Royal Defense

  • 40 Levels
  • 12 Tower & Structure Types
  • Extensive Magic System
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 87

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The castle needs a hero – hordes of trolls are surrounding it! Build towers, save money, learn spells, and keep the enemy away! Follow the exciting story of the dwarven kingdom's eternal struggle against the troll hordes, who want only to crush the dwarves and claim their territory. To defeat these monstrous hordes, you must construct defensive towers and units and learn to wield powerful spells. Tap anywhere you like for a handy pop-up menu listing all the units and structures that can be built in each location. Tap existing structures to see how you can upgrade your forces with powerful improvements! All your towers and units have specific stats: Damage, Fire rate, Damage radius, Damage type, as well as various other features, such as Enemy Slowdown and Damage Over Time. Each level also brings new units and structures to help you fight the troll menace. You’ll never be lacking for new and exciting ways of decimating those nasty trolls!

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Genre : Arcade & Action

Test your hand and eye skills with quick action and challenging levels.

Date release

January 28, 2013

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1596 points

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Challenging Variety
April 27, 2013

I read ALL of the reviews and agree that it can be tough. I play a lot of TD games and find this one interestingly unique. The DEVs created a gem but could have polished it more for a better shine is all. Overall, it rocks! Many levels involve a "trick" starting strategy that once you learn it, the level becomes much easier. As others have said, just keep trying different approaches. In defense of the DEVs, maybe they intentionally gave each level only 4-6 waves so you don't waste time figuring it out. I love Toy Defense, but imagine learning on level 20+ you have the wrong strategy and have to start over... ha.... ha. The variety of this game is amazing. Tower upgrades that can be converted to totally differnet functions, enemies that heal, enemies that sleep towers AND create units, and being able to cast spells onto the map. Wow! Love it. I've played through the 1st campaign on easy without having to go back to levels to get more gems fortunately. I can imagine I may have to on harder difficulties. But once again, the DEVs have provided a way for those who are getting stuck. The graphics go well with the theme, and for a change I've left the pleasant music on low. The gun sounds could be better. When I first started I thought the Dart and Cannon towers were shooting spit wads. I wanna hear Big Booming noises coming out of my defenders as mad, raving hordes race across my Kingdom, COME ON!!!! They got better. The artillery and sniper sounds are more appropriate, thanks. The queen and I sleep better now, hehe. Would be nice when upgrading/buying towers to see some numerical data on the effects and which units it can shoot. ie ground or flying. Overall, job well done DEVs. I'm sure I'll be playing this for quite awhile as it can be HARD!

Great for Tower Defense Fans
February 2, 2013

Finally a new tower defense game with the perfect amount of challenge. I have never written a review before, but I felt as if this game was getting a bad rap. Yes, it is difficult. Replay levels to gain gems and increase the damage/range of your towers, and you will be fine. I also enjoy the strategy involved on figuring out the best placement of towers. Where will you get the most bang for your buck? Which paths converge? A great variety of monsters to defend against, and, although I wish the spells were stronger, the types of available spells fit the needs of the game. I can't stop playing this one. :D

Great game with loads of replayability
March 1, 2013

Some people may have had issues with the difficulty. Personally I like a game that takes a bit of time to beat. And beat it I did on every difficulty. There were a few levels that had me stumped for a few attempts but I quickly realised that the shop was there for a reason. All I had to to was try out a few different strategies while collecting gems and eventually I'd hit the combination of correct upgrades and correct in-level tower choices and I'd win through. If you are having trouble I recommend trying different strategies. Try building a lot of cheap towers rather than mixing them or spending the in-level coins to make them stronger. Or try concentrating on one good tower rather than a few weaker ones... whichever tactic you haven't yet tried. The game is a lot of fun and I beat it on the hard difficulty long before I ran out of available upgrades. I intend going back to it in a few days and trying to collect enough gems to upgrade everything fully, just for the fun of it.

Great game! Kingdom Rush style!
January 28, 2013

Tricky levels, challenging gameplay! Nice graphics+

I had no probems on my pc
January 29, 2013

It was a lot more fun than the last tower game we were offered. I also have a new pc with windows8. Santa was good to me. The game has different or easy. I started on easy... it looks like there will be lots to do. I played the demo....had no I bought it and have played for 2 hours or so and still no problems. Good luck all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loved this TD game
January 30, 2013

More of these please! I have played the demo and purchased the game. I do not understand some of the poor reviews. I am a bit of a TD fanatic, so maybe it was easier for me to understand what to do. I do not think that this game is too hard. I do think it could have had a better tutorial for absolute beginners. Other than that I am really enjoying the game. This is the best TD game on bigfish so far! Sound and graphics are what you would expect, game play is smooth and clean, levels work up slowly enough. I can't find anything bad to say about it! If you like TD games at all, give it a try, I am sure you will like it!

More defense games, please...
March 1, 2013

This is a great castle defense game, I do hope see to more at BF. Just challenging enough to enjoyable.

Simple TD that gets it right
March 6, 2013

This game is great because it has no flaws in execution. It is challenging enough to be interesting, but not so challenging as to be frustrating. It provides enough variety to be interesting, but again, not so much as to be confusing. It loads very quickly, plays smoothly, and provides a generally responsive, high performance feel. Figuring out tower location, tower cost, tower upgrade, enemy types etc are all pretty standard TD problems. Not quite standard is that in addition to gold, enemies also sometimes drop gems, which can be used towards permanent powerups in between levels. On easy, the game feels easy but not too easy. It sometimes takes more than one try to pass a level, and especially later on, often takes more than one try to pass a level with no losses. But you never get stuck not passing a level. There are usually 1-2 levels per map, providing plenty of variety in maps, as well as the enemy types. Good diversity, but not too much to keep track of.

Tip on how to beat "Royal Defense"
February 3, 2013

Although I am only half way through "Royal Defense," I will go out on a limb and say that this game is destined to become a TD (Tower Defense) classic. I have read several reviews where the writer has had trouble early on. Permit me to give a short "pointer." It is important to note that "Royal Defense" shares some elements that players of RPGs will be familiar with. In most RPGs it is common at certain points in the game to "beef up" your player(s) by repetitiously fighting "monsters" in order to gain experience points and thereby increase your game character's ability to win battles. "Royal Defense" is similar, in that you need to periodically backtrack and repeat levels (over and over) in order to gain the Diamonds needed to purchase upgrades in "The Shop." Without those upgrades you will not be able to progress very far. With the upgrades you will find that things become much easier. For example, it is possible to complete level 14 with nothing more than one maxed out Cannon (i.e. a Sniper Rifle) if all of the upgrades are installed (you will also need to purchase certain Gold upgrades so that the funds needed for improving your cannon's performance throughout the level are available).

Very Addicting
April 10, 2013

It's hard for me to find a game to spend days with. Royal Defense is such a kind of game. I've been playing for more than one month. I guess I'm gonna finish soon, unfortunately before Royal Defense 2 released...

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