Settlement: Colossus

  • Multiple minigames
  • Tons of locations to explore
  • Build an entire empire!
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Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 128
  • DiretX : 9.1
  • Hard driver (MB) : 570

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Build an empire out of its grass hut roots! Take the role of a 300-year old emperor cursed to live without his true love until he appeases his god for a grievous offense. Gather resources, research new tools and build bigger and better accommodations as you care for your people and attract new citizens to your fold. Featuring outstanding graphics and a breathtaking score, Settlement: Colossus is a thrilling Hidden Object game!

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Genre : Hidden Object

Spot hidden objects and solve puzzles and mysteries in lush, eye-catching scenes.

Date release

April 1, 2010

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2094 points

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Absolutely Awesome
March 5, 2012

Lots of different mini-games within the game which are not too hard, though there were a couple I couldn't finish...but you have the option to skip over the mini games and still get the upgrade. I'm not a fanatical hidden object games fan, but you're searching for specific objects in a specific shop (that you need to build first) to complete a task. You also have the option to quit the hidden object portion once you've found exactly what you need. Farther along in the game you build a market and trade what you've collected for other things you need. I also found absolutely nothing to complain about. Easy to learn with lots of variety within the game. It takes the better portion of a whole day to complete...and you can play over and over again. Money well-spent. Totally 5 star game!

Addiction Plus!
April 26, 2012

Never was one for this type of game creating settlements, but after only a few minutes I was addicted to it. The graphics are beautiful, music is relaxing, the quests are of a good quality of difficulty but not ridiculously hard for the average player. Scenes are clean and precisely indicated. Love the fact that I don't have to be mindful of a timer that will make me have to redo a level. Great for adults and children.

Beautiful and Fun!
January 29, 2012

Wow! This game took me by surprise. It was pure chance I found it, but now I'm hooked. The graphics are outstanding. The colors are spot on, and the dynamic nature of the scenes adds so much. I'd use some of them as wallpaper on my computer, they are so beautiful. The game is fun, but also relaxing. At the end of a busy day it's a great way to wind down without being a couch potato!

Challenging yet relaxed, a nice variation on hidden object games
January 15, 2012

You build a city from the ground up; start by gathering berries and twigs, work up to more complicated tasks, and build houses and shops. There is no time limit, so the play is pretty relaxed, but there is a bit of challenge in trying to get all the secondary tasks in addition to gathering materials and objects to accomplish the main goals. Excellent graphics and sound, and great replay value.

Finally, inovation in a HO game
January 28, 2012

This game is in a class by itself. Yes the game play is good and the graphics and all that, but what is really outstanding is the concept. No finding useless object to no purpose here. A must try.

Hidden object and family games
January 20, 2012

I loved this game. Alot of fun, and well worth the purchase. I wish they would make more like this.

Lovely Game
March 6, 2012

I bought this game and find it hard to leave alone. I simply love the breathtaking animated nature scenes. And what an unusual type of hidden object game, finding objects in nature scenes in order to build a civilization. It is unique, lovely, relaxing, and addicting. I love this game!

Settlement: Colossus
April 5, 2012

I just loved this game!!.....I enjoyed gathering items to build a city & see it happening.......This game was fun & relaxing......The graphics were beautiful...Mini games were easy....This is the type of game you want to play when you just want to sit down & relax & play something that is easy on the eyes.....The hint button was very helpful.....A different kind of HO game that was a joy to play.....Thanks, BFG!!

Settlement: Relaxing
December 11, 2011

What a joy playing this game. Good graphics and music. Great gameplay - at your own pace ( I HATE timed games). Game doesn't finish just as you were starting to enjoy it. You can re-play over and over and still get the same enjoyment each time. More of games like this, please!

Very unique, delightful, and relaxing!
November 21, 2011

What a superb and original game! Drop-dead gorgeous graphics and animations, soothing sounds, relaxing music, very long and with great replay value -- I can't find a single thing to criticize :) The game is incredibly innovative and, while it is undoubtedly a hidden objects game to the core, it's so much more than that. As you play along, you will progressively discover the game is deeper and more intricate than it seems at first, but it never becomes too complicated or tedious or frustrating. It's not timed, although there is a time element to contend with in the way that one day passes whenever you go into a hidden objects scene or puzzle. Everyday, food and wood is needed to keep your people happy and working, in amounts that progressively increase as your settlement does. Each location offers several types of resources, which randomly change every day. For instance, you might find wooden sticks, berries and reeds in the forest one day, and then only wood and mushrooms the next. The amount of resources you can carry at once is limited, so you must choose wisely what you gather in relation to what you need most at the moment. Each locations has a number of different, randomly selected scenes (there are really a lot of unique scenes in total!) As the game expands, more locations and different types of resources become available, new and improved buildings and tools, new things to research, and new minigames -- all offering different benefits to your settlement. A lot of freedom is given to the player as to which hidden objects scene or minigame they feel like tackling next. I bow in awe to the developers and pray they'll make a sequel! I wish there were more games of this quality out there!

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