Small Town Terrors: Livingston

  • Explore Livingston
  • Uncover the evil
  • Find your missing family!
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  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/Win7/8
  • CPU : 1.2 GHz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 492

Review for game Small Town Terrors: Livingston

Your family is missing and the town is in chaos in Small Town Terrors: Livingston! Search for your family, uncover the evil that has enveloped the town, and escape with your life in this mystifying Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. Explore abandoned buildings and search for helpful items as you try to piece together what has happened to the town. Find your family before it's too late in Small Town Terrors: Livingston!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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March 18, 2012

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1896 points

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Like games used to be!
October 19, 2012

I juat finished this game. This is the type of game that got me interested in playing games in the first place. I could figure most things out on my own, with just a few trips to the walkthrough. Just a nice amount of H.O. and I could find things. No cheating, like putting black things in front of black. Other games do this. Sometimes I feel like I need to be a rocket scientist to play most of the games. This game was just right. NOW I have a favourite. Good ending also. I hope they make an addition to this game in the future.

Loved this game
August 10, 2012

I loved this game! The art work and HOGs were beautifully drawn. The story line was fun and a bit spooky- it kept me interested. The games were challenging and the ending was a shocker! Please keep these games coming. Seamless transitions between video and game play.

Not much zombie interaction but the gameplay was fun
January 30, 2013

This was a real fun game. Some people didn't like the same color background in each section (red for the first, blue for second, green for the third and purple for the forth#, but I thought it was a unique touch and added to the contamination feeling that permeated throughout the game. The HO scenes were not in one color and were fewer than in other games #thank goodness for that) and there were plenty of other objects lying under and behind other things outside of HO scenes to find, so that satisfies gamers like me who love the adventuring aspect. And you didn't have to backtrack too far to use items you found earlier, as each scene looked different from all others so remembering where to go to use them was easy, at least for me. This was a perfect balance of object finding, adventuring, and hidden object scenes combined with a very moody soundtrack that had no melody but was very atmospheric. For a decimated town that's contaminated by chemicals and populated with zombies wandering about randomly, it still looked quite beautiful with its vivid use of colors and creative animations. Besides the rich colors, I also liked having to find health packs to keep your energy up. You had to find these so that you had the strength to move heavier objects. I thought this was very innovative because you couldn't progress further in the game until you found the health packs, but you always knew when you needed them because you were told how much strength was needed to do a certain task. The excellent hint system was better than usual because it worked alongside the task list, which came with its own integrated strategy guide that opened into drop down menus if you wanted to know exactly how to do each task! For the expert gamer, this is entirely too easy as this game doesn't offer different modes of play, so sparkles will appear for both HO scenes as well as for other places of interest to explore. But for the beginner and intermediates like me who always play for relaxation, this game offers the perfect built-in help

Original, exciting and chilling fun
March 17, 2012

This is not your average, car crash, save your child clone... it is a very well done adventure-heavy H0G with plot driven appeal vs. state of the art affects. You play the main character after waking up in a demolished hospital and need to search for your family following an accident, adventuring out into an almost apocalyptic -like atmosphere. Almost immediately, you'll notice your health is limited due to injuries incurred and will be gained back via finding energy packs in various locations (similar to action games) it will vary throughout the game dependent upon exertion of tasks, etc. Based on the demo, then, bottom line, though it sounds similar to other games we've played, it is truly unique and very well done, has an excellent plot, good challenge and is just hugely fun to play... I suggest you at least watch the demo, I did, then bought and I am a happy gamer.

Plesantly Surprised
March 18, 2012

After watching the video, I didn't think I would like this one. But after reading a few positive comments in the forum, I decided to at least download and give it a try. I was quite surprised by how much I really enjoyed it. The hidden objects scenes are all very crisp and clear but challenging. The graphics and music have a unique style which sets the mood for an excellent zombie storyline. And the mini-games were all very original and fun to play. I recommend this game with two thumbs way up!

