidden object scenes. Another plus with the game mechanics is an interactive map that allows us to jump from one location to ano

Help the restless souls again to find their peace!! :)
April 18, 2013

If you?ve played the previous ?Redemption Cemetery? games, you know already what to do? If not: You have been chosen to help the restless souls here on the cemetery to find their peace - only then, you (and your puppy) can return home? Wow, again great stuff!! Graphics, as from ERS expected, artwork is very clear and detailed. And what I really appreciate - characters are drawn, not real actors!! :) 3 modes to choose from, direction giving hint, inventory can be locked, 7 chapters plus bonus-chapter, 23 puzzles/ minigames, 11 hidden object scenes (minigames and HOS are re-playable in the CE-extras), strategy guide doesn?t follow your progress, map with objectives allows you to ?jump? and a very detailed journal. Hidden object scenes are slightly interactive. Unique minigames, lots of new ones, not too difficult, providing a lot of fun!! Again we have a raven compagnion, helping us to gather things that are out of reach. But this time, we are able to unlock 4 abilities for our raven during the game: air, earth, fire and water. And there are Trophies to earn. Collecting medals throughout the game will unlock additional, special minigames? Yes, bought this game immediately!! High recommended!!! :)

April 18, 2013

If you have played the other Redemption games (I sure hope you have - they are great fun) you will absolutely LOVE this one. I was so excited to see this game come out. It is beautifully drawn and sound and voices are great. Music is just an addition to the play and not distracting at all. There is so much to do and see. Move your cursor all over the scene as there is stuff to do and find all over the place. You get helpers along the way and lots of mini-games to play besides the hidden object scenes. The storyline is really good and just flows along. The help button is good if needed. You have to think about what needs to be done and figure out how to do it. This game is just loaded with fun from the get go. It is a buy for me when it comes out in SE. Can't swing buying the CE but just loved the try me. I will be waiting for it but hope you enjoy it as much as I will. If you haven't played the other Redemption's please try them, you will love them.

April 18, 2013

Another great Redemption Cemetery! You find yourself on a train with your faithful puppy companion, but thing are a little odd and when the doors open you find yourself at an eerie cemetery. Here you will learn that you have been chosen to help the restless souls move on, and even worse...the keeper of the cemetery has taken your dog to assure you will complete the job! This game has taken the developers a year to complete and you will be grateful for their dedication to make this a great game with good graphics, eerie music and fun mini games. The HOS are a mixture of list items to find as will as silloutted items and find 12 pieces of ice etc. all of which are interactive. You will also get achievements for your puppy (you get to name him) such as medals, or making him a toy. There are a lot of things to do in each scene so you can't possibly get bored, most items you find are used within that scene or the next and some items need to be combined as indicated by a plus sign. You will also be given a raven to help you powered by resources such as earth, wind, fire etc. As you help different souls they will give you these resources and to charge them you have to complete a mini game which are pretty simple as most are fun as well. Once charged your raven will be able to fly to places you can't reach or locate things hidden in the ground. There is a lot of action in this game, try for yourself and I think you will agree this is a keeper. Enjoy!

More Redemption!
April 18, 2013

This game is the fourth in the series, and the best one yet. You ride a train with your dog and three ghosts and of course wind up in the cemetery. Hina, the keeper of the cemetery keeps your dog until you help the three spirits get redemption. As before, there are 3 stories to solve. New additions include medals to collect for your dog -- 4 sets of 5 and you get to play a game with your dog. Also, the magic raven buddy you receive now not only flies, but digs and has powers of water and fire as well. You have to play a clever mini-game to "turn on" the power of each element. Of course there is the notebook, and the map, and the hint button that fills quickly. You still combine inventory items to make a new, more useful, item. Only one HOS in the demo, but the mini-games are fun. Your first ghost is a zookeeper, so there are lots of things to do at a zoo for the first story. ERS has done it again!

