• Rebuild two houses
  • Find Sandra's sister
  • Uncover a shocking mystery!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/Win7
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 128
  • DiretX : 7.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 41

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You friend, Sandra, has asked you to help find her missing sister in Ruin! Rebuild two houses to uncover a shocking mystery as you take on this unique Puzzle game. Arrange the marbles to match the picture in the upper-right corner in as few moves as possible and earn different medals. Track down Sandra’s missing sister and save the day in Ruin, an incredible Puzzle game.

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

January 4, 2012

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4265 points

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A brain teasing puzzle quite different from the norm.
January 4, 2012

You never know what may come out of BFG's treasure trove, and that's why I am always on the lookout for novelties and puzzles they may release. Seek no further...for now... Ruin is a true little gem. The aim of the game: arrange a set of colored marbles in disorder to reproduce the pattern given as a model..... in a minimum of moves. Each marble moves only left or right, up or down; some move in both directions. So, shouldn't be much of a problem, should it ? Not quite. The game is easy to learn, difficult to master. There is no timer but you get a kudo for every level completed in the strict minimum of moves. If you get stuck you can restart [reset the board] without penalty. You can also undo a move if you think it's the wrong one. You must complete each level before moving on to the next one. And as you probably have guessed, the difficulty increases with each level. The interface is very pleasant, the graphics are very simple but neat and vividly colored and gameplay is very fluid. The New Age style music is quite good and very relaxing. It is a brain teaser based on a very simple yet very novel concept. Something that needed to be invented. That's done, for our pleasure. Highly recommended, suitable for anyone, kids and grown-ups alike. Note: this review is based on the trial version

awesome puzzle game
January 6, 2012

wow i am a m3p and dont do hog games there are just to many releases all the time.. but this puzzle game is for those who like to use their brain... and ya 10 levels dont matter is there is 20 if you get stuck wow time will tell.. If your a thinker and love a challenge this is a great game... Thanks bigfish for finally coming out with something besides HOG... just to many of those and not enough others to choose from... put out some new m3 games!!!!!!! hope jewel quest solitaire comes out with 4 or atlantis time for a new one there too...

Great puzzle game!
January 4, 2012

This is an enjoyable puzzle game that makes you think. Since the pieces can only move in the direction of their arrows, moves must be thought out and planned in order for them to arrive at their designated places. Quite a different game.

I wish I had the brain for this game...
January 4, 2012

Literally. I mean this is a great puzzle game, and it has soothing music, and an interesting plot that isn't too wordy, plenty of puzzles if your not into the whole storyline, but if you like story it is there....tried to get further in, but i am already get overwhelmed...a REAL thinker game. so if you like puzzle challenges this game is totally for you. Move marbles with arrows around until they are in the prescribed pattern. This is a real brain tease. But unfortunately I don't have the patience and the skill for it. Definately try before you buy, but this is one of those ones that is a sleeper hit! I find the graphics, the music, and the overall gameplay good and just can't think of a know other than just try the whole hour, because the puzzles start out easy, but rapidly get harder....

One star off for no skip facility.
January 9, 2014

I'm a bit late with this review (about 2 years) since I just bought this game but I'll get my 2p in anyway. I'm not sure where the complaints about the colours come from as if you play this on a computer it's plenty big and easy to see. I like things to be a bit of a challenge so I'm mystified that someone complained that they had to think too much! Isn't that the point? This is a nice, taxing little game which is best to play in small chunks. The sound is annoying, so just turn it down as I did. Playing softly in the background it did not bother me at all. If I have one criticism of this game it is that there doesn't seem to be a hint or skip facility. My issue with this is that if you become frustrated by a puzzle you will end up not bothering to play the game at all. If you can just go on to the next one it makes it more enjoyable. I would like to be able to go back later and tackle it again. Overall, it's worth purchasing as it's a little different from other games out there.

January 25, 2012

This is a a game of straight puzzles. Story line is pretty much meaningless. If you like doing puzzles, hard ones this is it.

Ruin-Puzzle Game with a Twist of Logic
January 31, 2012

This is a great puzzle game that really makes you think. The puzzles alone keep you absorbed and the addition of the storyline pushes you to move on. Definitely must buy to make it to the end. Enjoyable and unique!

Ruining Ruin
December 9, 2013

The overall concept of the game is a nice puzzle. The one big fault was the teensy size of the puzzle we are trying to imitate. It needs to be larger and the colors need to be much brighter so that we can determine what color goes where. Right now, you practically have to plant your eyes real close to the screen. Other than that, it is a enjoyable game.

Smart, Challenging and Intelligent
January 9, 2012

I didn't think I would like this game based on some of the review but I was surprised at how much I am enjoying. No pressure or timer. But, you have to put your thinking cap on. The puzzles don't necessarily get harder as you go but some are harder than others. This isn't much of a problem because you can undo a move or start the puzzle over. I reccomend this game for fishies who enjoy a challenge.

January 25, 2012


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