Refreshing and Spooky
March 27, 2012

Sure, the plot is familiar: you get in a car crash, wake up in hospital (normally deserted), can't find child/husband/etc., something weird's going on in the town and the with the people like becoming monsters or being terrorized by one, use clues and items to find missing loved one and solve mystery of town before escaping. And if you're like me, then you probably get kinda bored and tired with that storyline. Well, good news! This game is actually a refreshing take on that set up! First of all, I'm so glad that this game doesn't beat you upside the head with the town's "secret" and make you find out the conspiracy theory or whatever. That part isn't even important in this game. What IS important is that you simply find your child and get the heck outta Dodge (or in this case Livingston). Nothing more, nothing less. And yeah there's "monsters" around but they don't do anything to you and they don't do too many annoying jump scares to where it becomes a bore and too expected. Also, this game doesn't do the whole "chase your kid around trying to catch up to her/him every 30 minutes only to be immediately blocked by something once you like 10 feet from them". You just maneuver yourself through town gathering a few clues as to what direction she went in and go from there. No villain to defeat either, it's all basically a "get the kid, get out" type game. Very refreshing in my opinion. And the atmosphere is awesomely spooky! There's no journal to use since the puzzles in this game don't require an item to be found or even a clue to figure them out. Pretty easy puzzles to figure out but not like baby-easy or anything. There is a map but I have no idea what it's purpose was as it only tells you what your current position is and nothing more. You do get hints and skips for the puzzles. There's not an overwhelming amount of HOG's for those that are tired of doing those. Maybe one or two per each town section you complete, which takes a while. Anyway, I really enj

March 18, 2012

Great game, good fun. The game is the all to familiar storyline. However, the main character had a different challenge in that she is very weak and needs to gain her strenght. To do this, she will have to find health packs to assist in performing tasks during gameplay. The beginning cutscene was exciting. Lots of moving shadows and vombie type characters that you must avoid. Rollover on Tasks Icon gives you quick view of tasks to be done. HO's were interactive, easy to see, with no overclick penalties. Sparkles indicated items to interact with. Mini-games were impressive with some thought to complete. Music fit the game theme. Overall enjoyable game.

Up there with Return to Ravenhearst! (Better?)
July 25, 2012

WHOA!!!! What a game!!! Oh my gosh, think ?Resident Evil?, ?28 Days?, or tv show ?The Walkers?. This is not a game for the faint of heart?and they warn you so. If you love scary movies you will love this game. There are shadows, things that jump out at you?it is absolutely fun! ? Graphics are grainy..its forgiven, it fits perfect with the theme of the game. ? Music is spooky/eerie but subliminal enough to not distract, but keeps you off balance. ? There is a map it does not teleport, it is more of an aerial view. ? HO, there are not a lot and they are a junk pile. There is a click penalty and it kicks in on the 2nd random click. ? Puzzles appear simple, until you actually do them. ? There are no voice overs, and this would be a fantastic addition to the game. ? There are many ?movie? scenes; I highly recommend you do not skip them as it is integral to the story. The only game that I think comes close to this is Return to Ravenhearst, but (IMHO) I think this is better! I know many of you who love RTR will beg to differ, but try the demo, I did not (game was offered as bonus purchase..and so glad I said yes). I only hope you are able to advance deep enough into the demo to get the full affect of what I am trying to relate. This is not the type of game I would look for, and would definitely not purchase at regular price. But if you love horror movies/books, I would not pass this one up and after playing it I would gladly have paid full price!

Very absorbing game
March 18, 2012

After seeing several reviews commenting how this is a tedious remake of other, better games, I figured I'd throw my hat in the ring. Yeah, the opening has been seen in other games before but it's what happens afterwards that makes this worth your time and money. I've watched sci fi movies that weren't this creative and interesting. The game play is a whole heck of a lot of fun, the puzzles are very challenging and I really liked the gritty look to the artwork. Even the sounds and music were well done. I have a short attention span but this game kept me interested for hours and hours. And there's still more to play. This is well worth you money and I highly recommend it.

Why the bad ratings Fishies!!!!!
March 18, 2012

GREAT Fun -- So glad I threw caution to the wind and utilized the 1 hour trial period -- had ONLY 1 minute left on the trial, reached the end of the trial and decided to buy it. Thought I'd kill some time before the baby shower I have to go to ---- now, I don't want to go to the shower!! Love the games that actually make you think, remember and decipher. This one does it. Even the movies (which I usually skip) had my attention. The scare tactics work. Totally engrossing, lots of fun -- I recommend it highly!!

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