Redemption Cemetery is back!
April 18, 2013

I've been a fan of this series, since the first game in the series came out and the fourth one was worth the waiting. First of all: this game can be played in widescreen. That's great! The storyline is different to the other three games, but it has similar parts. Again you start on an old cemetery and again you have to save three people in different situations and locations. That's great, because this is typical for this series. The music is as good as in the other games. It fit's perfectly into the game. I love the epic music. The level of challenge in this game is very different. Sometimes the gameplay or the puzzles are very easy and sometimes it's very difficould to continue the game without using hint or skip. So for beginner to advanced players, for everyone is something in the game. The graphics are great. In every chapter there are wonderfull graphics with many details. Within the game you can collect things and play minigames with a little puppy. You can also earn trophys for this. I really like it, because the puppy is very cute. The only bad thing is, that the main game was not very long. I finished it in 3 hours. But for me this matters not, because the game is really worth the money. ERS did a great job again. A five star game.

Save 3 restless souls.....
April 18, 2013

Played 40 minutes, casual - 3 modes, casual, advanced, soul savior, you can change mode while playing - Integrated SG which shows 3 chapters plus a bonus play - Notebook - Interactive map which shows areas of interest - You can combine items in your inventory, the ones you can combine are marked in green - Voice overs - Shortly after playing you get a raven that will help you gather things out of reach. You get, while playing, different powers for your raven : air, water, fire, earth. You've got to play a mini game to acquire your power and one [b]each time[/b] you want to use one, it empties after you use it. - You get a puppy right at the beginning of the game and, throughout the game you collect medas (5) for him and other items, you can then buy him things and play other mini games. There an arrow at the top left of your screen, use it to access your puppy. - Hint is useful outside H0 - Skip button - H0, you interact, only came across one during the time I played - A lot of interesting mini games, some new - Gorgeous graphics - Didn't pay much attention to the music, so it must have been OK :$ You're riding home, with your dog, on the subway and end up in a cemetery... Here you discover you have to save the souls of 3 people before you'll be set free as well as your dog who's kept as an hostage... This Redemption Cemetery look really good, I had been a little disappointed with the previous one but this one grabbed me straight away. A buy for me.

What Price Redemption?
April 22, 2013

GAME SUMMARY & BONUS CONTENT REVIEW Cute puppy? In Red Cem? I thought they?d gone too far, but they pulled it off! It didn?t feel a bit awkward, the dog felt like a natural part of the story. It?s the storyline we?ve come to love. You have been hauled out of your normal existence by the will of the Cemetery, and must find and save three lost souls before you ? and your puppy! ? are released. Let?s just assume you?ve read how awesome the graphics are. Incredible improvements in ERS? cut scenes too. Music and voiceovers are both more varied and it?s an improvement. I?m sure you?ve seen the lists of collectibles, achievements and other fun stuff in the other reviews. Yes, the game is easy. It?s also varied, imaginative, exciting and fast paced. I?m thinking if this is the new order, and I think it is, I?ll be taking power naps between chapters in future games! Don?t you just love it? BONUS CONTENT REVIEW ***** We have: WALLPAPERS, CONCEPT ART, VIDEOS, MUSIC, PUZZLES, HO GAMES, SCREEN SAVER, STRATEGY GUIDE. All of which are pretty excellent actually. We can replay the games with the PUPPY outside the main game (I?ll beat that Tic Tac Toe cheater eventually). And we have the BONUS CHAPTER. If holding your dog hostage seems a pretty mean thing to do, wait til you get to this chapter! Redemption Cemetery was always fairly low key evil, the emphasis being on the saving of souls. Welcome to the new gloves-off Redemption! More magical, fanciful and downright scary than any before, this quest tops all our other ?salvations?. The bonus game takes the length of a standard chapter to complete, in almost exclusively new locations, new puzzles, even new games to play with your pet. It?s a great adventure and makes the CE version of this game a MUST HAVE!

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