Secrets of the Vatican: The Holy Lance

  • Find the Holy Lance
  • End World War 2
  • Help Father Bagatti
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/Win7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 8.1
  • Hard driver (MB) : 140

Review for game Secrets of the Vatican: The Holy Lance

Travel around the world with Father Bagatti to get back the fragments of the Holy Lance of Longin in Secrets of the Vatican! Among all the relics spread across the world, the Holy Lance of Longin is considered as the most powerful one. With the power to make the men who possess it victorious, it’s up to you to track it down and put an end to World War 2 in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

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Genre : Hidden Object

Spot hidden objects and solve puzzles and mysteries in lush, eye-catching scenes.

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November 22, 2011

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PuzzleMatch 3

A Guilty Pleasure!
March 25, 2012

Whenever a Hdo Game pops up, there seems to be a overpowering number of people who vehemently dismiss the game; usually they are right and justified by the fact that many of the games by this devlopers are just plain bad. This time, I was surprised; after having played the demo, something strange happened: I actually liked the game! Yes the graphics are bad, the music is bad, the game mechanics are over exaggerated and ofcourse items in HO scenes are ridiculously miniscule and impossible to find. Despite these pitfalls, I really found the story interesting; based on the templar legend of the holy spear, and I found some of the minigames really fun. For example there is a puzzle of a map that you need put together and believe me, I spent a great deal of time solving it. The hint system is poor but I played the game in timed level and found that by finding gold stars, I had enough hints to complete each HO scene. Yes, the game is mediocre but I liked it and when my hour was up, I went ahead and bought it. I think this particular game deserves at least a domo try and you decide, it really has some merits and if you do have a credit left over, I do recommend this game.

Beautiful art work!
November 22, 2011

This is a game that will appeal to the beginner hidden object player who wishes to hone their skills. The game had one feature, magnifier, that was unique and useful. Sound effects were also quite good. It takes a lot of work and creativity for a game to make it to us HOG players. For all that hard work I am grateful. I wish you an enjoyable play.

Didn't expect to like it.................
November 7, 2012

..........but I DID!!!! after the poor reviews I thought that I would see what such an appalling game was like, so I tried the demo.....played the full hour and got hooked !!!!!! I bought it as a deal of the double bonus !! I'll admit the objects in the HOS are small but thats what the magnifying glass is for people!!!! Unfortunately the game was completed in 2.5 very short game indeed. Have a wonderful yuletide fishes Fiona x

Enjoyable Gameplay, Intriguing Story!
November 8, 2012

Look forward to variety of games that BFG offers to us as not everyone likes the same ole same ole. Any story that contains The Vatican, Knights of the Templar, etc. is always interesting for me. Well rendered artwork and graphics. The timed gameplay was challenging and unique! Enjoy! -Mama Mia-

Hidden Object Game
November 29, 2011

Nice game but to much talking, I just wanted to get on and play the game.

November 22, 2011

The story was interesting enough, but the game play was not a great experience. Graphics were really low quality, unable to skip the plenty-full dialogues which was very annoying. Mini games were not great fun either. A so so game for me.

I liked this game
December 10, 2011

I enjoyed the settings of this game & the manuscript puzzle. I think some people didn't realize there was a magnifyer available. Agreed some puzzles were easy, but I'm not after frustration but fun! I liked this game & bought it despite the naysayers

I tried HdO...and I liked it! Hope my fish friends don't mind it. It felt so wrong, but it was alright. don't think I'm in love with them quite!
November 7, 2012

Could someone please pass the salt? I'm about to eat some crow here. I have been on the "Oh no, not another one of THOSE games bandwagon" ever since the onslaught of them besieged BFG. After reading a positive review of the game..that looked..umm .."right" (?) I decided to trial it.. and as many know, I dislike trialing games. Feels like peeking at my Christmas presents and am picky about installing/un-installing.. then defraging and cleaning registry and junk files it leaves behind etc etc..however.. The game is not all THAT bad. I wouldn't pay full price, or even use a PCC, but as a DD.. I think it is worth it to some players. Why? 1. I don't see this as a beginner's game at all. I think most people new to HOGs would have no clue what to do. There is a pretty good tutorial at the beginning of the game and for all Mini-games and puzzles too. 2. The HO scenes are quite challenging, I was able to find most of the objects, I think due to the fact that I have played enough HOGs I know most of the blending and hiding tricks. I only used a few hints and with stars to earn more and the Mini's giving you 2 stars each you have plenty to help you. (My only complaint is we are limited to having 6 total and to use them we have to wait for the hint bar to refill. Normally that is only in games where hints are unlimited, not earned) Minis so far were ones I like Jigsaw and Match 3, fun and relaxing if you just read the short instructions. There are 2 modes, timed and untimed, and its set up to let you beat your time in each mode. So that offers some more of a challenge and replayability. 3 There is invrntory items in the game, and places to use them. They are highlighted (in untined mode anyway) when you finish a HOS, so too easy,yet welcomed when I ended the scene. You do have to figure out where to use the items later on as you go, so iy does have a HOPA lite feel. 3 The Music was OK, rather soothing at a low level actualy. The only sound

just goes to show!
August 26, 2013

always pays to decide for yourself! Read all the reviews but decided to download the free trial anyway and am glad I did. Yes some of it is a bit easy, but I loved it!

Too Much Dialogue
November 21, 2011

Too much Dialogue, really small and dark Hidden Object Scenes, Most of the mini-games were very difficult. Storyline was ok.

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